1. Re: Upper word limit for chapter

      Be the pioneer, At least I will be the pioneer of something lol!

    2. Re: Upper word limit for chapter

      Is there an upper word limit for a chapter? I am planning to drop a 16-17K word chapter. Is it possible on RR? :peoconfused:

    3. Re: One-shot or Extra chapter for Writathon

      Bonus chapters or AU interludes AU interlude is my only lifeline now lol. My vocab is gonna be an absolute dumpster fire but at least I will make it to the finish line....of the first milestone lol. (...)

    4. Re: 5K Views, Trending x2 (sub-categories)

      That is sooo awesome!! Nice to see anything that is NOT litrpg or portal to get so many views. Keep it up and stay cool.  (sorry, I am trying to say something trendy and I can't come up with any thing (...)

    5. Re: One-shot or Extra chapter for Writathon

      I'm pretty sure you could write a collection of short stories or a novel or anything else and be fine. :) Oh wow!! Thank you so much!! :peolove:

    6. Re: One-shot or Extra chapter for Writathon

      Guys, can I write an extra for writathon e.g. my characters but set in modern time like one shot extra chapter? Thanks!  :peoapproval:

    7. Re: Difficulties for Royal Road Authors: Beginnings or Endings?

      as a reader on Royal Road, what do you empirically witness with respect to the writers here?  As a reader, the beginning of any story is critical and I have seen most authors struggle there, RR and (...)

    8. Re: Difficulties for Royal Road Authors: Beginnings or Endings?

      beginnings or endings? Debate. Middle or the arcs. I already had the start and the end figured. And my story will end right where it began *wink*. It is the journey from point A to point B that I hope (...)

    9. Re: I see books far better then my own, yet for some reason they do worse numbers wise. Why?

      On RR, if your book is lit rpg or portal/isekai or dungeon, it will do far better than others that are not. It is a knee jerk reaction with the RR readers. I released an april fools chapter titled litrpg (...)

    10. Re: Sudden increase in views

      May be because you started posting new chapters again?  :peolaughing:

    11. Re: Has the fantasy genre lost some of its fantasy?

      lush and brimming with life A forest lush and brimming with life. I am gonna use that phrase somewhere in my story lol. 

    12. Re: Review

      I totally hear you and agree it is disappointing to see reader's personal preferences bias the review.  HOWEVER, and I am going to provide some constructive criticism here, such reviews usually come (...)

    13. Re: Review

      I don't plan on deleting his review since he wasn't hateful and didn't talk about things outside the story. I just kind of want to get people's opinion on this. We can delete reviews now?  :peoeyesparkle: (...)

    14. Re: 50K words at last!!

      Double tap that for the writathon.  Congratulations.  Aww, thank you! :peoapproval:

    15. Re: 2.5 star rating

      If you seriously want some helpful reviews to your chapters (not ratings but comments with constructive criticism), join DarthKirby's review group. We only do chapter reviews in comments (of course unless (...)

    16. Re: Help with the Writeathon

      hand-holding What if it is asexual hand-holding?  :peogentleman: JK 

    17. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      it would sure be nice if this thread were pinned~ Double bump and @wing  :peogiggle:

    18. Re: Need Comments for Chapter 40

      Hi all, this is not a request for a review swap. I was just hoping that the kind readers of this forum can provide me with some critiques and comments for my Chapter 40. Since it is an entirely fresh POV, (...)

    19. Re: Best tips for writers

      Get early reviews. A stitch is time. Cannot stress this enough. 

    20. Re: It is here!!!

      But for real tips on how to avoid burnout would be appreciated. Amen. I do take half hour breaks for every 500 words written lol. But same. Already feeling the heat and it is just the first week. I (...)