1. Re: Is an 'annoying' protag a story killer for you?

      Only if they're annoying the reader.

    2. Re: What’s a piece of common writing advice that you really disagree with?

      I don't necessarily disagree with it, but people shouldn't say "show, don't tell" unless they actually know what that piece of advice means. The vast majority of people I've seen throw it around either (...)

    3. Re: Recommend me your story!

      I don't have a high fantasy, I'm afraid, but I do have an urban fantasy/magical school story. The Cursed Heart is a mystery adventure with hints of political intrigue, where a teenage boy is whisked away (...)

    4. Re: Should the “character” portion of a review swap receive less stars if unlikable characters are portrayed (...)

      A protagonist needs to be engaging. The reader needs to be invested in their story and be excited to see what happens next and how they respond to it. If making your character unlikeable makes them (...)

    5. Re: The Best way to Advertise

      This question comes up a lot, and everyone ignores the problem with it -- if there was  "best way", everyone would already be doing it. You'd be drowned in the clutter. This is a saturated market. You (...)

    6. Re: Dealbreaker Tropes

      Sexual assault as angst, especially if it's graphic, turns me off immediately. I've read too many "the only way I know how to give a woman MC pain is to sexually assault her" stories and "I wanna put a (...)

    7. Re: Where do you like writing most, in-story?

      I like putting them in a small room with their rival and the knowledge that they're trapped there for a long time. Doesn't have to be a room; cave, bus, island awaiting rescue. Whatever.

    8. Re: Which real-life animals do you think would make for the most powerful, original and/or useful were-creatu (...)

      As an Animorphs fan I'm getting massive "what would your battle morph be?" vibes from this conversation.

    9. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      I write both. Men and women are basically identical inside, but tend to speak differently and face different social challenges, at least in my culture. I find female MCs slightly easier to write because (...)

    10. Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

      I prefer chapter titles because they make it easier to keep track of where I'm up to when reading. Scribblehub is good at tracking where you're up to so it isn't as much of an issue here, but for those (...)

    11. Re: Would you want your work to be movie, tv series, animated series, or animated movie?

      I don't think The Cursed Heart would work in a non-literate medium. It *might* be doable as a comic or graphic novel, but not TV or a movie.

    12. Re: Thoughts on reading works for youtube?

      I'm looking at doing this because some of my patrons and most dedicated readers prefer audiobooks, or are blind. Be prepared to put in a LOT of work, though. Making and editing decent audio files takes (...)

    13. Re: What time is good for updating chapter...

      If you post at a different time each day, you'll spread yourself over as many timezones as possible, and have the best chance of getting new readers.

    14. Re: Anyone wanna share their writer L moments?

      In the weeks I don't write, I tend to consume a LOT of Magnus Archives fanfiction. The amount of times I've forgotten Max's name and called him Martin...

    15. Re: Broke the top 1500!

      Yes, I am going to make an obnoxious celebration post for every little milestone. Thank you Mister J for the rating that pushed me over the edge. :DrakanPotato:  NOW TO AIM FOR THE TOP ONE THOUSAND. (...)

    16. Re: Reason for writing

      I write for reasons of spite, usually.

    17. Re: How many books do you write simultaneously?

      One at a time. If I allow myself to take on multiple projects, I'm at risk of abandoning old projects for shiny, new ones. By limiting myself to one at a time, enthusiasm for new projects is transmuted (...)

    18. Re: How do you come up with a universe that hasn't been done before? And how do you create a whole story?

      Originality is a trap. Throw it out of the window right away. If you're putting stuff in your story for the sole sake of being original, you're ruining your story. Popular tropes, settings, and plots are (...)

    19. Re: Patreon. Timing? Thoughts?

      You can launch a patreon whenever you like. If people don't think your story is long enough to donate to yet (they might be worried you'll abandon it), they just won't donate yet. If you launch it without (...)