Summoning Shenanigans

This story says it all in the title. There is a summoning which is followed by shenanigans. The well crafted MC and the well fleshed out supporting cast provide a strong, focused story that avoids plot creep that often befalls the isekai/portal fantasy genre.


This is a very different take on the portal fantasy genre. The whole premise of the MC being 'skyclad' in wonderfully original. Combined with the wider developing world and the weaving of mythologies and an almost total freedom to develop further makes this story one to follow.

Atros Imperium

This story is a well structured with great characters and a well developed world. The powers and abilites are interesting and the plot engaging.

While there are some teething problems in the first 15-20 chapters, the writer slowly finds his groove and crafts a wonderful world for us readers to enjoy. 

Congratulations, You're Dead!

This rather silly at times story is full of heart warming scenes with enough seriousness to avoid being stupid.

Interesting take on the isekai and system trope with an OP MC and a cute supporting cast.


The story is interesting and the magic system is very unique. The characters so far have been diverse and plot is developing nicely.

However, there is such a things a TOO much mystery and not enough explaination. There is a whole bunch of things thrown at the reader all at once that I had to struggle to get past.

Also, I have a problem with the characters ages! They're too young for how they come across, the MC in particular. Before their ages were revealed, I thought the MC was in their late teens by the way they spoke.

Lonely Light (Complete)

A truely beautiful short story. The main characters are deep and engaging and draw you in quickly.

Lament of the Fallen

A well paced story with great plot arcs and a focused over-arching plot. Great blend of mythologies and interesting abilities that are more than your standard sword-and-sorcery standards.

Binary Soul

A silly story full of cuteness and adventure. It's totally Kiramazing.

Oblivion Online (complete)

A well structured VRMMO story. Some pacing issues. Good to read a story with a non-human MC

Of Astral and Umbral

A true masterpiece of storytelling. The characters, world and story are all well built, fleshed out and engaging.