1. Re: Questions for Authors: What is your impression of a reader who comments in every chapter?

      All chapters commentors are always a boon. Most are "thank you" commenters on each chapters. Which is fine and welcomed, getting cheered on is always nice.  Then there are the typos hunters. They (...)

    2. Re: Burnout.

      I was more burn out by work and writing was a good way to channel the frustration/anger. Find something other than work to remind one self that work isn't everything in life. Especially when you have to (...)

    3. Re: How many chapters does a story need before you would start reading it?

      Rather than number of chapters i also look at the pacing. 50chapters in a month isn't a good sign IMO, i doubt the  author can keep the pace. 30 chapters with 1 chapter per week for 7 months is far (...)

    4. Re: Will Royal Road stay relevant in the coming years?

      Really hard to say. A few years back, wattpad was the go to and is now slowly dying, smothered under fanfiction and strange romance.  Who knows what RR will become in 5 years and what other sites will (...)

    5. Re: Really "out there" fantasy races?

      I was more interested in the devellopment of hothouses, people selling hotwater bags to other going further outside, maybe a whole city implanting around hot springs etc... There is enough to do some (...)

    6. Re: Really "out there" fantasy races?

      Insectoides parasites have almost no room. I don't understand why? Giant ticks wanting to befriend you is fine in fantasy. ^^ One of the thing I'd like to see is a lizard race/reptilian with the need (...)

    7. Re: I just got the worst rating.

      Don't worry, it shouldn't hinder your story too much. Early on soemone gave mine a 0.5, putting me at a 3 average for quite some time. But readers kept coming and eventually, the number of 5 was enough (...)

    8. Re: Any tips on improving my generic isekai blurb?

      The blurb feels way too generic. I've read this a hundred times and the MC seems to have zéro character building.  What's your take on Isekai. Where do you want to take us? What is the point of telling (...)

    9. Re: Started uploading my story!

      Congratulations.  Putting ones work under the gazes of many to judge is the hardest part. 

    10. Re: Reputation crystals

      There is no coming back from ascension on the path of the Dao of forums.  Enlightnment can't be doused. 

    11. Re: Void User??

      There is one of the side characters in Blue core who is a void user quite well done (handling the void is both dangerous and effective not just in combat). But it is just a side character appearing (...)

    12. Re: How would you fair if you are thrown into your story?

      I guess I could make a good living. Practical knowledge are always usefull anywhere. 

    13. Re: 1000 views

      Nice number. Milestones are always great for motivation. 

    14. Re: What is the strangest thing you have had to research for your writing?

      In how many pieces a human body can be cut  Just remembered this http://thescienceexplorer.com/brain-and-body/dead-body-sliced-5000-times-create-virtual-human Real anatomical Ct-scan like (...)

    15. Re: What is the strangest thing you have had to research for your writing?

      Just that in France it is not rare to have two diplomas. Your physician diploma and also a master in science (physiology and biomechanics for me). During the second year of your master you have to spend (...)

    16. Re: What is the strangest thing you have had to research for your writing?

      In how many pieces a human body can be cut; What is the average time to manual saw a human body; types & names of knives; what kind of explosives there are & how to make one at home…. I’ve got (...)

    17. Re: Both of my stories are on trending!!

      It was bound to happen. A well earned visibility for a consistent work.  Hope this will help you gather many more followers. 

    18. Re: Visibility, and How to Get it?

      Never saw shoutouts or made review swaps.  And i got to trending and found a reader base.  Just be consistent, write a story you enjoy an other will and be honnest with readers about what you are (...)

    19. Re: Looking for stories with a commoner-noble dynamic

      You can check mine.  MC is a commoner in a world with heavy feodalism (people with martial power protecting the powerless, but grabing the riches and power while doing so).  MC has no martial power (...)