B.A. Tucker

B.A. Tucker

    1. Re: Looking for Honest Reviews/Comments

      I have a date later today and so won't have time to do it today. But I'll give an honest critique of your first few chapters if you send them to me as a Google doc (so I can comment as I read). Make sure (...)

    2. Re: How do you all update so fast?

      Wait... updating once a week, and sometimes going past deadline... is fast? Wait.... I can write a thousands word per day??  :drakansweat: lol, I went a month between updates because I didn't have (...)

    3. Re: What's the biggest achievement in your writing history to date?

      ~94 people liked my story enough to follow it. We take those  :DrakanPat:

    4. Re: What am I missing:

      1. I'm not a fan of First POV present tense, primarily for the fact that I used to do a lot of critiques of novice writers back in the day and 1st Present almost always had the same common mistake of shifting (...)

    5. Re: How do I do foreshadowing without it being obvious?

      I don't typically bother with symbolism, but I usually handle foreshadowing in two ways. The first is the "Chekhov's Gun" approach--if a gun is mentioned early in the story, it should play a role (...)

    6. Re: What, specifically, do you like about LitRPG’s?

      I like the premise more than the executions in most cases. I'm a gamer. Getting taken to an alternate world where my power is based on game logic sounds pretty dang cool. It's a magic system that needs (...)

    7. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      I don't dislike polyamorous relationships in general, harem fiction sucks because the relationships don't feel believable and my biggest pet peeve in media is unbelievable characters. 

    8. Re: Questions for Authors: What is your impression of a reader who comments in every chapter?

      I might not respond to every comment if they actually do comment on every chapter, but I'll give them the rep and appreciate the comment. Honestly I like it when people comment. It shows they took enough (...)

    9. Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

      I've mentioned it before, but I love talking about it. My world was truly inspired by the media I consumed as a gamer. The original idea for my story came from the anime/Light Novel Log Horizon. But (...)

    10. Re: New Borders!

      I took an unexpected hiatus and came back to something nice  :peoYes:

    11. Re: How would your character react after meeting you, the author?

      Saiph would probably buy me a beer over our shared histories and would appreciate the fact that I gave him a second chance. Sinnamon, W3aver, ix, and I would probably be good gaming friends. Same with (...)

    12. Re: 30k words in Last 5 Days

      That's some big progress Congrats! :)

    13. Re: Something fundamentally wrong with my writing?

      Putting in a variety of dialogue tags is when it gets crappy.  Read what I linked. I am not talking about subbing out "said" for words like "exclaimed" I am talking about using character action (...)

    14. Re: Less or More?

      Interesting, though I would argue it is very much a finished product, you're just getting a smaller part of it. I don't think it's practical to release a 5K chapter every five weeks - no one is going (...)

    15. Re: Something fundamentally wrong with my writing?

      I'm just gonna link you to this. Most likely, your chapters don't have enough character, setting, or worldbuilding in them. I'm also gonna link you to this. Most likely, you also don't vary your (...)

    16. Re: Less or More?

      What if the "chapters themselves are well over 1K but they're broken up into multiple 1K posts because the author can't keep up with a more intense writing schedule than 1K/week? Build a bigger (...)

    17. Re: Editing roll call!!!!

      I endorse this endeavor.  Same, though I cannot actually participate because I don't have the free time to edit other people's works any more. I used to do a ton of in-depth critiquing, and this (...)


      That's trending. Stories disappear from there when they stop growing fast It's called Trending. How long does something last on trending on average? If you get a peak of, say 100 stories (...)


      I fail to see why the site needs another way to see a list of the fictions that already have thousands of followers. Getting 5% of 1K followers to vote will automatically let you beat out 90% of 100 (...)

    20. Re: Less or More?

      My personal opinion is that if you are writing science fiction and/or fantasy, if your average chapter length is around the 1k mark, you're not giving your readers enough information. Thats not to say (...)