In Loki's Honor (Rough Draft)

Everything feels a bit rushed, there is no character developement other than cringe insanity and unmotivated evil with two dimensional antagonists. The author has a talent for setting the scene, however I had to stop reading because the characters are just too boring or cliche.

The Gilded Hero

A great world but one dimensional characters

The world building is very good and the descriptions are interesting with great detail that keeps the reader immersed. The only thing wrong with the story is the illogical motives of many characters. The main character is constantly miss treated and hated by many for very flimsy reasons that are totally out of his control. The mistreatment and adversity the main character faces seems forced at times with illogical reasoning often used to challenge the main character. The characters just seem to fit roles that don't change and do evil things for no reason other than that they can. If the characters had more meaningful interactions or actually behaved like people then the story would be amazing. Not all the characters are one dimensional or stereotypical, Solas and the Baron totally come to life and just seem to fit the world setting perfectly. The story is worth the read and hopefully future characters will be memorable. The story is still in its infancy and I look forward to more chapters.

Twilight Kingdom

The structure and foresight that went into this story so far is amazing. I would gladly buy this when finished. The story has very good flow and the world building is beyond most stories on royal road. 

The Luckless Mage of Greidwhen Academy

As of chapter 17 the story is well thought out and very enjoyable. I was worried the main character would make terrible decisions that go against all logic because the description talks of failure. So far the main character has been very likeable if somewhat naive.

Bow of the North

The GoT books and tv series are too different to be able to call this a fan fiction. The culture of the north and the way people react was too out of character. The author has some talent, however it is almost like game of thrones was slapped onto this story because he is too lazy to come up with his own world in the same detail.

The Predator

A cliche but not terrible

Very cliche story so far. The grammar is not bad from what i have read so far. The story seems to be a cut and paste found in another world litrpg. The main reason I dislike the story however is the way the characters act and are portrayed. From the beginning the mc is called handsome and every other sentence is him *cleverly* or *amazingly* doing something obvious.

The fact that they are all found in a mysterious place was just too glossed over and the reactions too calm.

Overall i felt like i was being spoonfed the plot and told how to feel about each character rather than being able to just enjoy or interpret the story on my own.

Radioactive Evolution

By rrl standards its not bad.. not a fan tho

The setting is good. The grammar has no mistakes that I noticed, apart from whole sentences in capital letters. (The author pmed me to say he will fix that). The things that brought my rating down are the lack of investment I have in the characters. A good way to improve the characters would be to describe their personality along with their appearance. Such as `he had a stern expression and weathered hands`. As it stands the dragons get the most description by a longshot. I think the character scarlet put me off the story a bit. I like the nanites, monsters and radiation. Thats awesome. I dislike op dragons that help him out for no reason other than he bumped into them and needs a reason to be op. Most stories with op pets tend to have terrible endings in my experience because the main character ends up out pacing them or uses them as an excuse to survive disasters instead of using ingenuity. Overall the story stands out on royalroad because there is not many apocalypse stories set in nuclear fallout and the cover is awesome.

A Magic Sniper in Another World

The explanation and background of the mc was illogical and weird. He is a child soldier that is bodyguarding a presidents daughter? I can suspend my disbelief, but its a real struggle. The thing that really put me off this story is that he shoots a 50. Cal sniper rifle while standing up and can twirl it around like it weighs nothing? These bullets can be used to kill tanks and it takes 2 to kill a goblin. At least the goblin was not a cliche bad guy like the terrorists were...