Shadow Crystal Mage

Shadow Crystal Mage

    1. Re: Weird things that you've researched for stories

      I’ve had to search about what metals are found in the human body, and came out with the fun fact that we have titanium in our livers. 

    2. Re: Anyone else think that people in fiction are too truthful

      To prevent confusion. Most readers have a problem grasping the unreliable narrators. The narration itself must be as truthful as possible. The narration can essentially only lie by omission (protagonist (...)

    3. Re: Kingdom Building Stories

      There's Demesne, a non-LitRPG take on a Dungeon story that's essentially a townbuilding story in a new frontier. There's an emphasis on real physics, engineering, and fairly hard-science magic system that (...)

    4. Re: biomage/mancer mc

      If you don't mind it being a superhero setting, there's Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers, where it comes in plant only and animal only flavors. 

    5. Looking for a NON-LitRPG, no stats, no 'System' Dungeon story because you're sick of videogame logic?

      You! Yes, you! if you clicked this, than you've probably felt what I have: sick of all the stories with 'dungeons' that's basically someone playing Dungeon Keeper, or trying to copy the success of Dungeon (...)

    6. Re: Series wherein the MC's power is Biomancy/Biokinesis and/or be Prototype-Lite

      Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers has one of the protagonists have Prototype-style biotheurgy/self-shapeshifting as power. Another one in the same story has the plant abomination shapeshifting equivalent. (...)

    7. Looking for henshin/power rangers-type transforming hero superhero story, please recommend

      Are there any? The only one I can find is Nightmaerangers, but i want to find others. Magical Girl-type stories work too. No anti-heroes, grim-derp Worm/The Boys/Watchman types, or Justice Leage/Avengerswannabe (...)

    8. Re: Promote your story with one word

      Two stories, so two words Sentai Engineering

    9. Re: Looking For A Superhero Story Where The Heroes Aren't Worm or The Boys Knockoffs? Sick of Edgy Grimderp? (...)

      Btw. I just noticed that the first Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers! doesn't link and the second one links to your other story instead. Unless that's all part of the keikaku of sneakily getting exposure (...)

    10. Looking For A Superhero Story Where The Heroes Aren't Worm or The Boys Knockoffs? Sick of Edgy Grimderp? Click Here!

      Well, if you're here, you must have clicked. Then you've probably felt what I have: sick of all the 'superhero' stories that's basically trying to be the next Worm, or The Boys. Sick of TIME LOOPS! Sick (...)

    11. Scheduled release new issue?

      Just wondering if this is a new change of behavior or a bug, but today one of my scheduled chapters was released, but it didn't show up in my site notification bell. It used to before, so I was just wondering (...)

    12. Re: Forgetting characters...oops

      My suggestion, make your main perspective character not care about the other characters. If they can't be bothered to keep track of them, you don't have to keep track of them yourself until they become (...)

    13. Re: is it just me...

      Usually I use that 'strangers eyes' moment to look for typos I missed. Because there are ALWAYS typos.

    14. Re: Recommendation for crafter story

      The story Demesne is a settlement-building story, is a bit closer to engineering more than more usual depictions of crafting, but in addition to slice of life, part of the story involves the main character (...)

    15. Re: New slice of life-ish fantasy story?

      My story Demesne is exactly that. It's a slice of life story focusing on a wizard and a group of pioneers setting up a new settlement in a newly discovered continent. There's a lot of how magic and engineering (...)

    16. Re: Due to Some Recent Events.

      Okay, I'll recommend this one:  Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers. It's a superhero story, but instead of following the western Worm/Avengers/DC-type superheroes, it follows a group who fall more into the (...)

    17. Re: Magic Novels but no transmigration/reincarnation/gamelit

      I recommend my work, Demesne. it's an original setting (no elves, dwarves, etc), and my attempt to try to write a Dungeon-type setting with NO LITRPG ELEMENTS WHATSOEVER. Basically, it's a town-building (...)

    18. Re: Looking for Sea or Superhero Adventures (or eccentric narrations)

      If I may recommend something a bit different from the usual superhero fare, I have Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers, which is Power RangersSuper Sentai-style superheroics in a dark, crapsack setting: the (...)