1. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      There's a new button on the signature page It automates the whole (...)

    2. Re: The Empire of Ink

      The Empire of Ink In a world where all your properties are tattooed on your skin, Ink is the most precious resource. Wars are fought in its name. Blood is shed for a drop. Ink is the currency and the (...)

    3. Re: Difficulties for Royal Road Authors: Beginnings or Endings?

      You know what would be the most meta ending possible? I don't think an author can do it without pissing off his/her readers, but just imagine this for a second. It's the middle of a story arc and the (...)

    4. Re: Difficulties for Royal Road Authors: Beginnings or Endings?

      I share the general sentiment over here that middles are the hardest part. You have to develop your world, make your characters progress, and keep the reader hooked to your story. It is by no means an (...)

    5. Re: What is the best time to post?

      I've found mixed results, albeit it should be noted that I haven't posted that much.  For my first novel, I followed a daily release schedule for 2 weeks, and during that time I posted 1 hour later (...)

    6. Re: For the Writeathon, how do I identify my progress?

      I saved the date I applied for the challenge, and then I've been doing a rough approximation with 'number of chapters' times 'average length'.  Of course, that would mean you remember when you submitted (...)

    7. Re: Hello Everyone!

      Welcome to RR, officially, Dadalha! Let me know if you're down for a review swap down the line, LitRPG to LitRPG. I'm looking for other people's take on my novel. Best regards! Sure! This weekend (...)

    8. Re: Hello Everyone!

      I'm intrigued. Which novels are your favorites? Outside of RoyalRoad I have a few picks, none of them is uncommon at all, to be honest. Coiling Dragon, Rebirth of the Thief who Roamed the World, (...)

    9. Re: Hello Everyone!

      Hello! My journey with RoyalRoad starts way before I even heard of this website. I used to read wuxia novels over other websites, and even for quite some time I've been hooked into bad translations (...)

    10. Re: What program do you use to write?

      I'm quite new here, so it's somewhat reassuring to read that I'm not the only one using Google docs. As has already been said, switching between laptop, desktop and mobile, which I do quite a lot,is effortless. (...)

    11. Re: Cover in signature

      Thank you so much for this! Just as a comment above says, though, it is better to host it somewhere else. I've found RoyalRoad limits signatures to 200 pixels of height. Any more than that and it will (...)