1. Re: You Lot Saw the Announcement?

      However, it is rational to think about erasing votes every two weeks. Yeah, I think so too. But then the question is, what about finished/completed works. This is quite clearly not the stories (...)

    2. Re: Some Schedule Questions

      I'd day the primary thing holding you back is your first chapter not being engaging. I opened it to have a look and saw a wall of text immediately which made me leave pretty fast.  Okay, that (...)

    3. Re: You Lot Saw the Announcement?

      I don't really see what's wrong with asking dedicated readers to vote. Sure, people are trying to overtly game the system by putting out chapters that just ask for votes right now, but you could argue (...)

    4. Re: Some Schedule Questions

      4-8k a week seems reasonable. The system tends towards giving an advantage to more frequent, but smaller updates, but we've seen recent cases like Truthseeker, Peculiar Soul, and 12 Miles Deep bucking (...)

    5. Re: You Lot Saw the Announcement?

      I honestly don't understand why RR can't seem to realize the fundamental principle of system design - incentives matter. They always act surprised when people try to game the system they've set up like... (...)

    6. Re: Realism. How much do we really want?

      We don't really want realism, we just think we do. What we actually want is "realism, with all the boring parts cut out". 

    7. Re: On Site Notifications for Story Updates

      Hey, does anyone know of a way to turn on on-site notifications whenever a story I'm following updates? 

    8. Re: Encyclopedic Introduction

      This is an absolutely terrible idea in my experience. Readers don't care about worldbuilding when starting out, they care about premise / plot / characterization. Worldbuilding is a distant fourth to those (...)

    9. Re: What would your fiction be called if it were a super long Light Novel title.

      I, a Jade Beauty Cultivator, was yeeted into a different realm where I'm not even past qi condensation but at least I'm still rich, beautiful, and important.

    10. Re: When did you book start to get popular?

      For Candlelit Lives, it was about a week after I released the last chapter, so roughly ~60k words.  I had marked the story complete at that point. What it meant though was that I didn't have a lot (...)

    11. Re: How do you get reviews for your works?

      While luck does play a part (e.g. you might get a really motivated reader, I call them unicorns), the thing you can control is popularity. If 100 people read your story, odds are good at least one of them (...)

    12. Re: So I'm about to finish my first book...

      I would keep it as one story. Like Quill said, it's not a bet I'd make with readers that they'll be sufficiently motivated to go to your profile and find your first book. You might have luck if you paste (...)

    13. Re: When did you book start to get popular?

      I mean how do you define popular? I think my story started getting comments regularly at around the 10k mark, but I was also getting quite a few reviews before that so...? If you're asking how to get (...)

    14. Re: Okay, trying again

      People have mentioned the synopsis and the update rate, so I'll try to give you feedback from another direction - the writing itself. Deep World. The cosmic and spiritual qi disappeared tens of thousands (...)

    15. Re: Does an Author Having a Large Body of Work Make Them More Interesting or Worth Checking Out?

      I'm going to narrow my answer down to WebNovels / WebFiction. I think a happy medium does exist for me. It's somewhere between "under 1m" but "more than 10k".  I'm firmly of the opinion that any (...)

    16. Re: Punctuation in Dialogue

      One nitpick. Sigh isn't a dialogue tag, but an action beat. You cannot sigh a word just as you cannot laugh or smirk it.  Really? I've been using sighed, hesitated, and a fuckton of other words (...)

    17. Re: Punctuation in Dialogue

      Are there actual different conventions on grammar? Spelling I'm aware of, but I've never heard of a grammar rule that applied in one dialect of English but not another? From my experience using standard (...)

    18. Re: Punctuation in Dialogue

      One nitpick. Sigh isn't a dialogue tag, but an action beat. You cannot sigh a word just as you cannot laugh or smirk it. 

    19. Re: Giving only good review

      Ultimately, I feel like it depends on what you're trying to get out of this exercise. What is your primary goal? If it is: "I figured reading and reviewing other people's stuff would help me write a (...)

    20. Re: Promotion TNWBTG

      It would be great if you could post an actual link of your story so people don't have to search for it themselves. People are, as a rule, lazy until they're given a reason not to be.