1. Re: Story writer needs input on uploading chapters here. Thanks ahead of time

      So when I write chapters for my stories, typically I write them up in word or LibreOffice. I do this so I can edit them more before putting them up on Royal Road.  It works... Until recently. (...)

    2. Re: Question re: story 'NEET receives Dating Sim Leveling System Ending

      HI friends... This question is about the above story title in the heading.  I'm currently at Chapter 64. In Chapter 64 it says the MC writes a story about himself, and his future. In the future his (...)

    3. Re: Star Trek spinoff series? What do I need to know?

      Hi, So I've always wanted to do a Star Trek series spinoff.  I wanted to get into the legal and other details of what I can and can't do before attempting this? If I use all new characters, different (...)

    4. Re: What do people think about slice of life and life sim tags?

      You are right to think that its not about only numbers. That's why we like making stories. 

    5. Re: What do people think about slice of life and life sim tags?

      Well that's cool what both of you are doing. I'm a bit curious about it. I'll have to look into both of your projects. But I want to go to your comments. What does trapped in a manga mean? What (...)

    6. Re: What do people think about slice of life and life sim tags?

      I get that people like to see some action, but what do people think about slice of life and life sim tags? There needs to be more than only action.  What are your thoughts?

    7. Re: Gender Bender?

      Are Gender Bender tags out now? They used to be kind of fun if done right. And they used to not go so far in bending the envelope. But in the last 3 years, there's been so much social warfare in society (...)

    8. Re: I can't add new chapter is that because of the server or some problem at my end

      I don't know if this was related or not but after the switch over to email user names, I had trouble with the font sizes and line and paragraph spacing on chapters I was putting up also.

    9. Re: How to "end" a story?

      Were you also asking for advice on some 'The End' strategies story wise as well, or only about the 'finished' switch? Thanks. 

    10. Re: Ecchi, Adult, and Mature flags?

      Here's another thought. Since this forum is changing to curb ecchi types of scenes and mature scenes then could it be possible to ask staff of the site to ask authors warnings before banning their material (...)

    11. Re: Braching stories system

      Those kinds of stories are interesting in some ways. But they are tons of work! Its also hard to cross divergent paths again. Like what if you want to branch only for one chapter, and then come back together? (...)

    12. Re: Search by Tags or Genres

      Have they made it so you can search by 'length' (search stories by numbers of chapters) yet? 

    13. Re: Using Internet Art Pictures for Book Covers here

      One thing you can look at is there are photography websites that have free to use images for some things.  However there's a catch. You have to ask and make sure the person letting out the images has (...)

    14. Re: Thank Buttons!

      So... A few months ago on another forum, I was surprised that this one forum had a 'THANK' button! It was kind of interesting. The idea of is trying to encourage positivity and subtle avoidance of (...)

    15. Re: Ideal spacing of book intervals?

      So I wondered if anyone had advice on the ideal spacing of book intervals? By this, I do NOT mean by chapter intervals. So if someone is releasing stories in a way to have the ideal spacing to carry (...)

    16. Re: Ecchi, Adult, and Mature flags?

      So I wanted to double check this... On this site we're supposed to put ahead of time flags to warn people if there's adult themes or even anything close to it.  But what's confusing is that I don't (...)

    17. Re: EBook font advice needed! (Calibri or ...?)

      Wow. Thanks! You guys are wonderful. I think this is part of the problem. And it does explain a lot. I knew something was wrong because people were saying my stuff was 'great story' but needs (...)

    18. Re: EBook font advice needed! (Calibri or ...?)

      Hi beautiful people, readers, and authors both! So I need a bit advice about kindle ebook readers in peoples experiences.  Here's the problem... My family member tells me he bought my book on (...)

    19. Re: Fantasy creatures and monsters

      Creature discussions should be fun.  :)  Just a reminder. 

    20. Re: i have 3 different idea plot story and don't know which one to write first ,please shared me your views

      Have you figured out which genre tags you will use? For example, dark fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, supernatural, magic, superpowers, xianxia style immortal cultivation, romance... In theory, your (...)