Mai Starberries

Mai Starberries

    1. Re: I was planning to write a trash story but I ended up with...

      Literally made MeiQ as part of the trash race contest a while back, just figured I'd write a fanfiction that'd be low effort and just silly fun. Turns out I'm really enjoying it and I'm actually really (...)

    2. 1 Year + 100k words!

      As of tomorrow, Record of Lundeir is officially one year old! Without a missed update, no less. (There was one chapter that I had to put up later in the week than intended, but it was late, not missing, (...)

    3. Re: Subverting the Weak Slime Trope.

      Most of my knowledge of powerful slimes comes from TTRPGs as well. They can be a menace to an under-prepared party in D&D, especially at low levels. You have slimes and oozes that split into multiple entities (...)

    4. Re: Been Curious on Something. Creative Writing Courses.

      Ehhh, I took Creative Writing as an elective in high school and it... Wasn't quite my favorite class overall. It's hard to say how much of that was the fault of the course or the teacher though. On (...)

    5. Re: Is it just me? Or does anybody else not like naming chapters?

      I used to prefer not to name my chapters for simplicity. For some reason, I ended up going with chapter names even when I was writing drafts for Record of Lundeir, even though half of those chapter names (...)

    6. Re: Let's talk about sex scenes

      My greatest debate as I consider writing stuff that's more heavily in the romance genre. I don't mind them existing. But I don't get any enjoyment personally out of writing or reading them. Yet I understand (...)

    7. Re: The [Royal Road Community Magazine] Contest - First Round Complete! Winners found!

      Congrats, folks! Honestly to everyone, winners included, it was fun just to participate!  :DrakanWine: My story is a mess and I still don't know what to do with it at this juncture, but this was a good (...)

    8. Re: How Accountability Buddies Saved my Writing

      The threat of failure in front of my peers urges me to be a more consistent writer and gets me to write the chapters I dread the most, 10/10 would recommend writing buddies.  :peoYes:

    9. Re: How many times do you rewrite?

      In theory, if everything's going smoothly, my method of writing has me rewrite only once or twice - after I've done the first draft, it's probably awful, so I'll rewrite it, maybe do another pass after (...)

    10. Re: Anyone interested in a free audiobook narration (with couple caveats)?

      Well, I unfortunately both don't have anything in a finished enough state that I'd want narrated nor do I have remotely enough followers to meet your requirements, but this sounds like a neat endeavor (...)

    11. Re: Is it a bad writing habit to include things like "he/she looked at him/her" during character conversations?

      This thread is making me feel better about how much I use these sorts of things, haha. I do try not to do it too much, of course. If I read back through a scene later on and characters are looking this (...)

    12. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head?

      I imagine my character art and cover for my main story make that pretty clear. (Animated, yes.)

    13. Re: Writers are the worst procrastinators. Do you agree with this statement? And how do you fix it?

      I can spend days procrastinating if I'm not careful. Lately, my means of getting focused are to start writing early in the day before I do anything else to get distracted with. I also write when I have (...)

    14. Re: I can see why this is addicting

      My entire life consists of having way too much on my plate. Not only am I working on three fictions currently with ideas for another couple in the future, I've also been putting serious thought into how (...)

    15. Re: How do you feel about multiple changes of perspective during a chapter?

      I mind them, and if they happen too often it annoys me. What I especially hate is getting the POV of a random villager, or a random enemy soldier: characters that I will probably never see or hear of (...)

    16. Re: How do you feel about multiple changes of perspective during a chapter?

      For me, I typically don't mind POV switches mid-chapter but it can certainly depend on how well they're handled. There's definitely a right and wrong way to use them just like everything else. Record of (...)

    17. Re: WHAT THE FK DOES THIS MEAN (≧▽≦)!!

      Maybe you were trying to write the Sonic bible.

    18. Re: Why do people read chapters out of order?

      Wouldn't shock me if these viewer jumps are from when you first made Rising Stars.  I didn't personally realize people would vet series by reading the latest chapter, but I guess others do.    Been (...)

    19. Re: Why do people read chapters out of order?

      Meanwhile I'm here wondering why my new chapters usually get single digit to ~20 views until they've been it for a while, with my second most recent having 26, and then my newest chapter randomly got 40+ (...)

    20. Re: Create a system of measurements for a fictional world or use an established system?

      FFXIV is the main thing that comes to mind that has its own in-universe units of measurement (at least in the NA localization) and those are pretty easy to pick up via context and similarity to western (...)