1. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      None. You can have plenty of emotional and romantic relationships in fiction without bringing explicit content into it.

    2. Re: Is it Worth Continuing a Writeathon Novel?

      Hi! I need some advice, RR-folks. So I won Writeathon. Yay! However, this was my first release-as-I-write novel, and it is rough. The intro is overly-long and hurried, the adventure is very made-up-as-it-goes-along, (...)

    3. Re: What should I do?

      I may be new to RR, but I've been writing for over a decade and so I feel I have the experience to say... first books are rough. It took years for me to stop looking at my novels and wincing at their awkward (...)

    4. Re: I am a writeathon winner :D

      I have... 55618 according to my RR stats, so The Teru Effect is also a winner! Right? Right?! My first Writeathon, so I'm a bit anxious about my wordcount ending up not-quite-enough. Hopefully gonna (...)

    5. Re: Which genre do you like and why?

      I'm a classic sci-fi/fantasy action-adventure lover - with a preference for either light, easy-reading or serious world-building - but I like a lot of things. Unfortunately, I find it hard to read any (...)

    6. Re: Why do you write about slavery?

      Q: Why write about slavery? A: As a fantasy writer, world-building is often at the forefront of my thinking, and fantasy worlds rarely diverge entirely from real world concepts. Slavery is super basic (...)

    7. Re: Writers, I'll cut you a deal

      Prologue read. Thoughts incoming. Narrators can be tricky, but I honestly think the style itself is fine. I happen to love dramatic theatre-style stories, but it also makes sense for me as a dream. Dreams (...)

    8. Re: Writeathon Mid-qualifier

      My achievement: I'm pretty jolly pleased that The Teru Effect made the list, even with me starting a new full-time job this month. :D I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it, but all my old practice with (...)

    9. Re: Naming your characters

      I usually throw a place-holder name or a quick-instinct-name on them, then get attached and leave it that way forever. That's how multiple Japanese characters in my old awkward over-the-top anime fanfiction (...)

    10. Re: For the Writeathon, how do I identify my progress?

      I had the same question, but I found a quick solution. Go to your fiction's dashboard. Right below the description should be a "Statistics" drop-down. Click on that, then scroll over the question-mark (...)

    11. Re: What kind of art inspired your work as an author?

      Of course, reading a ton as a kid gave me a desire to write books in general, but more specifically (and more fun)... trailers. Trailers inspired two of my biggest (early) novels. #1: The trailer for (...)

    12. Re: 2.5 star rating

      My first rating on a project I'm legitimately proud of was a 0.5 with no explanation. It was a real hit to my ego at first, but ultimately, the person didn't care enough to explain their opinion, so (frankly) (...)

    13. Re: How to write pauses into conversations?

      This is definitely a matter of personal preference, but my advice would be to stick (generally) with "was silent for a moment" pauses instead of "..." pauses, but focus more on why there is a silence, (...)

    14. Re: It is here!!!

      This is my first one, but I've done Nanowrimo for years so I feel prepared. To... go... crazy. Chapter One is finished and submitted, so that's a good start, and for as long as I have free time, the (...)

    15. Re: Anyone in favor of a necromancy tag?

      I'd certainly browse it if it existed. Necromancy and necromancers make fascinating stories.

    16. Re: This story shall exist

      Someone makes a poorly-worded deal with an obviously sinister entity, but it all turns out to be innocent after all.

    17. Re: A newbie question - Am I 'Royal' enough?

      I am fairly new to RR as well, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I say go for it. Romance may not be what the site is known for, but sometimes just putting a story out there to be seen is the (...)

    18. Re: What program do you write in?

      Open Office Writer. In general I like it, but either it or RR keeps messing up the spacing when I try to copy from one to the other. (Used to use Microsoft Word and probably wouldn't have changed if I (...)

    19. Re: Preparations for the April writing contest

      I am a not usually a book-prepper, even for Campwrimo (in which I participate whenever possible) but this April is going to be different. Going to attempt my first Gamelit story, so I've gotta make character (...)

    20. Re: Do more people use Light Mode or Dark Mode?

      I use light-mode because reading in dark-mode is really annoying, so it certainly isn't a one-sided debate. Everyone knows black words on a white page from reading actual books, so I'd say it's probably (...)