1. Re: What's Your Decision Process Like When It Comes Time To Read A New Book?

      I like checking out the blurb! If the blurb is intriguing, I'll check out the first chapter. If the first chapter is good, I'm probably going to read the rest of it, too. If I've read the first page or (...)

    2. Re: Have you Pinned your Book here on Pinterest ? I just Pinned mine :)

      That's neat! I've tried to pin a lot of stuff before related to my writing, but I rarely ever see any traction at all there. Maybe I'm not using it correctly? If you've got any tips, that would be great! (...)

    3. Re: Software/App for keeping track of story notes

      Can try wavemaker. It's free and like a simpler version of most paid writing software. I'm too much of a caveman to understand googledocs, but I found wavemaker easy to use.  I've never heard of this (...)

    4. Re: Killing Off Characters

      I certainly have!! It never gets easier, haha! Characters (main characters - dare I say, protagonists) in my fantasy series have been killed and un-killed so many different times. At the end of the day, (...)

    5. Re: Old timey words you wish you saw more off

      Betwixt is cool! I like behoove, naught, yore, henceforth, mayhap, morrow.... Probably some more that I can't think of or be reminded of right now!

    6. Re: Promote Your Niche Fiction

      Some cool projects being shared here! I'm currently writing and publishing a solarpunk murder mystery called Murder in Heliopolis! It's a dash of sci-fi and futurism, and it also has a strong artificial (...)

    7. Re: What type of fiction is consumed in RR ?

      While there's definitely a lot of isekai and LitRPG, I think that fantasy in general works pretty well here on RR. At least, in comparison to a lot of other writing platforms, fantasy and science fiction (...)

    8. Re: If Novel Titles Were Clickbait....

      At the risk of, like, giving away the ending of The Beast of Ildenwood in some small form: These 3 People Single-Handedly Saved the World from Destruction!!! You'll Never Believe Who This Amnesiac (...)

    9. Re: What's your favorite font?

      I've been using Liberation Serif a lot lately because it's the default on my LibreOffice and I'm pretty happy with it. For display-related purposes, like chapter titles and such, my go-to is always Playfair (...)

    10. Re: What do you Like About an MC?

      I really enjoy MCs who are always trying their best. They might not succeed, and they might trip and fall more often than they actually pull through, but they try their hardest, and leave no regrets. I (...)

    11. Re: New to serialized fiction; it looks legit!

      Welcome to RR, and I hope that you have an awesome experience here as a writer and reader! :peohello:

    12. Re: Hello everyone~

      I think it's great that you're giving it a go yourself! I hope you continue to find great stories here that you can enjoy and that you also have fun writing your own stories. I've found that everyone is (...)

    13. Re: A lifetime writer

      That's awesome! Welcome to RR, and I hope you have a great experience on this platform sharing your stories and getting to know other writers.  :peohello:

    14. Re: Where Do You Enjoy Thinking and Writing?

      i get lots of thinking done while walking or hiking Same for me! I really enjoy taking a walk and figuring out where to take the story next and how to fix potential plot holes and such. I pace (...)

    15. Re: Making Fight Scenes Flow Smoother

      I would also add that the pacing of your fight scenes is also important. If it's meant to go very quickly, but takes entire paragraphs to get through, that might not give the reader the right pacing. Check (...)

    16. Re: The best time to prepare for Writathon next year?

      I've also made a story specifically for the contest. The extent of my preparation for Writathon prior to the start of the challenge itself was just brainstorming and plotting mainly. I made flashcards (...)

    17. Re: The worst part about seeking writing/publishing advice

      Hah, that's relatable! I once asked two separate friends to let me know what they thought of my book. Suffice it to say that both of them had very, very different opinions! I didn't know who else to ask (...)

    18. Re: How important is length consistency when releasing chapters?

      I asked my readers if the chapter lengths for Beast of Ildenwood were good for them, or if they expected more. I think the general feedback (though, statistically speaking, not nearly enough responses (...)

    19. Re: What is your favorite type of comment?

      I love it when someone points out a typo or error because I'm a bit of a perfectionist! I really, really love it when readers engage with the story itself. When they share theories, talk about characters, (...)

    20. Re: Most frustrating thing about your setting?

      For Murder in Heliopolis, the setting is a solarpunk city, with a huge emphasis on sustainability, green and clean energy, and the harmonious integration of nature in all parts of human society and civilization... (...)