1. Re: How useful of a skill is proofreading and editing?

      In terms of being an author. Not useful. It doesn't help you in writing/creating a story. Hire an editor. Better focus on creating the story and leave these to those who are good at it. Unless of course (...)

    2. Re: Linux, mac os or windows, what do you run?

      Linux. Sure, it is fiddly but I love that.

    3. Re: Hints/opinions on my cover

      The problem is, that this revelation is the first grand "wow, shit!" moment as it comes completely unexpected with the little information I give in the blurb... Several PPl told me I should ask for (...)

    4. Re: I want thoughts on a draft I have in progress.

      ---uhh, what? One is literally our world, except with the sci-fi element of psychics, and the other is a mideval world with magic and heros and chaos kings and dragons and stuff. Okay. Thank you for clarification. (...)

    5. Re: I want thoughts on a draft I have in progress.

      Dunno if you are into The Hero's Journey but personally I think making the return to the normal world mandatory was the biggest mistake Campbell and Vogler made when teaching their theory.  Both going (...)

    6. Re: I want thoughts on a draft I have in progress.

      Uhh...I'm so confused. Did you think she would be going to the fantasy world halfway though!? I meant that she would go back to her world halfway through, but return to the other one because she'd grown (...)

    7. Re: I want thoughts on a draft I have in progress.

      -the conflics are cool, but I never said they could ever be the focus. All stories have conflicts, and I've set them up even though they won't be fulfilled for a long time in the second scenario. You (...)

    8. Re: I want thoughts on a draft I have in progress.

      So, basically, I am writing a story that's meant to be about a super-psychic(think Psychi-k) being teleported into a fantasy world. Yeah, kinda normal, but it seems like it falls into a category that (...)

    9. Re: Character Art!

      This is nicely done. The shading and the outlining kinda reminds me of the way the characters are done in Art Nouveau works like the works of Alphonse Mucha.

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    11. My Stuff

      Just my stuff. https://images2.imgbox.com/61/50/R9UkvKme_o.jpeg

    12. Re: Experimental New Voting System; A Glance toward Royalroad Homepage

      A popularity contest. Now we would be bombarded with fictions that people you don't know vote for you to read. What is good for many is certainly good for you.