B.A. Tucker

B.A. Tucker

    1. Re: People pointing out typos and grammar mistakes appreciation thread

      I don't think I will ever complain about people pointing out errors in my story. I'm pretty sure beyond just typos, I have to retcon several things as well because I forgot something happened. :DrakanLaugh: (...)

    2. Re: New Border[Unofficial Official]

      You did good, RR, you did good.

    3. Re: Looking for Things to Review

      Judging Web Novels By Their Covers https://youtu.be/V22sefJLFK0 Sorry I'm late on responding, I'm the second book you judged  I actually uploaded without the title because RR's compression (...)

    4. Re: Who can your character beat in a fight and why?

      Considering my characters can respawn, given enough time, they could kill anyone. Saiph is somewhere around Infinity War Thanos level, so anyone weaker than Thanos would lose. That being said, I'm (...)

    5. Re: The 10+ Rules of Writing

      A smart writer knows the rules of writing. A good writer knows when to break the rules of writing. A great writer knows there are no rules of writing, only tools. And a wise writer seeks an editor.

    6. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      The Wise Mans Fear - Patrick Rothfus  Truly an awful story. It felt like the rough drafts rough draft. Just so incredibly amateurish and immature. Maybe it only felt so bad because it's the sequel (...)

    7. Re: Who has the most evil antagonist? (Battle of Your Villains)

      My antagonist is the literal antithesis of life. They want nothing more than the extinction of all life across all multiverses. And they've been pretty successful at it, destroying millions to billions (...)

    8. Re: Gamelit VS. Litrpg

      Gamelit is any story that uses video game elements within it, but is not necessarily set in a video game world. Halo, WH40k, DnD adapted stories are all gamelit. LitRPG is any story where the medium (...)

    9. Re: AITA? I had a 5 star review removed from my story.

      No, you are just somebody with standards. This. Bad critiques are useless if you can't learn from them. Technically, reviews aren't even supposed to be for the benefit of the author, it's (...)

    10. Re: Looking for Things to Review

      Yes, Unkindness of ravens is the official name for a group of them. If you don't find a way to fit "murder of crows" in there somewhere, I'll be disappointed :DrakanFascinating:

    11. Re: What if a group of readers got together and...

      As a writer, I definitely like looking at people's wish lists, even if it's just for tropes, settings, and character types. Before I started Web of Secrets, I remember seeing a lot of posts on reddit (...)

    12. Re: What are you struggling with in your writing right now?

      One of my protags, Saiph, made it to his girlfriend's guild castle and, with the help of friends and people he met along the way, cleared the area surrounding the castle of level 80+ flying cockatrices. (...)

    13. Re: What if a group of readers got together and...

      I'd look at it for ideas, but probably not for a new writing project.  I'm currently writer blocked on my one. I think its finally gotten the hiatus tag. I'm afraid to look :(

    14. Re: Val Has Another Curious Question That Has Been Killing Him, it is About Isekai.

      Is Harry Potter an Isekai? Nope. It's technically masquerade, a subset of low fantasy. HP and all the fantastical elements take place on earth, they are just hidden from the eyes of muggles. This (...)

    15. Re: Negative reviews being censored?

      For anyone who actually wants to learn how to write thoughtful reviews, I did write a guide on reviewing here. But yes, as everyone else already pointed out, the tone of your review was hostile and (...)

    16. Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

      I think, I know what you are trying to say, but - just from my personal experience - I would disagree. I haven't read any gender-bend stories, honestly, I do stay away from that tag for two reasons (as (...)

    17. Re: Grammarly or other grammar tools?

      Computer/AI editors are no substitute for an actual understanding of the grammar of a language. Just like google translate doesn't gift you the ability to speak every language it can translate. Especially (...)

    18. Re: Do you ever just, you know, get lazy?

      I'm about a month behind with my updates. But that's partially because I wound up scrapping episode 04 in its entirety for a new storyline that I'm kind of stuck on. And also because I started dating someone (...)

    19. Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

      Gender-Bender/Trans content, so they switched to SH instead. The weeb/otaku/anime audience are a bit more open to trans content, is my guess. Well, right off the bat, gender bender content =/= transgender (...)

    20. Re: Don't include a prologue in your story

      This advice treats the symptom, not the actual problem. A lot of new writers use prologues as info dumps for plot information that doesn't become relevant until the midpoint of the book--which is when (...)