1. Re: I feel like Isekai can be really fun, but it is brought down by bargain bin fanservice and sloppy writing (...)

      Remember: 90% of anything is crap. Whatever is popular will look like it has more crap because a) general 'hack writers' will be drawn to it because it's popular, and b) when you see more of anything, (...)

    2. Re: What happen to monsters being terrifying in fantasy?

      You're probably reading the wrong types of fantasy. If you're reading stories where the focus is on the main character Becoming Strong and Beating Everything Up, then the monsters are going to be in the (...)

    3. Re: Another quick question

      Always a sucker for David Xanatos.

    4. Re: What do you think, Guys??

      I wasn't happy about it when I realised that the character I was going to kill off wouldn't work as well as killing off my favourite character instead, aborting a planned character development arc for (...)

    5. Re: What is better a Hard or Soft Magic system?

      I personally prefer harder systems, but what is 'better' depends entirely on the style and needs of the story.

    6. Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

      Teenager who can't cast spells but happens to be the Chosen One finds the whole business of saving the world really fucking annoying.

    7. Re: Stories that involve a protagonist with no powers over coming powered up foes

      Curse Words is about a kid who can't do any magic going to magic school. For the first book or so most of his classmates can't cast spells either, but after that, everyone has magic except him and he has (...)

    8. Re: Question. Do you have discord or facebook for your stories?

      I have a Discord server for mine. Many readers like to use it to keep up to date (I post links to new chapters and to Patreon bonus stories there).

    9. Re: Who here has the strongest MC

      My MC punches a guy in the face one time and nearly breaks his fist because he doesn't know how to punch properly. He then complains because he didn't know that punching someone would hurt his hand. (...)

    10. Re: What makes your story stand out?

      Probably my magic system.

    11. Re: Does anyone else get impatient when scheduling chapters for release?

      I post faster here because I'm playing catch-up, but on my website I post on a strict 1 chapter/week schedule. (I started crossposting to RR well afterwards, so on RR I'm like 2 books behind where I am (...)

    12. Re: I've grown to hate stories where the underdog is automatically the good guy

      Stories work by putting a protagonist against odds that are very difficult to beat. That's simply how they function. There are some genres where you have some wriggle room -- tragedies can show a powerful (...)

    13. Re: Searching for M/M Romances with a Trans Male Main Character

      Curse Words is a fantasy starring a trans male MC with a cis boyfriend. It's primarily an adventure/mystery story though, the romance is a B plot.

    14. Re: Random Quirk

      If it's not the first chapter of your story, it's probably bot activity. Various types of bots "click on" various pages on the internet as part of their normal data-gathering activities. For websites that (...)

    15. Re: Did your characters do something stupid?

      My characters do really stupid shit all the time. They're impulsive teenagers under a lot of stress.

    16. Re: How many chapters does a story need before you would start reading it?

      It’s interesting reading these replies. Seems like most people prefer a larger amount of chapters before they invest but I was expecting the opposite. For me personally, it doesn’t particularly matter, (...)

    17. Re: Royalroad is becoming like webnovel (in terms of quality of fiction)

      I'm noticing that is becoming quite scary to try out new fiction. The number of self indulgent wish fulfillment type stories seem to be increasing. Anyone else noticing this trend? This so called (...)

    18. Re: I just got downvoted to hell at r/writing for saying you can't make a good novel in a month...

      Sure you can. So long as you remember that it is a first draft and will need editing, a month is plenty of time for some people to get one out, and not enough time for others. Different people take different (...)

    19. Re: Procrastination, Laziness, writter block and greed are killing me and my book.

      Sounds like burnout. Best remedy in my experience is to take a short hiatus and then rearrange your writing schedule for long-term sustainability rather than just producing as much as you can. If you keep (...)

    20. Re: I use MS Word to write with, is there any real advantage to change.

      Thank you, I will be writing only fiction, don't think that I will need to write a text book or any such! I have heard and been told that I should get Grammarly or a similar platform but i do not see (...)