Blood Shaper

The Legendary Mytical Godly Armor

Reviewed as of chapter 38

The story started with a gullible, wimpy and a bit stupid MC. And then it built upon tons of thick AF plot armors. MC basically received everything on golden platters, literally. He got thrown into another world, when he just arrived there's this oh so coincidentally and conveniently a charity organization made of and by outwolders, ready to pick him up and give everything he needs, like a Saint.

And then they get him a teacher which is oh so coincidentally and conveniently, again, a hot girl which is oh so coincidentally and conveniently the best teacher around and obsessed in making him the greatest bloke on the planet and become his girlfriend or hopefully waifu. I won't be surprised if he became a god in the end.

The rest is revolves on the trade mark plot armor "oh so coincidentally and conveniently" again, and again and again. So yeah, this is one those "wishful" stories, good if you just wanna spent your idle time. 

Writing style, avarage. It certainly not the worst but not that bad either. All aspiring writers must have passed this stage too. So yeah, it quite normal for first timer.

Storyline, flat, for short, I don't wanna be too harsh and too truthful about it. If it was plotted as comedy then it'll be good, the oh so coincidentally and conveniently thingy will be quite the fun jokes. But it isn't, it was set as straight so it wasn't even funny. 

Grammar, well I'm not the best judge for it. It looks like english-ish to me so I'll give it randomly 4 stars, because I'm kind. :v

Characters, bland, again for short. I don't find it appealing to give it long blablabla.

Ok, that's it from me folks, good day. 

Vigor Mortis

STOP reading the review, READ THE STORY!!!

There two stories that I praised the most in RR so far. One is The Eagle's Flight and the other is A Journey of Black And Red. Both have overall superb quality. There are also Mother of Learning too, but it does not first release in RR so it doesn't count. And this one just now become my third most favorite. Though to be honest, at first the title, the synopsis and book's picture left nothing to be desired. I was really really surprised it turned out to be a very good read, one of the best I've ever read in RR. Guess don't judge the book by its cover means a thing huh?! 

He Who Fights With Monsters

Mary Sue themed with chuunibyou drama queen

 Updated review, last chapter 395

At the beginning few chapters, it's quite fun to read, I was expecting litrpg comedy of the sort. But it turned into something serious but nonsensical in the same time, quite ridiculous.

It's written upon xianxia main recipe, it's guaranteed it going to feed your youthful ego. So don't expect any realistic & sensical aspect in it. The plot's map is clear, but the execution was all over the place. The drama mostly craps, the emotions felt so forced & plastic, the humors is dryer then sahara. 

The characters, they're literally pretty much two dimensional, good guys vs the stupid bad guys. It could end up good if not for the thick plot armors & the nonsensical logic which is in my opinion ruined it. If you have a penchant for Mary Sue, this is your thing.

The grammar, well I'm not a fluent English speaker so it's not my coin to say what's good & whats wrong. But it's very good in my opinion.

Overall its good to read if you just wanna waste your time and stroking your youthful egos. Where you can imagine yourself as the baddest smug bastard in the neighborhood, while acting all wise like Dalai Lama the slayer.

Just like what's someone told me, it's the snack story, not the full course kind of story, but it still fun,.. sometimes. And you'll be guaranteed to get chuunibyou drama most of the times.




I do regret coming back out of curiosity,... Dammit 

Beware Of Chicken

Some people might took it the wrong way, you should probably see the tags first. It is tagged as Comedy!

Yes, it is xianxia themed. But it is less Chinese, less bloody, less heroic and less cocky cock. In return it has more fun, more humor & more gags. It's a very damn good read to cool off. It makes you smile!

But if you've been reading too much xianxia & feeling pissed about how lame the MC & how far it is from the Chinese xianxia concept. I can understand & relate to that. But that also means you are definitely picking the wrong story. So, either move out or join with the fun. I chose joining with the fun. Cheers! 

Defiance of the Fall

This story, was another form of overzealous Mary Sue theme LN. It was so ridiculous I want to laugh but I couldn't, cuz its not even funny.

To summarize it, the whole story was like "zac don't what to do, zac smash" from the start to the rest of the story. Literally the xianxia Hulk with super duper extra muscle of plot armors. Cooked & seasoned with ridiculously exaggerated plots that beats even Chinese xianxia. Which is known with its mouthful of BS.

So, if you're looking for an over the top wish fulfillment themed story. This is might be your thing. 



I wanna be a villain!!!

This is so much fun & hilarious, the guy is goofy, fun & out of the box & totally out of the mainstream. I'm so in with whatever of his games.

Btw, if someday I've ever become a super villain. I'll proudly tell the world that Dr. Zlo is my honoured mentor, lol

A Journey of Black and Red

This is Magnificent, Marvelous or Just Choose Your Preferred words

When I read stories, I immersed and put myself as the MC. So I could feel the life in those story and having an adventure in my own fantasy. Therefore I very much enjoy a good read, that also the reason why I hardly read a story with a female MC most I just pass. It's because I can't imagine nor visualize myself as female, no offence intended God knows how much I love my female. But this one hooked me from the very first chapter. The story is alive, it flows, it is truly a marvelous masterpiece I ever read in RRL. I won't be surprised if I ever found it on bookstore as the top seller book or aired on TV as movie series. For all of you who read this review and got to this part. Just STOP and start freaking reading it!!!!

I wish I could wrote more, but I lost words. But one thing for sure, I'm mightily impressed. 

Mother of Learning

One of The Few Masterpieces on RRL

My title showed itself, that's all you need to know. I first reading it on Fiction Press, & that's was one of my happiest day. This book has given me fantastical journey through the years. It will be long and wordy, and some of you might get bored. But bear with it till the end, and you'll find yourself one of the most beautiful gem.

Vainqueur the Dragon

One of the funniest web fic I ever read in RRL. It's full of monster gags which is refreshing enough, it'll makes you laugh at loud & won't let you dry for some times. But eventually you'll toned down but it still funny nonetheless. And If I allowed to nitpick it, the only flaw so far was when earth-outremonde terms started to get mixed up, some earth's specific terms should not be known by outremonde original locals. It's looks like out of frame, like seeing Legolas saying "wait a second, let's take a selfie for my instagram" before he pincushioning the orcs, it's funny but it's so off. Damn, I just can't put it into words but you'll get what I meant. 

Overpowered Magus

The few chapters already enthralling me, I wonder how it will bring my imaginations along the journey. This fic now definitely are one of my favorite on RRL.