1. Re: Supers V alien stories?

      Your description is very broad. By "aliens", do you mean something like xenomorphs, or do superpowered non-Earth humanoids like General Zod count? Would the climatic fight against the Chitauri in the (...)

    2. Supers V alien stories?

      So basically I'm asking for good old super humans fighting aliens. I've already read the hero without a past and a bit of stray cat strut and would prefer if the recs were more like the former. Real powers, (...)

    3. Re: Monster Evo stories.

      can you clarify what you mean by "salvos bullshit"? It just means no turning the monster into a human.

    4. Monster Evo stories.

      Not many requirements, the Mc just has to stay a monster the whole story, No salvos bullshit. Idc if the Mc is ruthless or evil, it just has to make sense and be well written.

    5. Story's where the Mc has to fight for survival for the whole story.

      I've seen so many story's start off strong like this, the Mc is in the middle of enemy territory, with things 10x stronger than them lurking around every corner. And then they get back to civilization (...)

    6. Re: A story where the MC is in charge of a world or a universe creation or something similar?

      master of the system is a satire novel where the mc creates systems for people in the lower dimensions to use.

    7. stories where the mc has to constantly struggle to survive.

      ive read so many stories where the mc is really struggling and every win feels so real and good, and then the mc finds society and is perfectly safe. i want a story where the mc has to earn every meal (...)

    8. Re: monster evo story where the mc stays a monster.

      None of these are probably what you're actually looking for, sorry. Reboot Reality Mc so far has two lives in the story. There's not too much evolution in either one, in the first she barely interacts (...)

    9. Re: monster evo story where the mc stays a monster.

      just what the title says. id also prefer if the setting stayed in the wilderness and the mc doesnt interact with humans much.

    10. Re: how do people get to the comments so quickly?

      Load page, press the End key?  Just keep in mind that the more filler comments you toss in, the less of a discussion there will be just because the first fifteen comments are all most readers will see, (...)

    11. Re: how do people get to the comments so quickly?

      I'm not sure if it's exactly what you saw before, but if you follow a story, it will show you the latest update when you go to your follow list. If this isn't what you were looking for, I honestly have (...)

    12. Re: I'm Looking for a Certain Kind of Character

      primal hunter fits all of your primary requests but none of your secondary ones.

    13. Re: how do people get to the comments so quickly?

      ive asked this question before but i dont think i elaborated enough. i saw a comment somewhere that said there was a way you could bookmark a fiction so that when you click on the bookmark it automatically (...)

    14. Re: does any one have a full image of the sites background?

      thats it. i cant seem to find it by searching

    15. Re: how do people get to the comments so quickly?

      i remember i saw some way of bookmarking the comments so you could open the page there immediately but i cant find it

    16. Re: Well written cultivation stories without any twists

      There's a shit ton of cultivation stories on this site and a lot of them are good. But it seems like all the good ones have twists like 'I don't wanna cultivate' or something along those lines. I want (...)

    17. Re: Non human Mc who isn't reincarnated and has the mindset of whatever it is.

      What the title says. If it's a lizard it should think like an intelligent lizard would.

    18. Re: do yall know how popular this week works?

      does it restart every Sunday, or does 'this week' mean the past 7 days?

    19. Re: New to RoyalRoad, need some good books to read.

      It sounds like beware of chicken has lots of stuff you would be interested in. It's set in an Eastern setting and has romance and a protag from another world (that doesn't come up much but oh well). He (...)

    20. Re: Stories with 100% consistent updates

      I don't care if it's been on hiatus before as long as the hiatus was scheduled.