Lost Realm: Volume One

Lost Realm: Volume One
by Archsage
93 pages

Afflicted by the power of an ancient artifact, the fate of young Kirra appeared to be engraved in stone. Her life took a grimmer turn when she became an affiliate of a dying goddess, but was thrown into the chaotic war of the immortals. And when the deities battle, dead souls tell no tales.

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Reaper's Kiss

Reaper's Kiss
by AeroKaia
42 pages

Princess Sennala Kirlae, daughter of the Night King and heir to the Revnite throne, finds herself in the middle of war against those who would hunt her people, and the centuries-old elders of her own nation. Born to a despised Queen and a beloved King, Sennala struggles to find her place as the princess of a powerful nation. As she uncovers the mysteries surrounding her mother’s death, she’ll begin to question her loyalties and delve deep in search of an ancient evil that calls to her.

Her only support will come from the most unlikely source imaginable: the Hunter Kaden, sworn to oppose her kind. Split between two worlds, they find themselves drawn to each other through old memories they both share. They must work together to face each other's greatest threats. Together, they will overcome the darkness — or perish at the other's side.


*Had to switch to weekly release due to life circumstances

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Whispers of Long Lost Voices

Whispers of Long Lost (...)
by OwlishIntergalactic
106 pages

When all hope is gone, the crew of Hestia’s Hearth will make their own.

What You Can Expect:

* A Dark Yet Hopeful Universe
* Kick Ass Found Families
* Hero Moms
* Dancers, Musicians and Space Shanties
* Disabled MCs
* Space Nazis Getting Punched in the Face (Sometimes Literally)
* Folks who actually deal with trauma and grief

The Known Universe has been at peace for almost 100 years, but for most of Brenn’s life, trapped on an Earth controlled by the genetically superior Aesir Empire, it hasn’t felt like it.

The Aesir took her peace, they took her parents, and then they took her wife.

Three years after her wife’s murder, she’s found a new life light years away from Earth. A happy one, most days, with a best friend and captain who understands her, and a shared mission to undo some of the damage the Aesir have done to the Universe and offer relief to anyone who needs it. But the past has a way of rising again.

A surprise rescue mission brings Brenn face to face with her wife; delirious, ill, and scarred from the bullets Brenn thought had killed her, but very much alive with a newborn at her breast. A newborn whose very existence could mean intergalactic war.

Now Brenn must balance her wife’s delicate mental health, new motherhood, and her own complicated feelings while working with her Captain and their odd bunch of friends and allies to protect her tiny family from a small, but influential group within the Aesir government who will stop at nothing to take back Brenn’s wife and child.

All the while, there are whispers of a greater and more ancient power coming to life. A power Brenn’s wife knows more about than she wants to let on.

It’s a good thing Brenn is used to fighting.

CW: Contains mildly graphic scenes of violence/death, topics of unwanted pregnancy/abortion, scientific experimentation on sapient beings, depression/suicide, grief, and trauma. The tone of this fiction is often dark and distinctly dystopian in lighter shades of Margaret Atwood, though where there is darkness there is always hope and light.

On Hiatus Until September When the School Year Begins and Mom

This story takes a considerable amount of time and mental energy to complete. I thought I had enough backlog and time to post it as a serial while COVID kept my child home from school, but it turns out while I can quickly write other pieces, I cannot produce the quality I need with this one at an acceptable rate. We'll resume in September when my days are much freer. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for a different storytelling romp more suited for a serial platform in the meantime.

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Lineage Saga (Rewrite)

Lineage Saga (Rewrite)
by TheEternalScholar
543 pages

Link to Lineage Rewrite Page (Fate's Bough)

Go check out the rewrite

Update: 10/06/21- I have decided to update the novel both here on the main Lineage fiction page as well as the book 1 specific one. As there is less clutter there, I would prefer you read this there, but that is entirely up to you.

Cover Art created by: wyndagger

Check out their work:

The continent of Erdenia is in flux, nations large and small move to swallow their neighbors. Roving bands of marauders pillage the countryside, and the seas are choked with piracy. Against this backdrop upon the central island of Syroneika exists the Mercan League, an alliance of city states ruled by the Archon and his seat in Merlabria. Yet all is not well beneath the surface.     

The Archon’s health is waning, while the House of Mercan appears on the verge of conflict. Both princes vie for the Archonship, with the aristocracy close behind looking to settle old scores. In the immediate west the Althai Federation is in a state of civil war, the conflict spilling over the border into the League, while nobles’ squabble over petty slights.

In this time of growing conflict, the Archon has summoned the warlord of the southern frontier, bulwark against the horrors of the dark forest, and former Grand Scholar of the court. Behind the scenes pieces are in play, and the Scholar possesses numerous enemies, many still envious of his meteoric rise to power. A simple trip to the capital may be more than it appears.

However, the branches of fate are fickle things, a single encounter could change the course of history. Or perhaps that is simply the will of fate, and nothing has changed at all, who could know? Could the meeting between a simple slave and a warlord truly be fate’s bough? And if so, where could that lead?

The 2nd draft (honestly more of a rewrite) is much more refined and a lot has been added to help the story flow much more realistically, please check it out. I will be releasing 4 chapters per week, so look forward to that. Once again each new book in the series will be getting its own fiction page as each one will have its own illustrated covers and illustrations as time goes on.

I will also be looking at starting up a discord and will link to that once I have everything ready to do so.

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Maverick Engineer Saga

Maverick Engineer Saga
by Blackleg
116 pages

Arjun, first year college student, dies because of freak accident and reincarnate in ancient India.
Can he survive harsh life in ancient India without required skill set? 
Can he come to accept loss of loved ones?
Various questions are thrown at him and most important of all why did he reincarnate?

This story about MC, modern man who is not equipped for life in ancient India.
The story delves in the realm of believability instead of wish fulfillment, of course with a healthy dose of LitRPG, so no, overpowered MC.
The picture is a placeholder. It does not belong to me. It would be replaced if author becomes rich or readers donate for it. 

Author note:
I am not native English speaker so if you find mistakes let me know.

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After the Tilt

After the Tilt
by CCua
387 pages

***Weekly chapter release will resume on Royal Road on August 24, 2021. Thank you for your patience!****

New Chapter released every Tuesday, with the occasional bonus chapter in between.

In Antarticum, Aethereusians have long been feared. But with the recent arrival of Heighten Characteristics, the race is on to harness the power of these human super weapons.

There are thought to be 3 Heighten Characteristics.

I can transfer energy, making me the perfect assassin. Eli has rapid cell rejuvenation: no matter how hard they tried, that girl just won’t die. And Evian, he can manipulate thoughts, memories, and people’s reality.

We have the power to save humankind. We should have been held as heroes. Instead, we are wanted criminals, on the run.

This is our story.

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A Drop of Water & Blood

A Drop of Water & Blood
by Probably_an_author
66 pages

When an accident threatens seventeen year old Shay's life, he catches the eye of ancient vampire Jonathan. Something about Shay compels Jonathan to save his life, turning him into a half-vampire in the process.

His dreams of going to college and becoming a journalist have been shattered, in its place is a fight for survival. Vampire hunters will stop at nothing to rid the world of creatures of the night. And darker beasts prowl, seeking to take London for themselves.

But there's still one person from Shay's old life that wants to rescue him. Rosheen, his best friend. Convinced that Shay is enslaved by a vampire, Rosheen makes it her life's mission to track Jonathan down and kill him. With the help of Van Helsing's forbidden techniques, she will learn to master the mystic arts and exact her revenge.

Torn between his loyalty to Jonathan, the vampire who saved his life, and Rosheen, his lifelong friend, Shay will soon be forced to choose a side. But when the line separating good and evil becomes harder to distinguish, how can he ever know which choice is right?

[Posting one/two chapters every weekend]

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For Irision - Book One Complete!

For Irision - Book One (...)
by AlexaLee
904 pages

Book One:

Labeled as both traitors and heroes, Aries and her Space Corps trainee crew try to reestablish their lives after being imprisoned by the Council after disregarding their orders and trying to rescue the inhabitants of a doomed planet. 

Book Two: 

Forced to leave the place they once called home, Crew 761 must now come to terms with their own losses and try to rescue the person they left behind. Once more, they’ve been labeled both traitors and heroes but this time, they plan to earn the titles.

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by OntoSomethingGood
338 pages

He was surprised at himself. Why did he care so much? It was almost as if he was falling for her. 
Closing his eyes, he steadied himself. Nah...that was not possible. It was not his style. Love was an unnecessary emotion...too complicated, too painful. 
What he had for Mahek Sharma was something seemed she had caught him unawares. He hadn't realized she was a threat. And now it seemed it was too late.


She - A hard-working young girl, trying to live her life on her own terms.
He -  An ultra-rich, cunning man, used to getting his own way. 
Both stubborn in their beliefs, alone on their paths. Will they realize their destiny?

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by RenamedUser8903457
183 pages

Don't ask Will why she's certain that the clipboard wielding, teaching-assistant looking creep loitering outside of her door is bad news. Worse than bad news. In fact, she's sure that he would be up there with the worst things to ever happen to her, and there are some impressive items on that list. She can feel it in her gut.

Don't ask her why her gut seems to know more than she does, either. It is what it is.


A school for magic in the middle of the desert. A lot of very angry kids.


Updated weekly or biweekly, depending on the way the wind blows. This story is mostly vibes, though not necessarily good times. Go into this expecting fast paced action, and recieve a stern finger wagging from me.

Hear this: Beyond lies gays, blacks, and the socialist agenda. If it's not for you, it's not for you. 

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I'm Probably The Main Character Right???

I'm Probably The Main (...)
by Workaholics inc
64 pages

A very satirical isekai and alot of fourth wall breaks! Join the very nicely (and epicly named), truck kun, godie the goddess,epic loli weeb, nicola tesla, einstein and isekai man in this great wacky world!

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by Jaxxson
31 pages