1. Re: Do you concentrate better while listening to music?

      For me it's both concentration and getting in the right "mood". Sometimes that involves listening to one song over and over as I get through a scene. There's no specific genre in particular for me, just (...)

    2. Re: Stories where the MC sleeps for a long time

      I have my own story Guardian's Folly, Dryad's Melancholy where one half of the protagonist duo is a dryad who was unwillingly asleep for a long long time and has just awoken to the modern world.

    3. Re: Romantic Fantasy & Fantasy Romance

      I have two, that fit the bill! (Though honestly all of my current works have at least elements of it.) For a not slow burn, (...)

    4. Re: How often do you feel frustrated or demotivated?

      I wish I could say I was only feeling frustrated/demotivated thanks to real world issues, but it's all writing based. I took about a month or so hiatus because I found a glaring weakness in my writing (...)

    5. Re: How many different stories do you work on at at time?

      I'm actively working on three projects, with a fourth that is passively being "worked on" in the background. And I think that's somehow good for me, because as it is now I have three main sites I post (...)

    6. Re: Just hit 10,000 followers for Salvos! Offering shoutouts to celebrate!

      Congrats and thanks for the shoutout previously! 

    7. Rising Star and over 300 followers!

      SO, my story got a shoutout from a mutual acquaintance and I got a huge boost in followers. Enough to put me in rising stars! I've since been dealing with a few more major life shifts but I'm getting back (...)

    8. Re: Are You Looking for Unique Cover Art?!

      So I've got a story in desperate need of some cover art so I can upload it here. It's called I Got A Rock. Main character is off to magic school, and everyone has a familiar. He got a pet rock. It starts (...)

    9. Re: How did you get here?

      I fled from Wattpad and its complete and total lack of discovery mechanic. I looked up what other writers recommended as an alternative, came here, and got more interest in my work in the first few days (...)

    10. Re: Comments, reviews, ect.

      As an author, on this and any other site I post on I have to usually beg for comments. I like knowing what my audience likes. I want to know what characters they loved, which ones they hated, what their (...)

    11. Re: Does creative writing help you sleep better?

      Me: "Well time to sleep." Brain: "Hey, remember that one part of that one story you're writing? It doesn't work." Me: "Well we tried this sleep nonsense but I just don't think it was meant to be." (...)

    12. Re: Are there any isekai (or general fantasy) with a modernized otherworld?

      You know, I hadn't realized it but one of my proposed story ideas is actually kinda like this. Basically young woman from the modern world wakes up in the future to find that humanity has apparently been (...)

    13. Re: Hard Magic or Soft Magic Systems?

      I almost exclusively stay away from hard magic systems as past a certain point my complaint against hard sci-fi crops up where you're not so much telling a story as you are lecturing us on you dissertation. (...)

    14. Re: Free Book Covers for those that want it

      If you're not too swamped with other requests I too need a cover, I can PM you the details.

    15. Re: Setting realistic goals

      Others have touched on it but, commit to writing more than whatever your release schedule is. You will want a buffer so that when life throws a wrench at you and you can't make your writing goals during (...)

    16. Re: What are your favorite lines from your books?

      "That morning, a beautiful thing happened. A blessing from the gods themselves. A sign that against a sea of ills, agony, and wails there were still islands of hope to be found in a world slowly but surely (...)

    17. Re: Howdy, good to be here

      Sylas! Thank you for your insightful pieces of advice. I admire the advice on how different plot choices may influence the worldview as a total. Thank you for the reminder. Good luck with your (...)

    18. Re: Howdy, good to be here

      Hello there! Three novels at once? @[email protected] I barely can manage the one I have going.. But I wish you luck in your endeavor to become a pro writer! Surprisingly, I've found my productivity (...)

    19. Re: Writing multiple stories

      For a while I was writing just the one. Then events conspired to have me writing three at once. This has actually helped my output as it forces me to take a break from one story and think about another (...)

    20. Re: Howdy, good to be here

      Hey howdy hey, welcome to RR!  Very happy to see new faces and I hope you enjoy it here. Thank you, I've been enjoying the site so far!