Mai Starberries

Mai Starberries

    1. Re: Is it a bad writing habit to include things like "he/she looked at him/her" during character conversations?

      This thread is making me feel better about how much I use these sorts of things, haha. I do try not to do it too much, of course. If I read back through a scene later on and characters are looking this (...)

    2. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head?

      I imagine my character art and cover for my main story make that pretty clear. (Animated, yes.)

    3. Re: Writers are the worst procrastinators. Do you agree with this statement? And how do you fix it?

      I can spend days procrastinating if I'm not careful. Lately, my means of getting focused are to start writing early in the day before I do anything else to get distracted with. I also write when I have (...)

    4. Re: I can see why this is addicting

      My entire life consists of having way too much on my plate. Not only am I working on three fictions currently with ideas for another couple in the future, I've also been putting serious thought into how (...)

    5. Re: How do you feel about multiple changes of perspective during a chapter?

      I mind them, and if they happen too often it annoys me. What I especially hate is getting the POV of a random villager, or a random enemy soldier: characters that I will probably never see or hear of (...)

    6. Re: How do you feel about multiple changes of perspective during a chapter?

      For me, I typically don't mind POV switches mid-chapter but it can certainly depend on how well they're handled. There's definitely a right and wrong way to use them just like everything else. Record of (...)

    7. Re: WHAT THE FK DOES THIS MEAN (≧▽≦)!!

      Maybe you were trying to write the Sonic bible.

    8. Re: Why do people read chapters out of order?

      Wouldn't shock me if these viewer jumps are from when you first made Rising Stars.  I didn't personally realize people would vet series by reading the latest chapter, but I guess others do.    Been (...)

    9. Re: Why do people read chapters out of order?

      Meanwhile I'm here wondering why my new chapters usually get single digit to ~20 views until they've been it for a while, with my second most recent having 26, and then my newest chapter randomly got 40+ (...)

    10. Re: Create a system of measurements for a fictional world or use an established system?

      FFXIV is the main thing that comes to mind that has its own in-universe units of measurement (at least in the NA localization) and those are pretty easy to pick up via context and similarity to western (...)

    11. Re: Create a system of measurements for a fictional world or use an established system?

      I tried so hard to avoid mentioning units of measurement for as long as possible due to this exact problem. :peolaughing: I think I eventually gave up and just used metric despite being American, since (...)

    12. Re: Working Against Popular Tropes.

      In my opinion, no trope or trend in fiction is inherently bad, it's all a matter of how well you implement/execute it. Example: Amnesiac protagonists are an overused trope in fiction, I generally have (...)

    13. Re: "I" Before "E," the Lie Before Me

      "I before E except after C, and when sounding like 'ay' like in 'neighbor' and 'weigh' and on weekends and holidays and all throughout May, and you'll always be wrong no matter what you say!" - Brian Regan (...)

    14. Re: Taboo of Magic, the Chimera.

      Just gonna keep an eye on this thread for any thoughts and ideas that may come in handy.  :DrakanGlasses: I do have a chimera character that will appear... eventually in future chapters of Record of (...)

    15. Re: Bad type of romance

      I've come bringing Kool-aid and snacks!  :DrakanPopcorn: Hear me out. I love a *good* toxic relationship in fiction (as opposed to a *bad* one). There's a difference. Bella and Edward in Twilight (...)

    16. Re: Bad type of romance

      Glorified abuse/stalking. This is more true for older romance stories, but one glaring, red example would be Edward from Twilight. His stalking is supposed to be "romantic," but I found it really creepy. (...)

    17. Re: POV preference

      Always had a preference for 3rd person, especially when writing. For me, I just like to have distance from the characters, if that makes any sense. I'm a weirdo who agrees it's good to have relatable characters (...)

    18. Re: Have you ever 'remastered' your pieces?

      Aside from the standard multiple drafts, I also plan to one day plan to do a rewrite of Record of Lundeir since there's definitely issues with it that I would like to fix at some point down the road. If (...)

    19. Re: What are your thoughts on anime-style book covers?

      Looks at Record of Lundeir's cover. I, uh... I like them. (Not that my art style is exclusively anime-influenced, but that makes up a lot of the foundation) But yeah, definitely depends on your intended (...)

    20. Re: Avatars: How/why did you choose yours?

      Mine is actually a character I played for some D&D sessions. I just like him and had the portrait I drew for him lying around, the image dimensions are good for profile avatars and I didn't wanna take (...)