1. Re: Writing while having a job

      Write less. Whatever your current wordcount goals are, halve them, and see if you can manage that. Pushing yourself beyond your normal capabilities is great short-term, like for NaNoWriMo or something, (...)

    2. Re: Anyone want to do a review swap

      I'm up for it! I write a magical school mystery/intrigue story.

    3. Re: I have a week off work, let's do some review swaps.

      Sounds good! I'll read it tonight.

    4. Re: I have a week off work, let's do some review swaps.

      I write a magical school political intrigue/mystery and I'm looking to do advanced review swaps. Story's at 160k right now so I can swap any word count lower than that; just let me know how much of each (...)

    5. Re: Experimenting 👁👁

      The results of these sorts of experiments will vary from person to person because different sites have different popular niches. I started posting on Scribblehub yesterday and immediately noticed way more (...)

    6. Re: Finally made some passable Curse Words covers

      I've been trying to upload larger versions but my internet is shaky and keeps dying over the larger file sizes. Will keep trying.

    7. Re: Unlikely lines to be spoken by your character.

      "You're right, I am overreacting. I'm going to apologise and let this go."

    8. Re: Changing styles mid story...

      If it's a slow, natural evolution, it's nothing to worry about. If it's a dramatic change though, it's a VERY risky move. Your earlier chapters filter out everyone who doens't like your first style; your (...)

    9. Re: Sites like Royal Road

      AO3 is more similar to Wattpad than dissimilar; I think it's a little more adult and has more 'mature' fanfic than Wattpad, a lot of romance, I want to say? A few of my friends go there as their (...)

    10. Re: Finally made some passable Curse Words covers

      I'm going to miss the 2007 Runescape cover art.  The original style is still available on the Curse Words website, but alas, too many people here find terrible book covers by people who cannot draw (...)

    11. Re: Mystery. Intrigue. Out-of-place teenagers making absolutely terrible decisions. Homework. What more could (...)

      The Cursed Heart is the story of three kids in a magic school trying to find their feet, solve an attempted murder case, and try not to end up dead, arrested, or inadvertantly starting a war in the process. (...)

    12. Re: Free Reviews

      If you enjoy magical school adventures and have the time, I'd appreciate your thoughts on The Cursed heart.

    13. Re: Tell Us About Your Story

      Magical school political intrigue/mystery about a handful of teenagers making absolutely TERRIBLE decisions and somehow surviving long enough to change the world.

    14. Re: Finally made some passable Curse Words covers

      They're not fantastic, but they'll do. (...)

    15. Re: 0.5 Ratings are a Blessing

      Not really, because I assume 0.5 ratings to be trolls unless they're accompanied by useful reviews. Ratings without reviews don't give me any more perspective than I'm already using; they don't add any (...)

    16. Re: How the hell do you go about creating your own writing website???

      I have a website on Wordpress. There are a few places (like Wordpress) that let you make one for free. (They will recoup the server costs by putting ads in it though). It's not a difficult thing to (...)

    17. Re: Share your strong book opinions.

      Female MCs can be just as good as male MCs. People who refuse to read a good story because the MC is a woman probably have masculinity issues they aren’t aware of. You hear more about men refusing to (...)

    18. Re: How to stay motivated?

      For some people, editing while still writing the first draft will stall them. You might be one of these people; you might just need to get things written before editing. This depends on your story, of (...)

    19. Re: magic schools

      School will take the magic out of anything.

    20. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      If you have any interest in YA fantasy, The Cursed Heart is a mystery/adventure in a magical school.