1. Re: Shoutouts! While I remain on the RS list

      Oooh nice! Cool idea! A shoutout would be great.  :DrakanMelt:

    2. Re: That one character that ruins the entire story.

      To me the first thing that comes to mind isn't a specific character, but a whole category of them. You see it a lot in anime. I mean the (usually female) supporting character that is good at absolutely (...)

    3. Re: 🎉Sunday Snippets 10/07 | WEEK 50 🏆 Winners Edition! 🎉

      MC and party, along with a unit of soldiers, have been in a massive battle against a goblin horde with several hundred goblins, led by several hobgoblins and a shaman, for two chapters already. The fight (...)

    4. Re: Dilemma

      Since I know nothing else about your story, how the creatures behave and what their specific role is, all I can say is "Yes, that does sound unfair." One of the things that immediately came to my mind (...)

    5. Re: A Semi-Scientific Poll About Age

      I'm 29, but I'll be 30 in July. :P Same :P

    6. 2nd/3rd volume as their own fictions?

      Hey, so I'm about to finish the first book of my trilogy, and I'm wondering if I should open up a second fiction for the second book, or just continue on in the one I have. My thought process so far: (...)

    7. Re: Action - BbB

      I love writing fight scenes, and almost all that I did are blow by blow. Reason for that is that I want my reader to experience what the character experiences. That's why I hate anime fights, where (...)

    8. Re: What stories in YOUR Follow List are the ones you wait for to pop up to read? The ones YOU are on the look(...)

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/26658/knight-merchant-reincarnated-into-a-fantasy-world I just started reading this one but I'm already up to date in like two days. I keep checking for him to update (...)

    9. Re: question on weapon skills

      i agree with the person that said simplicity has value. Simply having each weapon with their own, fairly specific skill will save you a bunch of hassle. The way I consider the best, most realistic solution (...)

    10. Re: At what age did you start writing?

      I really started writing late last year, so at 29. I've always made up stories, up to entire universes with complicated plotlines and dozens of fleshed out characters, ever since I was watching my brothers (...)

    11. Re: What are your thoughts on parentheses in fiction?

      I don't use them, simply because I don't think they fit. I've never met anyone who actually speaks or thinks with parentheses. How would that even sound? So, no, I don't use them for either my characters (...)

    12. Re: My review was deleted for rule 3.3

      I agree with you on the points that the powers people get in that story are highly stereotypical, in a bad way. Having not read the story, I don't want to comment on whether or not I think it's racist (...)

    13. Re: What idea for a novel did you scrap, and why?

      Oh, I've got one. It was going to be a western cultivation isekai/rebirth story, where a normal man from earth gets reborn in a cultivation fantasy world - except he doesn't get his own body, and is instead (...)

    14. Re: What makes a great protagonist?

      Relatability and growth. If the character behaves in a way that I can relate to him, I become invested in his journey, and if he then grows in some way, I feel like I grow with him.

    15. Re: Worst stories one has read.

      I spent a year or two bingereading fantasy and litrpg stuff on amazon kindle, and i read a bunch of fringe and indie stuff in that time. There was a really good story that I enjoyed, fifteen chapters in (...)

    16. Re: No wonder Brandon Sanderson can't write fantasy!!!!!

      I haven't read all of Sanderson's stuff, I think I'm on mistborn 3 right now, but it's pretty good. I don't think he's the best fantasy author ever, but I don't think he's a hack either. I like the magic (...)

    17. Re: Authors opinion on TFTC comments?

      It's better than nothing, but not much. I'm a cynic, so I just see it as a author rep <-> comment count transaction and don't think about it further.

    18. Re: The lowdown on Love Triangles?

      A love triangle is the easiest and fastest way to have me toss a book out the window.  It makes everyone involved less likeable to the point where I might actively start hating the MC. I don't mind there (...)

    19. Re: What's the oddest/dumbest bad review you've received?

      I've got a 2 star review that is just ten kinds of dumb. First of all, it used to be three stars, but I had to report it (several times) because he simply spoilered the first thirty chapters and refused (...)

    20. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -10 and back into my hole I go for another month or so.