1. Re: Do writers sabotage each other here?

      ooh, yeah, I just got one where the reviewer clearly LIED. said he had read the book to chapter 17, then complained about a bit in chapter 3 'never getting resolved' when it was very clearly and obviously (...)

    2. Re: Do writers sabotage each other here?

      I mean, if you want to find the culprits, just make a thread asking for RR to put someone's name next to their rating as standard and then look at the most 'vocal' and agitated participants demanding it (...)

    3. Re: Long titles to books or chapters suck, change my mind.

      Soley for the sake of argument, and specifically in regards to results vs personal opinion. Tacking on 'A LitRpg story' "A Wuxia progression story" etc etc etc, basically guarantees more views. This (...)

    4. Re: The One and Only Story

      Well, here's a fantastic loophole, do a graphic novel and basically get to produce a damned long run like Naruto/Berserk for the wordcount. All resources are provided, and it will turn out as you want, (...)

    5. Re: I need help naming a new story

      Fleeing with Abandon: Works as either a narrative angle viewpoint or if you decide to tell it from the hero's perspective. "We are running away together." Also a play on words for running away as best (...)

    6. Re: LITRPG- Why not go simple?

      I do have a question, though. I got a mangled trash review, the only thing that I could make out was something about 'mary sue' and 'plot armor'. I don't know who or what a Mary Sue is (I'm not that (...)

    7. Re: LITRPG- Why not go simple?

      < I don't like chapter word count being soaked by repasting entire character sheets, so I have the characters specifically skim-read to the important part (...)(...)

    8. Re: Does cursing limit your potential audience on RR or does it not make a difference?

      Depends entirely on the context and frequency. Everyone curses, even if it's using a silly 'kid friendly' substitutes.  Every culture has different standards of quantifying cussing in the first place. (...)

    9. Re: Is it a good idea to use the notes from the author to remind people of patreon and the availability of adv(...)

      Matching the monthly billing cycle at a minimum would be in your best interests. "Hey guys, just a short plug and I'll be out of your hair. It's the beginning of a new month, so I am just giving a (...)

    10. Re: How often do you feel frustrated or demotivated?

      There are a couple of things that rather predictably frustrate me or leave me demotivated, but the frequency is pretty situational. Heat, high temperatures, frustrate me a great deal and sap my ability (...)

    11. Re: How dark is too dark for you. (story-wise)

      I wonder if this is a historically recent taboo. Historically, invading armies had no problem butchering infants. Some even impaled them on spears. Your lord/king tells you to do something and if you (...)

    12. Re: How did you deal with your first 0.5 rating?

      I haven't had a 0.5 yet but I have had a 1.5 and I was confused more than anything. Not only was it unjustified, but it was only when my story had 2 chapters. Then I got an actual review that was a 4 (...)

    13. Re: Love interest

      It depends on the story and the nature of the relationship. Is it w whirlwind romance? Or more of an acclimated appreciation of character? Do the events of the story allow for the style of romance you (...)

    14. Re: Question about Rising Stars

      Does this mean that if your readership and stats progress, but slowly, you probably won't ever make it on to Rising Stars i.e. does it need to be a quick burst to qualify? Yup. basically, you need to (...)

    15. Re: How dark is too dark for you. (story-wise)

      Repeated application to children and minors in general. Having something bad happen to a child or teenager to establish a tone, is acceptable. Doing it repeatedly is where I draw the line and usually (...)

    16. Re: How did you deal with your first 0.5 rating?

      I think I was more confused than anything. Royal Road is a hosting site for amateur and aspiring authors, and I think people forget that sometimes.  To me, a 0.5 screams of someone desperately wanting (...)

    17. Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?

      What does it take to surprise you, then? In terms of what I see on trending? Or in the content of a story? What surprises me with trending is seeing stories like Yew of the Necromancer, which is (...)

    18. Re: Novel Ranking - How To?

      Rating and number of ratings is what determines your rank. Bearing in mind that a basic review is worth two ratings, and an advanced review is worth four ratings. The system basically has predetermined (...)

    19. Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?

      Hehe, I wouldn't say Isekai and Litrpg are guaranteed success elements so much as advantages in the series favour in how they match the site's demographics. Unless you want to basically write this: (...)

    20. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      Now that kind of wish fulfillment is fun and everything, but it's not exactly defendable on any other level.  I think the 'Demon Cycle' series, or something like that. Has a middle eastern culture (...)