1. Sepia theme

      I gotta say, I am so happy they added the Sepia theme. Absolutely my favourite background—I even have Scrivener set with a sepia tone when I write. Thanks, Royal Road!

    2. Re: Just finished 200k words!

      Wow! That's a heck of a lot of words. Great job!

    3. Re: New Cover, Finally! :D

      Getting a new cover feels like having a shower, putting on freshly laundered PJ's, and climbing into a bed just made with fresh sheets. Congrats!

    4. Re: Made the main Trending list and broke the top thousand!!!

      How do you plan to celebrate? You should treat yourself to a coffee out, a small meal or a glass of bubbly.  I'm celebrating by moving my whole family countries! Wait... that doesn't actually sound (...)

    5. Re: Two times back to back featured review!

      Wow, that's awesome! Congrats!

    6. Re: First follower


    7. Re: First Chapters Posted!

      Congrats on getting the first chapters up! I've only posted the one story, but its been a great experience. 

    8. Re: Made the main Trending list and broke the top thousand!!!

      Wow. I don't know what to say. I've heard people say you need to game the system to get on the Trending list, but I just wanted to release my book a chapter at a time, twice a week, and hope people enjoyed (...)

    9. Re: Also get on trending (sort of?)

      Don't discount the Trending sublists! I got on Comedy a long time ago and it has consistently been one of the top ways that people have found my story (that, and one of my readers who has been an amazing (...)

    10. Re: Just broke 10k views!

      Ten thousand views! Wow. That's... well, daunting is one word for it. Gratifying is another!

    11. Re: I just hit 10,000 views on my birthday

      Awesome job! I just broke 10k today as well. 10k buddies unite!

    12. Re: Finally broke 100 followers!

      Woohoo! I've been getting steady growth over the last several chapters and have had that triple-digit number in my sights all week. Feels good to finally get there!

    13. Re: What software and fonts do yall use to write?

      I use Scrivener for my first draft, buuut it's the best writing tool on the planet wrapped around the worst word processor on the planet. So once my draft is done I export it into Word to finish the project, (...)

    14. Re: Why do you write about slavery?

      Without getting into your questions point-by-point, it is almost inconceivable that slavery would not exist in any sort of fantasy world. Just look at Earth's history—it's only in the last hundred years (...)

    15. Re: A complete outline or chapter by chapter?

      A complete outline of the story set in stone, no. Having a set end point, yes. If you don’t know where you’re going you get lost very easily. You don’t need a hard set in stone outline of every (...)

    16. Re: Broke 600 in Rankings

      I was really hoping to leverage the phrase "water under the bridge" and "troll" into a funny joke, but I came up short. So instead, congrats! Hope you break 500 soon.

    17. Re: Just realized I'm on the Comedy Trending list!

      I took a look at my incoming links from RR and realized that I was getting some from the Comedy Trending list. Woohoo! First time on a trending list.

    18. Re: Editing after releasing a chapter

      Does anyone else find themselves making a bunch of little edits right after a chapter goes live? For some reason there are things that don't pop out to me when I preview a chapter, then when I read it (...)

    19. Re: Using hash signs to indicate scene breaks?

      This is a manuscript convention, just like the 2-line spacing, but doesn't extend to published works. Those will often you'll have a custom visual feature that separates scenes, and three centred asterisks (...)

    20. Re: Should I write a prologue?

      My advice is to take your Chapter 1, copy it into a new document, and then rewrite Chapter 1. That's a zero-cost approach given that you can always revert, and it frees you up to not be worried about "destroying (...)