Gray Wolf.

Firstly I will say that I've never been a fan of gender-bender. I like to know how MC looks like and while in this novel there are descriptions of their male and female forms, you can forget which form MC has sometimes since they change gender so often. Even now while reading this I have no idea which form MC uses, so I even have trouble imaging situations because I have trouble imagining MC himself/herself. Also, the problem with introducing such troubled and dramatic love life is that it takes too much space and needs too much attention in the story, what I prefer is learning more about the world, supernatural, some good action and myth of the story, and not drama. Maybe some female audience will prefer this since usually (not always) females prefer such relationship-oriented overcomplicated dramas or generally over-complicated relationships in novels but I'm finding it less and less interesting. The last thing is even more biased, I personally prefer MC with the same gender as mine since it makes easier to imagine for me. 

Ascendant Legacy

Good solid story if you like some action, adventure, magic, and dungeons. For me, all I can say is that I'm tired of xianxias and since such novels as this have much more "real" character personalities, they are less predictable and the power scale is not as insane I like them more. The only minus is that the author updates too slow, I don't expect insane update speed as LORG has but it should have 3-4 of chapters of current quality per week.

Legend of the Lost Star

It's not bad. The main problem I have is cultivation levels. How can someone of lower-level beat higher so easily? Does higher cultivation help so little? Usually, it increases speed, strength, endurance, reaction speed so how can someone beat those of higher-level so easily? Sloth will never beat a lion no matter how good its fighting skills are. Yet MC is the lowest level and fights one of the best fighters (knights) of the army. I thought the author would explain a bit more but I'm already at the 3rd book and nothing is explained about that. I just wish the author explained the cultivation system and made distinctions between levels clearer.



Pretty good and interesting

A world filled with mystery, slight horror, and fantasy. Good action, interesting plot, and good pacing. Unfortunately, it needs some editing. Sometimes sentences repeat and don't make sense. I was not bothered but some might be.

Atros Imperium



Warning, Some Spoilers!!!!


I'm at chapter 38. So, action and fantasy parts are pretty good, the world is interesting, the pacing is satisfying. Overall, I like the novel for now. There are things I don't like as well. The author sometimes likes to compare the situation and society in this magical world to the situation on earth...and quite often shows his lack of knowledge. He compared Feudalism where the government (aka nobles and royal family) has most of the power and citizens and private parties much less to capitalism. Mentioned that the religion is very similar to Christianity and directly after that sentence said that they discriminate against beastkin...didn't Christians send missionaries all over the world to get more followers (from Africa to Asia to South America)? Religions, in general, be it Christianity, Islam or Buddhism don't care about race, they care about belief. 

I like MC he is quite smart and sensible, he's not rush and his powers are good. The only complaint I have is that he showed that he likes to torture people sometimes before killing them...yeah...I don't know why the author added that part to his personality when in other cases MC is shown to have quite a compassionate heart. Hopefully, that will be explained. Another thing is  a bit more personal, others might like it differently. MC is basically a pure mage now and his close combat kinda sucks, any skilled assassin or knight that manages to get close to him could easily kill him. Even his gf should be stronger than him in 1 on 1 fight now. I'm just not a fan of such glass cannon characters. I wish his close combat was just as good as his long-ranged one, his prayer powers have the potential to make his body and reaction speed much better so hopefully, that will happen.

I will update the review after I read more chapters.


Chapter 67

Newer character is interesting and her character is explored more. I liked it. The only problems I have are some previously mentioned ones about MC not training his magic and not utilizing it completely. His abilities are the same as change at all. He seems to have enormous potential yet it's not utilized...especially in close combat, any well-trained muggle could easily kill him if they catch him slightly off-guard. After a while, such lack of progress can become annoying.  

Sword Immortal's Rebirth

Low leveled trashy xianxia. As a someone who loves xianxia novels it's rare for me not to like them, but already tired of cringy harems. The focus should be cultivation, action, world exploration and fucking harems should come next. I do not like novels where mc is not interested in females at all but this is over the top.

Once Human, Now a Parasite

If you liked arifureta or re:monster read this!

this story has good action, interesting world, some romance and game elements. If you liked arifureta or re:monster (though I thik this one can be better than re:monster) and if you are bored with dense, wimpy, pushover MCs you should read this. Some reviewers here say that it's cliche plot, but if you exclude action novels where MC is pathetic, or those which are not fully translated or finshed, or are tragedy, or boring as hell slice of life shit, or novel where in half of the chapters characters only talk about their feelings and whine, or novel where more than half of the chapters are filled with fun service shit with nothing happening you will find that there not a lot of novel similar to this one that you can read. While, like you guessed, this novel concentraits mainly on action author still shows some elements of romance in the story and shows what MC's feeling, which helps us associate with him better. Some authors just make MC into robot which can only fight, get stronger and has no other feelings, but not here. Ratio between action parts and romance parts in this novel is about the same as in coiling dragon, maybe here with a bit more romance/mature than in coiling dragon. MC is moving around and traveling so we will see quit a lot of world exploration. 

God's Trials are my complaints!!!

I read only read about 65 chapters. So first of all I want to say that I liked the beginning, It kinda reminded me of change:new world (which I really like) so I was happy. Even MC’s personality seemed similar to change:new world’s MC’s so  that made me even more happy. But MC of this story(Daichi) turned out to be too emotionless. I mean I like when MC is logical, smart and when he makes decisions they are based on good logic but... Daichi gives me the feeling that he does not have any emotions at all, like he’s someone who follows his instincts like a robot follows his programming. It would be no problem if he showed at least small amount of some emotion but he does not…I simply can not relate to such character and I really do not find him interesting. If this story followed MC who was a robot which was programmed to get strongest, I think there would be no difference between its actions and Daichis. I like when characters who are logical and smart have some emotional side too. I also like when MC cares about someone other than themselves, but here every time Daichi does something for someone else he always thinks of what benefits that will bring to himself (no wonder his companions do not trust him, I would not either). Sooo basically my main problem is with MC. I find him boring and without substance, though if author shows that MC has some emotions and cares about someone other than himself this would be a great story.

The everyday life of James Moriarty

So this type of action novels are main reason I like xianxia and not japanese light novels!!!

Be prepared for this very subjective review and some spoilers!!! You would be surprised, but I am not hater of harem novels. So Why such a low rating? Let me answer you!! While I do not hate harem, I much much prefer when they are just a part of a bigger story and I hate when ACTION FANTASY novel revolves around MC’s harem and their relationships. 80% of this novel is not about action, fantasy or some adventure. 80% of this story is about how MC meets his harem members, usual stupid harem jokes, stupid overused situations(which are supposed to be funny) where MC again meets new girls, some japanese light novel style sex jokes, harem jokes, pervert jokes, embarrassing situations, some sex and etc. In some similar light novels when there is some battle and fight, you get a break from those overused harem/sex/pervert jokes and you can enjoy some action, but not here!!! Even in the middle of some action parts author staffs similar jokes(a lot of them) and you can’t even enjoy reading some decent fight scene. There are some who like this style, but I hate it. When I start reading action fantasy novel with harem I want harem to be just a small part of story and story mainly concentrated on action, fights, fantasy, adventure. The example of japanese harem novels that I like would be arifureta, which has awesome action. As for this novel…I do not like it.

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

This story is funny, it has great action, personalities of different fantasy beings are well shown. MC is op(hopefully he won't get nerfed and his allies won't surpass him in strength), but he does meet his difficulties and I like it. Story is very funny and undead are awesome :D


P.S. I have one problem with the author though: Add a fucking action tag to story, it has plenty of fights!!!