1. Re: Improve Your Writing and Your Confidence

      Congrats on all of your achievements; you should be proud. Your hard work really paid off and it's amazing. I don't think you came off as arrogant. You were simply telling your perspective and experiences; (...)

    2. Re: How do you create your stories?

      A question about life or morality Reading a deep quote or book Watching a movie that touches my soul Playing video games A song lyric or note just hits my creative spark for that moment to invent (...)

    3. Re: Patting my way through royal road!!

      Welcome to Royal Road! I'm new here, too. I should've been more like you, but my experience was different as in, "hey, I've never been here before. Look at that background! I get good vibes from here. (...)

    4. Re: High Fantasy original fiction based on Indian Mythology

      Hello and welcome! I find Indian mythology fascinating, so I'm really looking forward to reading your story. Is there a specific time frame you're basing it off of? For example, mythology of the Paleolithic (...)

    5. Re: Hello!

      Hello! I'm Raylynn Grace and fellow newbie. It's a pleasure to meet you all. I have a new fantasy sci-fi story called 'Under This Full Moon' and I'm hoping to publish either at the end of this year (...)

    6. Re: Hello

      Hello! It's nice to meet you. Just do your best and we'll be here to cheer you on. I'm new here, too, so we can learn this stuff together. Take care.