1. Re: Flash fiction anthology series?

      So I'm gonna start by recommending this Article which links to a bunch of free flash fiction, it's not like a collection with similar themes/genres just a bunch of solid individual stories by a variety (...)

    2. Re: Flash fiction anthology series?

      So I just learned about the existence of flash fiction. Basically, it is a self-contained written story that is only a chapter or less in length, usually sitting around 500~1500 words. In these words we (...)

    3. Re: Need ideas for a SoL sidestory

      you could consider making a x.5 chapter. the .5 indicates they are not plot-relevant but they do happen between those chapters. Alternativly you could make a second book just dedicate to side stories (...)

    4. Re: I need help figuring out how to slow down plot

      you can actually get a double whammy of world/character building and slowing the plot if you cut a plot point into two or more chapters, or if you push the plot point to the end of the chapter. Like (...)

    5. Re: How do you make your characters feel consistent?

      I don't know how much help this will be, but I have a strategy I use. Sometimes character sheets feel a bit esoteric with vague descriptions. Try this. Attach each character to a real person you know. (...)

    6. Re: Does this site have writing competitions?

      I was wondering if this site ever has writing competitions. Like you have a word limit, genre, and theme/ prompt, and the author of the submitted stories remain anonymous until a winner is decided (to (...)

    7. Re: Capturing Emotion

      Hey Royals, I'm trying to capture some raw emotion and learn how to put it into a scene. Here's what I need: What specific scenes in a film or movie do YOU feel captures the essence of a particular (...)

    8. Re: Romantic Fantasy & Fantasy Romance

      My story, the bellflower malady, is a fantasy with romance being the driving force of MCs actions, and a large focus on character relations. Not sure if that qualifies though. If not please tell me, ill (...)

    9. Re: Hi I like Zelda and Brandon Sanderson

      Hi! I am Zelda and I like Brandon Sanderson. Welcome to... this place :D

    10. Re: I have been blinded.

      Does anyone actually use light mode?  Yes. I specifically switch to it to take screenshots because I'm sadistic like that.

    11. Re: One Shots

      Honestly, the term "one-shot" is kind of nebulous to me. I mean think about it, some of the most enduring stories ever written- Red riding hood, Cinderella, three little pigs, jack and the beanstalk, Urashima (...)

    12. Re: How do i insert new chapters in between previous ones?

      I don't think it's possible to completely remove a chapter once it's been published well, that kinka sucks :/  Its suuuch an eyesore

    13. Re: How do i insert new chapters in between previous ones?

      Hi so I was wondering that if for some reason I want to publish a new chapter intended to be read between 2 previously published ones, how would I do that? Like, let's say I'm 6 chapters in but I make (...)

    14. Re: I cant tell if my story is any good!

      Id recommend asking for a review swap. Basically you and whoever you agree to will read the first 5 chapters of one anothers story. You receive constructive criticism and get to only your strong (...)

    15. Re: Is Truck-kun a hero or villian?

      Truck-kun, as you know, is a reoccurring character across multiple isekai, often appearing to kill our soon to be protagonist in order to allow them to be reincarnated to another world. We know that (...)

    16. Re: Recommendations for Apps to improve Grammar?

      So like to many people in modern times, I have extremely poor grammar. In fact, it seems to be the most reoccurring issue and criticism of my novel so far. I've been using the free version of Grammarly (...)

    17. Re: Swap and Feedback

      Hi there! Id be interested in this. I only have some feedback so far so anything more would be very much appreciated. Ill reviews yours tonight (after work). My book is in my signature

    18. Re: Priority list when you read/write a story

      For me its 1. character building/ arcs 2. worldbuilding/ lore 3. plot 4. grammar 5. story flow and feel. This way I know what characters I have to write with, and how I want them to end up. I have (...)

    19. Re: I would like opinions on the quality of my work.

      My only criticisms are the blank white background which has already been addressed by others, and that the silhouette of middle grey man and the right-middle grey girl is very similar, everyone else is (...)

    20. Re: How do you make your characters feel consistent?

      This whole answering questions thing may be the method ill go with. Its very methodical and has an air of logic to it that makes me feel comfortable