1. Character Growth and character flaws

      Everyone hates Mary/Gary sues...but do they really? I feel like every time I see a story with a well done flawed main character there are countless comments about how bad X character trait and reviews (...)

    2. Re: Objectionable Content: Sexual Content

      probably crosses the line. I feel like I've read half a dozen stories on here without the tag using similar semi censored language and being it doesn't cross the line? Same with mentioning (...)

    3. Re: Objectionable Content: Sexual Content

      The story consisted 2 accounts of rape, mention of orgy, forced prostitution, fgm, castration, pedarastry, marital-rape, yet i've decided to remove the sexual content tag simply because 404 sexual activity (...)

    4. Objectionable Content: Sexual Content

      Curious so figured I'd jump on the thread copycat train. What's the line between profanity and sexual content? The warning tag has "Explicit sexual content, Descriptive Sex Scenes" as the description (...)

    5. Re: What's the current state of the cover meta?

      The meta is to do the exact opposite of the meta. You want to stand out so following a "meta" ends up working against you. Are there a whole bunch of commissioned covers with amazony blend togetherness? (...)

    6. Re: Favorite/Least favorite tropes in LitRPG?

      The numbers Yuck So you mentioned your favorite part of litrpgs what's your least favorite  :DrakanThinking:

    7. Re: So I’m confused

      Also, it's not publicly disclosed.  Like a reader can't go to your story and find out what the ranking is.   :DrakanAngry: which sucks (I get it but I'm curious and want to stalk all my favorite novels) (...)

    8. Re: Favorite/Least favorite tropes in LitRPG?

      Least favorite trope is system hacking but that can be mitigated if its done really really well. Either up or down. The point of a litrpg system is to feel like any effort you put in is rewarded in (...)

    9. Re: LIGHT Theme or DARK Theme?

      I wish the site had a sepia mode It kind of does? To read in at least, it forces the rest of the site to be light mode but "Sepia" works just fine for me. Personally I use Dark Reader to force nearly (...)

    10. Re: Personal writing ticks.

      I like using hyphens as a way to connect two sentence fragments - like so. Or even nestling a smaller sentence - like this - inside a bigger one. I know commas and : and ; can do the same thing, and while (...)

    11. Personal writing ticks.

      Question mainly for authors. Do you have any personal ticks while writing? Are you self aware enough to notice them and what are they? My two I know for a fact are: That I like using em-dashes (...)

    12. Re: First Forum post after 5 (more like 8-9) years here, got some recent question.

      but IF they really are a reader first type of site, well.... you get the picture I'm trying to paint. if you want to read the thread that was posted around when these changes happened you can go here. (...)

    13. Re: How would you write madness?

      Sliding scale of thoughts with leaps of logic that seem strange to readers. Making a train of thought start out sane and then partway through the readers are like "wait, what aliens? Are you sure?"

    14. Re: The Bait and Switch.

      If you really want ressurection, then you need to make it clear in someway the rules will change Essentially I really want resurrection and its later disappearance as a plot tool. It's an isekai of (...)

    15. Re: What's your favorite thing about your story?

      The magic system and worldbuilding I put in to both justify and account for my magic system. Also my readers! They are some of my favorite parts of writing :3

    16. Re: How many Skills are too many?

      Personally it depends on what skills are and that depends heavily on how the system itself was designed. For example, alot of stories tend to shove everything into "skills" and in such a case you basically (...)

    17. The Bait and Switch.

      Okay, I've made random threads on topics that interested me before but this one is specifically looking for advice so its in this forum. How would you go about making part of a story change drastically (...)

    18. Re: How do you design a system? (stats)

      OH, I think I had a thread about exponential vs linear growth Here Basically cultivation novels are nearly always an expoential growth. That means every single level matters just as much as the previous. (...)

    19. Re: How do you write your fairies?

      Personally I see fairy's as tinkerbell like little butterfly people. We can ignore them playing with human guts in beserk and just pretend they are frivolous forest people. Fae on the other hand are (...)

    20. Re: Your character's favorite real holidays

      A trip to the beach. Sigh, oh well. NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO WRITE THE FILLER BEACH EPISODE OF YOUR DREAAAAMSS! The gangs all the the beach. They kill a shark. Magic sandcastle. Unessisariy swimsuits. (...)