1. 1000 views (51 avg)

      At last, reached a milestone, view count wise. I know I am not the most frequent or disciplined when it comes to chapter release and I am working on it. XD But to me, every little milestone counts. Thank (...)

    2. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      I just started writing this new book but I will am planning a long running epic. It is an epic adventure fantasy based on Hindu mythology. Name: Book Of Asura Genre: Adventure Fantasy with Mythological (...)

    3. Re: Are there any unspeaken rules in the world of your story?

      I have. They are covert and based on real world social norms and customs e.g. there is a general disdain for Tantrics, the Asuras cannot show their true form in day to day lives in public because it scares (...)

    4. Re: Morality in your tale... Is this a standard?

      Defeating him involved breaking his morality. It was kind of cool for a very silly movie. haha good to see a vegan sage villain! XD

    5. Re: Where do you write?

      All great and interesting places, and some of them odd and quirky. Haha. 

    6. Re: Morality in your tale... Is this a standard?

      I feel a compelling author can play devil's advocate beautifully. Of course, you need to draw a line somewhere. 

    7. Re: Morality in your tale... Is this a standard?

      Another of those thoughts I mull over. I have a solid vein of faith, and most of my work has this built-in message, either through metaphor or direct reflection on events/characters. Goodness wins.... (...)

    8. Where do you write?

      Where do you write? What type of ambience do you need? When are you most productive? I confess I write on my bed lol. I use a nice, wooden bed tray table with lots of space, to put my laptop and tablet (...)

    9. Re: Favorite line of Dialog in your current work?

      I like these types of posts. Thank you! Everything that one of my characters, Tantric Vyom, says is a gem. But here is one: “Better a wise coward than a brave fool,” he quipped.

    10. Re: How detailed is your chapter outline?

      I've write fulltime for newspapers and magazines. Outlines are for people who have time. I don't have time - I have deadlines. Once in a great while, I might write section headers as a rough outline (...)

    11. Re: How detailed is your chapter outline?

      But I don't ever recall roughing out or outlining a single chapter... But if I have the thread, and it's forging out, and it begins "telling itself", I let it rip. Trust it. I trust the material will (...)

    12. Re: How detailed is your chapter outline?

      Thank you for posting this question! I was also wondering how my outlining compares to others! And thank you all for sharing.  Here is what I did for my new fiction: 1. Started with the whole story structure (...)

    13. Re: Pirate (Wandering Inn) just wrote 100k in a week...

      Pirateaba has cloned herself at this point, I am pretty sure. 

    14. Re: Hi Royal Road Fam! 🙂

      Hello Clairisa! Fantasy w/o romance is going to do really well here. You are in the right place. Happy Writing!  :peoeyesparkle:

    15. Re: Any other writing sites?

      Other than the one that shall not be named (starts with w and ends with l), I think many also post on reddit. You and others covered pretty much everything else that's prestige. 

    16. Re: Missed My First Week...

      Don't worry much about ratings here. They are as fickle as wind. Focus on writing; but enjoy the break too. Also, your signature looks weird. XD 

    17. Re: (new member, hi.) i guess i need emotional support.

      Hello, I am so sorry to hear that, my friend. Please take one day at a time. The RR community is here to support you. At the end of a long night, there is daylight and ray of hope. Please stay strong. (...)

    18. Re: How much did you write today? - Word Count Tracking Thread

      I wrote 1.5K today. For next three days, I am planning to write 2k a day, like Mr. King does. 

    19. Re: Advice is advice, not a fixed set of rules. Also, big authors aren't out to get you. Shocking, I know.

      Easy there, buddy. No one likes to be 'advised' is the truth, especially unsolicited ones. XD Either way I am happy you DEFINITELY DO NOT think about the people who do not want to take your advice, and (...)

    20. Re: What is average view for a fiction?

      Exactly that - total views/number of chapters. Thank you!