1. Re: Rating stats missing?

      Thank you Wing! That is exactly what I did, now resolved and I feel a bit ridiculous.  TGIF.  ::DrakanWine::

    2. Re: Rating stats missing?

      Probably about a week ago, my favorite feature and the reason I chose Royal Road over the competition - the story ranking stats - vanished off my author page? Anyone else experiencing this?  I discovered (...)

    3. Re: Wattpad refugee hoping RR might be more suitable for my fantasy story.

      Welcome! I'm a refugee, and looking at the other options (like Wattpad) I was really happy to find RR. Seems like one of the best options out there! Hope you and your story (...)

    4. Re: Broke 600 in Rankings

      Congratulations, that's awesome. Onward and upward!


      Very nice! Congrats, that's a hell of a milestone!

    6. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      166 Sounds exciting, guess I'd better finish the first draft of the chapter!

    7. Re: Co-writing - is it effectively impossible to make it work? How would you make it work?

      I would have them split into teams and play collaborative storytelling games (D&D or others depending on needed genre). With 30 people you can have a lot of possible projects going at a time. I'd split (...)

    8. Re: Has anyone used sensitivity readers? Anyone able to sensitivity read for Southeast Asian content?

      We deal with LGBTQ and racism issues in our story, and rather than hiring someone we've approached communities to read the story and provide feedback on how the issues are presented. Perhaps you could (...)

    9. Re: Absolutely love this community!

      Totally agree! I've posted for years on other sites and only discovered Royal Road about 3 months ago. Really like the community here!

    10. Re: I have a question The sexual content warning

      I've handled this by tagging my story with the needed tags and adding a note to the story description that it's rated T. That way no one can complain, and people also know they're not getting into anything (...)

    11. Re: First story - 10k+ words - anyone up for an informal review/comment?

      Sounds good! Let me know if you have any questions, I've done a few of these swaps now and read the rules a couple of times :) I'll try to start at least a chapter of yours tonight

    12. Re: First story - 10k+ words - anyone up for an informal review/comment?

      Looks deliciously cliche from the description. Are you offering a review swap for the first 10k words? I'd happily do a swap if you're down. I tend to comment as I go anyways. My story is below if you (...)

    13. Re: Looking for feedback.. [Review Swap]

      Hey! It takes time to get going on any site, and Royal Road is no exception! Stick with it, and be patient. Write and do a little marketing, and they will come (in time!). There is a review swap section (...)

    14. Re: Hello! Just another writer wishing to share their work.

      Welcome to Royal Road! Your story looks interesting, good luck with it.  Rocky road or pistachio. 

    15. Re: Reached 50k words!

      Impressive, well done! Keep it up :)

    16. Re: Almost hit main page of trending!

      Congrats! What is trending based on, mostly just views? Best of luck on your quest for Trending page 1!

    17. Re: I am curious, why is this a thing?

      Interesting! I hadn't even thought to try this, lol. I'm curious too.