If you like pages andd pages of numbers, this is your story. 


Classical litRPG but with some unique additions : 

Great world building, the world feels alive, with long history, traditions, wars etc... 

Great system : everyone use the same system, some groups learned how to abuse it and keep this knowledge to themselves to grab the power for themselves. 

MC is a bit autistic (awkard social interaction) but that fits his maths obsession and strange approach to the system. I believe it is part of the story and part of the intended character development to come. 


Many colorful characters, with depth to them, they aren't just cliché, some are, but more than often they have multiple sides, goals, moral values etc.. They do feel real and you care about what's going to happen to them. 


A really enjoyable story. Would read it again. 



Isekai Dungeoncrawl - Am Ende mit meinem Latein

A unique take on the isekai trope. Really promising and refreshing. 

I'm at the end of chap 6 when writing this review.

Grammar is excellent and i havent spotted any mistake. reading comments and reviews, the author seems to edit his work, which is always a good sign. 


Style is simple and fluent, giving the story a nice pace and a good balance between contemplation, dialogues and action. The few skirmishes were easy to understand. It lacks a unique take as it borrows on 5E DnD.


Story has a unique setting: a Roman getting thrown in Dungeon and Dragon 5E.  My only take with that is that it makes the author consider we are familliar with DnD, not doing much world building, considering we already know the DnD world. There are a few historical inaccuracies that bothered me (MC seems to be fighting with the sammites yet the IIIrd war was already ended by the date he refers to [edit: my bad, romans still fought samnites during the punic wars afterward]), same goes for the manipules organisation or the capitulae censi mustering (they were not mustered by definition). 

Althought it is a minor blame, it is also what makes the story unique, so it feels all the more frustrating. It takes more from rome total war than from actual historical material. 


Characters : MC is fine, he takes the isekai far better than one could expect from a roman who never read any such story ^^ there is some justification with his manes. 

I'd like him to act more roman though : swear in latin, appeal to his gods and laws more, complain about his caligae, refering to his lorica an scutum rather than plain shield and armor. 

I can only hope it gets more fleshed later on. 


Conclusion : This is a very good read well worth your time if you are looking for a refreshing take on the isekai genre.

Althought i would like it to exploit more the unique historical side.

Maybe taking some time to gather some historical material on roman daily life, to make it sound more plausible and bring some nice triviae (for ex there is no "yes" in latin, having MC talk in periphrases until he gets used to the notion of "yes" would be nice)

It is also really promising, the setting allowing for so many more possibilities if he isnt the only earthling to get isekaied (imagine if he is to meet with a samurai, a napoleonian Dragon or a fierce Zulu later on)

I'll definitively read more of this. 

A Needed New Start

This is as barebone as the story's descritption page. 

Dont expect much description or words. 

Things are reduced to one sentence with as few words as possible. 

Editing is minimal. 


Story is fine, wih some classical litRPG, a good and fast power ramp, fitting for the genre. 

Grammar is ok with little typos.

But it feels more like a first draft, outlining a few main points, than a "real" novel (this is subjective appreciation).

I can understand how it will appeal to those liking the genre and in need of a fast paced story to read on the phone during travels.

Story can get interesting, but as of chapter 4 i got tired with the minimalist style, this is not my kind of story. 

It can easily be improved with some editing though, so i might reread this later if it gets some revamp.