1. Re: I made a cover for my first story here~!

      She seems like a very nice young lady. 

    2. Re: Looking for a portal fantasy/( isekai/Reincarnation)

      I Won't Die is a story of mine that's basically an isekai subversion you might take enjoyment from. Basically the premise is "what happens if the mc doesn't want to get killed so that he's transported (...)

    3. Re: I just wrote a godtier chapter

      I get that feeling all the time. At first I enjoyed it but realized it could adversely affect me writing. I wanted to get to the good stuff so badly, it could make me ruin the pacing. So it's a double (...)

    4. Re: Hints for keeping track of characters and created stuff.

      What I do is open a google doc and dump all of my lore related stuff there. If I forget anything or what to add something I open it up. Usually I have it open in a separate tab when I write or add to it (...)

    5. Re: I’m now writing one chapter a day for the Writeathon. Is that too much?

      Just be careful. Don't push yourself if you think you can't handle it at any point. 

    6. Re: 'Harsh' readers on Royal Roads

      For me it depends on the story. One of mine is very comedic and a parody but I found that people that didn't get it were more harsh than those that did understand it was a joke. But for my more serious (...)

    7. Re: What so different about your story than the others on its genre?

      I Won't Die definitely stands out because it's an inverse isekai. The whole premise is "what happens if the main character refuses to die to get summoned to another world?" Turns out the answer is the (...)

    8. Re: How does one get new readers?

      Review swaps, and participating a lot in the forums would also help. The more reviews you have, the more inclined people will be to check out your story and participating in the forums will help expose (...)

    9. Re: Modern meets fantasy world story recommendations?

      I can actually recommend my story for once. "I Won't Die"'s whole premise is that a fantasy world invades our own. Plus there's kung fu.

    10. Re: What's your MC's name and how did you come up with it?

      For "I Won't Die", I got the name Rama Leeroy from my favorite martial arts movie and Bruce Lee. Rama is the name of the protagonist in the The Raid: Redemption and Leeroy stems from both Bruce Lee and (...)

    11. Re: Do you prefer to see your character grow and succeed or tormented and suffer?

      Pain is the way to go. My characters succeed but suffer while doing so. 

    12. Re: You story in a sentence

      An isekai protagonist refused to be an isekai protagonist. (I Won't Die)

    13. Re: Any ideas to give an Isekai story a fresh breath?

      There's so much you can do. For instance my story I Won't Die is an isekai subversion in how the mc refuses to become an isekai protagonist so instead of him going to a fantasy world, the fantasy world (...)

    14. Re: What is your main characters kryptonite?

      For my story "I Won't Die", all the assassins sent after the MC because he refuses to become an isekai protagonist the old fashioned way.  

    15. Re: How do you feel about OP protagonist?

      I like the inverse. I like my characters to be in a constant struggle for survival. Characters that make me go like "Darn give this man a break or a hug" are my favorites. If they do become OP, it definitely (...)

    16. Re: Hello, about 2 months joining but only recently opened the forum

      Welcome aboard! Going off your introduction alone, you seem to have a good understanding of the English language so I wouldn't worry too much about it. If there are mistakes, people will point them out (...)

    17. Re: What kind of prologue do you prefer?

      I'd like a prologue that seems insignificant or makes no sense at the beginning but by the end is put into context. I think they serve as a nice little teaser. But it can't be too long, otherwise it gets (...)

    18. Re: Writing Dialogue

      I try to and may do so more in the future. The story I'm focusing on right now has both our modern world and alternate fantasy world. All the characters from our world talk how we do obviously, albeit (...)

    19. Re: Which is better: multiple short stories, or one big story with short stories inside of it?

      Maybe you can do the Brandon Sanderson approach. He has short stories as interludes between parts in his books. He would have the main plot, but after each part would be a collection of short stories. (...)

    20. Re: Looking to assist a writer

      Writing like all skills, is something that becomes refined with practice. I say start out with a short story, just to get your feet wet. That's what I did, but for me it ended up becoming a lot longer (...)