The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen

If you enjoy a great adventure, fantasy mixed with some nice action this if for you. Are you interested in north mythos, this is for you. Do not be intimidated by the first chapters, even if you do not know some names from north mythos you can google easily, and they mostly appear in the first several chapters. The writing style is print level, story, and characters are interesting. The author does manage to capture the feel of the northern mythos and culture. Amazing work! I feel stupid for not finding it earlier.

The Hunter That Returned From Hell

Cliche if you have read some other Korean novels

Korean novel, MC is the guy who uses dagger even though he spent 400 years with monsters and beasts where spear or other weapons with longer reach would be more useful, stats does not seem to mean much for now since he's killing higher level enemies left and right without any magic. But he has footwork... nonmagical as it seems for now...just You won't beat hundreds of demons and enemies with much higher stats at the same time unless that footwork of his is supernatural/magical.

Author should give stats more meaning, now it seems like they don't mean shit. 

The Daily Grind

Interesting but needs more/better action and is missing Yaoi/boys love tag

Interesting story with interestingly weird dungeon, I wish there was more action though. That said, I enjoy the story but not a missing yaoi tag. I do not like it when there is a tag and the author purposefully does not use it. Another problem is that characters seem a bit dumb sometimes. Still, if you are not bothered by that it's a fun read and worthy to be given a try. 

A Price In Memory

Good action, characters have their personality, has some mystery element writing style and dialogue is nice well. The only problem are slow updates.


Well, what can I say...I enjoy fantasy/action with system and this one is pretty good for now. It has a healthy dose of mystery, pretty good action, and fantasy. MC is not some evil psycho for now which is refreshing and his fighting style and decision making suits my taste (hopefully he will add some more supernatural to his skill repertoire though). There are few chapters written for now so things might change but I hope the story will continue to entertain. 

Cassidia Book Two: The Royal Guard

This is entertaining action/fantasy filled with magic, battles and some mysteries. Not much else to say, if you love fantasy, action and if you are a bit bored with some Chinese xianxia or Japanese novels like I am you will like this. 

Gray Wolf.

Firstly I will say that I've never been a fan of gender-bender. I like to know how MC looks like and while in this novel there are descriptions of their male and female forms, you can forget which form MC has sometimes since they change gender so often. Even now while reading this I have no idea which form MC uses, so I even have trouble imaging situations because I have trouble imagining MC himself/herself. Also, the problem with introducing such troubled and dramatic love life is that it takes too much space and needs too much attention in the story, what I prefer is learning more about the world, supernatural, some good action and myth of the story, and not drama. Maybe some female audience will prefer this since usually (not always) females prefer such relationship-oriented overcomplicated dramas or generally over-complicated relationships in novels but I'm finding it less and less interesting. The last thing is even more biased, I personally prefer MC with the same gender as mine since it makes easier to imagine for me. 

Ascendant Legacy

Good solid story if you like some action, adventure, magic, and dungeons. For me, all I can say is that I'm tired of xianxias and since such novels as this have much more "real" character personalities, they are less predictable and the power scale is not as insane I like them more. The only minus is that the author updates too slow, I don't expect insane update speed as LORG has but it should have 3-4 of chapters of current quality per week.

Legend of the Lost Star

It's not bad. The main problem I have is cultivation levels. How can someone of lower-level beat higher so easily? Does higher cultivation help so little? Usually, it increases speed, strength, endurance, reaction speed so how can someone beat those of higher-level so easily? Sloth will never beat a lion no matter how good its fighting skills are. Yet MC is the lowest level and fights one of the best fighters (knights) of the army. I thought the author would explain a bit more but I'm already at the 3rd book and nothing is explained about that. I just wish the author explained the cultivation system and made distinctions between levels clearer.



Pretty good and interesting

A world filled with mystery, slight horror, and fantasy. Good action, interesting plot, and good pacing. Unfortunately, it needs some editing. Sometimes sentences repeat and don't make sense. I was not bothered but some might be.