B.A. Tucker

B.A. Tucker

    1. Re: A Few Questions for Writers

      I just had a few general questions for the writers on Royal Road: Are there any themes or ideas you won't touch in your writing, for personal reasons or because they're too disturbing for the (...)

    2. Re: Do you ever hate what you are writing?

      Yeah, my first draft of my story is absolute trash and no one will ever see it. Though I do cannibalize parts of it for my most recent draft. Save your old work and use it for inspiration, but it's (...)

    3. Re: When someone gives feedback on your story, what are you looking for?

      Something I've wondered about those kinds of stories is: Why aren't there more players who do ridiculous things? Where's the patch notes? etc. I agree that cheat items and gimmicks can be hooks (...)

    4. Re: When someone gives feedback on your story, what are you looking for?

      Honestly I just want to know if my story is interesting, or rather, do the people reading it like it? AFAIK, I am the only author writing a story where the MMO-nature of the story actually treats all (...)

    5. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I'll add my story, Soul Forged to the list Soul Forged - https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/40297/soul-forged-book-01 Fantasy, Gamelit, Portal Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual, (...)

    6. Re: Capturing Emotion

      Wormlord I'm so confused by the replies as well; film can be very helpful for book writing/scene crafting. Its not as confusing if you happen to browse sites where lots of writers (particularly (...)

    7. Re: Capturing Emotion

      I'm gonna go ahead and echo the other sentiments. A book is not a movie. A book is not a tv show. There is a reason most book to visual media adaptations fall flat. What works in one media doesn't necessarily (...)

    8. Re: Help Wanted: Ballet and eSports, Some Danger, No Hazard Pay Available

      They are also the antithesis of competitive play and for that reason, they don't exist in pro, and semi-pro, leagues.  Could you explain "one-tricking"? I hadn't encountered the term. I figure I have (...)

    9. Re: What do you use for inspiration for new spells?

      About half my character classes used League of Legends and Overwatch for the majority inspiration for the spells. The Caster class was a bit of an exception, all their crowd control/buff/debuff spells (...)

    10. Re: Confidence in your writing.

      I would read what I wrote if another author wrote it. By the time it makes it to RR, I am confident that it is the best I can make it with respect to the faults I know I have when it comes to writing, (...)

    11. Re: Help Wanted: Ballet and eSports, Some Danger, No Hazard Pay Available

      In order for an esports game to be successful, it needs: 1. A ranking system to sort the best from the worst. You need competitiveness. 2. The game needs to be popular. Look at Overwatch compared to (...)

    12. Re: What counts as being worthy of rep?

      If someone comments on my story, I'll give them rep. Haven't gotten one yet, but it'll happen. Mostly I give rep on the forums if I think the comment was thought provoking, 

    13. Re: Priority list when you read/write a story

      As a writer, 4=3=1>2 With the caveat of ornate language not being my forte. My worldbuilding just sorta happens as I need it to, I care more about my characters and the story I'm telling. As (...)

    14. Re: "Aunt" pronounced "A'int"

      I pronounce it so it rhymes with "Haunt" I hear some people pronounce it so it rhymes with "ant" But I've never heard it so it rhymes with "paint"

    15. Re: Summoned/Reincarnated/Teleported to a new world and they want to go home? Seriously?

      I know if I were suddenly transported to another world, even one filled with magic, I'd miss my wife and kids and want to get back to them. Personally, I think it makes a for a stronger story if the (...)

    16. Re: Take a survey for an assignment, get a review.

      Sure, why not? Send me a PM with a link to the Google survey. If it matters, you'll be adding a black author to the roster, though my stories aren't African-American literature 😅

    17. Re: How to handle POV changes in 2k word chapters?

      I took from The Expanse and named my chapters after the POV character. I've done one point where I've done a pov switch in the same chapter, and that was only for the last scene in my prologue for episode (...)

    18. Re: How is everyone else keeping track

      I have my story saved to GDocs. I have docs of all 12 classes and a few of the subclasses and professions I've written. Each one has a basic "ruleset" that each class should follow. I write new spells (...)

    19. Re: Title Question (Grammar-Related)

      Now if you'd said "lied" as the past participle of "lie" as in horizontal position, well...  That one still irritates me.  *chuckle* https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e4/53/a1/e453a10c6a7daffdd48edf4ceb8142ae.jpg (...)

    20. Re: LitRPG: Are the natives of your world 'aware' of the system?

      In my world, NPCs have an intrinsic understanding of the prompts players can see. They don't actually see someone's level, but they can "feel" someone's level. A level 40 NPC is about equivalent to a level (...)