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      Hey all, I'm Orpheus, O.R. for short. I've just started writing my first fiction, The Celestial Blooms, and I thought I'd join a group to talk to other writers about their processes. I have high aspirations (...)

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      Erm. I'm ei83mon69. I want to join Write, or WriTE. Can I join? I'm currently making this experimental story of mine, Different Worlds. It's some kind of LitRPG, but not a LitRPG, a sci-fi fantasy story. (...)

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      Bukiyou, welcome to WriTE. Make sure to join our discord to talk about anything at all. A good start would be to moan at Old for overlooking you when he last checked the thread. Welcome, and may (...)

    4. RE: Mod vote July to November: Applications.

      I shall continue being a mod! I have been a WriTE member since it's very founding and care deeply about the welfare of the group. Afterall, everyone knows a aristocratic power remaining in charge (...)

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      (They didn't recognize me? Good. If they knew I was a former member of the Blackened Cross and Head Archivist of the Divine Inquisition, well, it won't be good. If they knew their history. AHAHAHAHA!) (...)

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      Hello, I'm B4nd1t. I currently have three fics, but I haven't posted the other two here. Anyway, I guess it's time for my intro number: Roses are red, Violets are blue, You can't do anything If (...)

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      I hereby declare to the world that I wish to join your honorary group/community. No fiction(s) and not planning on writing any, but I want to cheer on and help people who are creative enough to (...)

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      Welcome to WriTE peeps! Use our discord for chatting or for asking/giving advice about anything. Welcome and praise Karen!

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      Hi, I'm CCDCC, I have a fiction (that's just a fact, and mostly unrelated to this actually, but still...) and am interested in "cheering on someone writing a fiction" and "(giving) input related to helping (...)

    10. RE: Anyone playing RimWorld?

      I think I may have too many mods xD Yep. Pretty (...)

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      I haven't played alpha 17 yet. But the mods I was using for 16 was EDB prepare carefully, Rimsenal - feral, allow tool, Hugslib, and trading spot.

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      I love Rimworld! Haven't played it in a few months though.

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      I think donkeymonsterz means he added you to WriTE within RRL. If you go to UserCP > Group Membership you can check to see if you have the option to 'set as display group'. Tis indeed what I meant.

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      Thanks. I don't really use discord, so I'm kind of hesitant to create a new account for it. Especially since I'll be offline most of the time. You've been added regardless, so don't be afraid to (...)

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      Hello! I am known as Aris and I wonder if I could join the group as an Honorary Member? I haven't written a story yet, but I like to help people with their fictions. I have also been lurking around the (...)

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      The two of you have been added. Welcome to WriTE! May Karen guide you!

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      Hi I'm Riceee and i'm currently writing my first ever fiction. I am a musician-songwriter, and I do essays and critical pieces on my free time, but I've never really written prose. I got into writing (...)

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      Hello I am Link_0021, as you can see it is not even a name...  I am here because I am interested... can I change my name too? I want a cool name... You've been added. Welcome. Get on our discord (...)

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      Thanks for the cookie. :D Did you eat it? :3 Yes. It was delicious, except I couldn't tell what flavour it was. Just what did you put inside? It was krill flavoured.  What else (...)