For Irision

For Irision
by AlexaLee
416 pages

After being arrested for treason by the Council for choosing to ignore their orders and try to rescue the inhabitants of a doomed planet, Aries and her crew (Space Corps Trainee crew 761) try to piece their lives back together before the Council makes good on their promise to destroy them.

Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge

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by RenamedUser8903457
182 pages

Don't ask Will why she's certain that the clipboard wielding, teaching-assistant looking creep loitering outside of her door is bad news. Worse than bad news. In fact, she's sure that he would be up there with the worst things to ever happen to her, and there are some impressive items on that list. She can feel it in her gut.

Don't ask her why her gut seems to know more than she does, either. It is what it is.


A school for magic in the middle of the desert. A lot of very angry kids.


Updated weekly or biweekly, depending on the way the wind blows. This story is mostly vibes, though not necessarily good times. Go into this expecting fast paced action, and recieve a stern finger wagging from me.

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I'm Probably The Main Character Right???

I'm Probably The Main (...)
by Workaholics inc
62 pages

A very satirical isekai and alot of fourth wall breaks! Join the very nicely (and epicly named), truck kun, godie the goddess,epic loli weeb, nicola tesla, einstein and isekai man in this great wacky world!

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 Wan Lin (Cultivation Novel)

Wan Lin (Cultivation (...)
by Jaxxson
31 pages

Wan Lin, a 16 year old street urchin, joins an immortal sect as a servant.

Discord Server:

Will be inconsistently updating the novel due to school.

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The Steward of the Howling Tempest

The Steward of the Howling (...)
by DerpyBunny2020
82 pages

This is the story of Garran Darkfrost, a wolfkin who lives up in high mountain peaks with his tribemates. One day, his best friend goes missing and Garran must search for clues to find out what happened to him. Embarking on this arduous journey to find Sius, Garran learns that there are much bigger things at stake than he thought.. 

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Isekai Dungeoncrawl - Am Ende mit meinem Latein

Isekai Dungeoncrawl - (...)
by Publius Decius Mus
435 pages

I have always thought I would live out my life without any major surprises. You know, work on the estates of my parents, serve my time as a soldier, become a senator, a praetor, maybe a consul in time. I thought I will live the life that a Roman noble of my standing can count on.

But this was not to be. My previously simple life got suddenly very complicated. I was taken from my home, and now I have to live in a world where no one speaks Latin, no one prays to my gods, and no one knows what the heck garum is. Before, I thought I had all the answers, but now only questions remain.

Will I survive? Will I find my way back home? Will I ever be able to get the savage bastards living here to adopt the great accomplishments of Roman civilisation?

Not even the gods know the answers. One thing is for sure: should I ever get home again; I will never set a foot outside of my estate without a healthy stockpile of garum.

The cover is from Peter Paul Rubens' "The Death of Publius Decius Mus"

This webnovel is partially based on a DnD campaign where a party of three players played the adventures The Sunless Citadel, The Forge of Fury and The Witches of Westwater.

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Eidolon Rebirth

Eidolon Rebirth
by DarkVolatis
365 pages

Magic exists everywhere, except for the unlucky few. The myth known as no-mages, sentenced to a fate worse than slaves. Not even privy to memories of past lives.

The pattern of history is meant to break, yet corruption forces a displaced sense of normality.

Countless memories torment my consciousness as I vow that everything will be different.

Schedule: Mon-Thur, Sat. - Will be posted before 8 pm KST on those days.

Cover Art by chiirex

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Nomads of the Sea

Nomads of the Sea
by Jacob A Zucker
553 pages

In the Nisi Archipelago, a civil war is festering. Separatist insurgents burn and pillage villages across the islands in an effort to return the Mangaal people to the seas, and to free themselves of their Lyssan overlords.

Sig of the Midandaal, the son of a diplomat, must combat the growing threat. As he stamps down the rebellion, he quickly finds his talent for bloodshed surpassing his talent for peace.

Idalia Goss is attached to the Lyssan company that has been sent to aid the loyalists. The daughter of a renowned physician and arcane scholar, her task is to learn more about the Mangaal mages, who far outstrip the mainland sorcerers.

Back on Lyssa, Bryn Urien the Singed, the Inferno of Mochan Pass, has lost his spark. Once the foremost aethermancer in the royal army, he now finds himself enfeebled and on the run.

Nomads of the Sea is a fantasy epic that spans continents and interweaves countless narratives in a seamless journey that will leave you wanting more.

EDIT: The rest of the novel will be released THREE chapters per week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8pm EST. Enjoy! 

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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by AngrySeme
962 pages

200 years in the future Earth is inhabited by aliens races. 100 years after first being colonized by the Regal Empire and gaining independence, Earth now has alien hybrids.

They're called astrals, and have a range of abilities from silly, to useful, or dangerous, or bending reality itself. Ace is an astral, but he has the most boring and common ability of all: teleportation. 

Ace wants to be a real man: Someone who can help others, and prove that he is smart (and not weak). Just because he's plain doesn't mean he's not as good as anyone else. 
So, he joins the Defense Program, a coalition of different governments to defend themselves against the vindictive Regal Empire. (But most of the time they're just paid mercenaries.)

Ace tries his hardest, but his hardest is never enough. 

One day he finds a magic watch. A watch that hates him.
His dreams of becoming a hero will finally come true.

He will be like the heroes in Greek tragedies that never learn their lesson, too focused on power and winning instead of doing right. Ace shall go through adventure after adventure after adventure, trying to understand what it truly means to be a hero . . . and what it means to be a man.

This is not a grand story about good people. Everyone is horrible, just in different degrees.
Ace is simply the least horrible of them all.
Read the story of a boy who tries to become a man, and thinks he is good simply because he isn't as bad as everyone else.

Volume 1.5, Brimstone, is out now! It begins here.

GALACTIC has an official art thread where I draw character designs! Vote on your favorite designs to help me find out what looks nice and what looks like butt.

Angry Seme's Art Thread

Want to know more about the background and settings? I created a companion book that updates every now and then. Some parts are redacted to not ruin the story, so sometimes you should check out earlier chapters after major scenes. 

GALACTIC: Myth, Magic, and More.

Disclaimer: Please don't take this campy story seriously. This story is LGBT. It has bad words, violence, and butt stuff. I've already warned anyone before they read it and I don't want complaints. The main character is bisexual. Please don't send me angry messages if you're not okay with that. If you do I'll send them to my friends and we'll just laugh at you together.

Artwork made by me! :) 

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Damsel of Distress

Damsel of Distress
by Jeanean
193 pages

Victoria Bright is a Wife.

No, she isn't married.

"Wife" is the Class the system gave her.

She has to fight Demons to get stronger? Then she will become the strongest Wife of all!

She can only learn Fashion and Household Skills? No one said you can't fight in High-heels!

The gods made her best friend a Hero? First, she has to beat some sense into him for betraying his own beliefs.

Accompany her as she survives in a dangerous world, a world that has secrets even the gods don't know about.


The second half of "The Wave 07: The System" and the first half of "The Wave 08: Heroes and Knights" contain a lot of exposition that most other stories would consider "secrets of the world" that those stories would uncover over the course of a long time. 
There are two reasons this is revealed so early and directly.

One: Not revealing that information quickly and not asking questions about it would be completely OoC for the characters involved in that scene.

Two: It's information you, the reader, need to know before the main story can really get started. Namely, the "secrets not even the gods know about".

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The Cursed Heart

The Cursed Heart
by Derin_Edala
325 pages

Kayden was six months old when the doctor found the curse in his heart. From then on, his life was a struggle to keep it locked away and dormant and above all secret, dreading the day that it would finally break free and wreak havoc. Now he’s fourteen, and that day has come.

Things look bad, but there’s hope — the world’s most prestigious magical school is willing to take him in, keep him safe, and pay his legal fees to avoid bankrupting his family. Most importantly, they can teach him to control his curse, to avoid ever hurting anyone else. It sounds far too good to be true, but what other option does he have?

Kayden quickly finds himself embroiled in a large political game he doesn’t understand. But he’d better learn fast. Because the secrets of his new school run deeper than he ever expected, and his actions have far more dangerous consequences than he could ever have known.


Want to read ahead? Chapters are posted in advance on the Curse Words website.

Our Discord.

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The Boros Bachelor

The Boros Bachelor
by AwakenedMuse
210 pages

Lilla, a vedalken raised among the Gruul Clans, joins the Legion as a double-agent in her search for revenge. Maverick, son of a famous skyknight, seeks to prove his worth beyond his lineage. During the parade celebrating the new year, Mav and Lilla come face-to-face with Rocman, a fictional vigilante come to life. This masked 'hero' turns the city upside-down, taking the law into their own hands, exacting vengeance according to their own twisted goals. Mav, Lilla, and their comrades work to uncover Rocman's secret identity and bring them to justice.

Rated: T - Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering Ravnica. M/F, F/F

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