1. Re: First chapter review swap?

      Hi, I am a new author here and would like to get a feel for the community and how you give feedback. I have my prologue and the first chapter posted and was wondering if anyone would like to do a feedback (...)

    2. Re: Review Swap for First Impressions/First Chapter

      I'm also down to review swap! I'll go ahead and take a look at your story right now.  Here's mine: The Tokyo Trap | Royal Road

    3. Re: Free Comments on First Chapter

      I'd love it if you could leave a comment on my first chapter! It's a fanfic, so the events may seem rather confusing at first...but I'd like to think I did a good job explaining where my story is going (...)

    4. Re: Trying to fix my chapter cover (Need Tips!)

      Actually nevermind, I JUST figured out a way to fix the issue. Thanks for your help! 

    5. Re: Trying to fix my chapter cover (Need Tips!)

      For one, the image is not the size it should be. Needs to be 400 width 600 high. I know, but when I try to resize it, the image becomes blurred. Usually I would turn to EZgif.com with file size problems, (...)

    6. Re: Trying to fix my chapter cover (Need Tips!)

      Umm, I have not done something like this before but have you used imgur? May be upload there and put the link in the source code here? I tried that, but apparently imgur doesn't recognize the image (...)

    7. Re: Trying to fix my chapter cover (Need Tips!)

      Hello there,  I have been trying to upload this image https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Eielk_XXgAAO6tH?format=jpg&name=large as my fiction cover, but the resolution keeps getting blurred when I try to use (...)

    8. Re: Hello from a fanfiction author!

      Hello Tarable! I really like your name. I also like your fanart of TMNT. I have a similar image I like of Yoko from TTGL: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/hlN4RFgLlXxc5gp3C-K2N0QIfoqKhFtcsnwA3b6XbeCMVaRuAJy-Q7NQsk4zz2vdQPSdwW5bYIX84jphTxM3AUiZgcDMv9kcjKfA (...)

    9. Re: Hello from a fanfiction author!

      Hello everyone!  I'm really excited to be joining the fellow writers on this auspicious site! I've been writing fanfiction for a few years, but I'm working on a new, original project that I'm excited (...)