1. Re: Recommendations/Looking for Crafting/Merchant Stories

      I didn't realize this was a 4 year old post when i started reading this, so when i saw all the excellent works that have entered Hiatus/incomplete status, it kinda hurt. I shall now spread the hurt and (...)

    2. Re: Super Mario Maker 2

      If you are looking for some nice easy courses, here's a few: 1P0-WY6-52G 3G8-MDQ-32G Y69-W1J-3FF

    3. Re: A New Era is born.

      Well, it happened, if only for a little bit..........

    4. Re: A New Era is born.

      So before I continue, I would like to say that I have nothing but positive thoughts about both authors referenced in this post. They are both very good writers and I look forward to continued reading of (...)

    5. Re: The Power of the Unbookmark Button

      So, I might've tried my hand on two fictions, but I mostly consider myself a reader. A purview-er of fine fictions, if you will. Well, over the years I have been a member of RR (RRL), I had bookmarked (...)

    6. Deciding a novel on RRL is not for you

      If you find something that looks promising on RRL, when do you decide that it's not for you, if it's not for you. As in, are there any signs that you look out for early on (even as early as the Introduction) (...)

    7. RE: New stories to watch out for

      I will now shamelessly promote the story I am writing. Scale Dungeon: I put the first chapter up early last month.