1. Re: Anybody wanna be writing buddies?

      I tend to slack off a lot when I write, and I was hoping I could find someone who could motivate me to write more, or someone equally lazy to just celebrate the few chapters we churn out a year lol. I'm (...)

    2. Re: offering comments and occasional reviews for fun

      Hey! I'd love to some stories on my free time! I don't have much to do other than schoolwork anyway lol. I also have two books that I casually write, so infrequent updates aha.  Sing an Endless Tune: (...)

    3. Re: Are you scared to post your work for people to see?

      At first, I cared a lot since I thought that my writing wasn't that good. So I started off just writing fanfiction. A lot of people give ff a bad rep but it gives you a community of ppl who really care (...)

    4. Re: What kind of humor do you enjoy in writing?

      I really like dry humor and cringey puns. I also love characters acting like dorks and having others look at them just like "ah, there they go again." It just makes everything seem wholesome.

    5. Re: Review Swap, Come Get Some!

      Hello! I'm interested in doing a swap!

    6. Re: Where in the world people are from.

      I'm from Virginia, USA, tho my parents from Nigeria!

    7. Re: The feeling of writing too much for a chapter

      I personally just write as much as I want. Otherwise I get hung up on how to end it.

    8. Re: How do you create your stories?

      Three ways: I come across an aesthetic I fall head over heels for and write a whole story about it. (Rn I'm really into royalcore and dark academia so that's wat I'm writing about.) I suddenly (...)

    9. Re: Hey! Nice to meet you all!

      Hey~ I'm Bibi and really glad to have found this community! I wanted a place I could really engage with others as I wrote my little ideas, as I haven't really found a place like that before. I used (...)