1. Re: 28 Days (and chapters) later, 6000+ views! And it's not over yet!

      I am sure there will be many more milestones that you will pass soon!! Thanks, you were right because I just passed 7000! The amount of quality content you were able to write in such a short (...)

    2. Re: 28 Days (and chapters) later, 6000+ views! And it's not over yet!

      Thanks, it's still more than a little weird!

    3. Re: What are the most common writting mistakes for inexperienced authors?

      Threads like this are what make this site, so much useful information, laid out so simply that even I can follow it. I'm posting the last part of my first 'novel' this week and I think I've managed (...)

    4. Re: 28 Days (and chapters) later, 6000+ views! And it's not over yet!

       Thanks, I wrote 176k without showing it to anyone and was worried that it would be unreadable, not to mention too long (it's now 188k because I changed the ending based on feedback) so to have people (...)

    5. Re: When a Royal Road story is partially taken down for KU - do you still read it?

      Still new at all this, but I wouldn't begrudge anyone trying to reach a wider audience or a chance to make money from their art

    6. Re: 28 Days (and chapters) later, 6000+ views! And it's not over yet!

      Thanks, it's just so unexpected for the first thing I ever tried to write and fan fiction (even in a rather loose sense)

    7. Re: 28 Days (and chapters) later, 6000+ views! And it's not over yet!

      Coming to the conclusion of posting my first ever 'novel' (still don't know if I can call it that) and it's gone way beyond my hope of getting someone to read it start to finish. Currently, at 6020 views, (...)

    8. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      So this is going to be less self promotion and more promotion by proxy. Started writing a few months ago and started sharing in feb, currently sitting at just under 6000 views in 27 days (!!!) and without (...)

    9. Re: How is everyone else keeping track

      I built my world on someone else's fairly broad foundation but a couple of things really helped. I have an incredibly crude hand drawn map, that helps, beyond that I have a set of rules and basically because (...)

    10. Re: How much do you write?

      Bad day - 0 Not so bad - 500 Average - 1000 Good - 2000 Great - 6000+ Best ever - 8000 One thing I've learned to do is to stop while I know what to write next. So if I finish a chapter I'll start (...)

    11. Re: Take a survey for an assignment, get a review.

      I'll help with a google survey, I'm a bit of a survey nerd, and if you repeat that to anyone I'll deny it. I'm also a hoover nerd, not the dam, not j edgar, vacuum cleaners. Usually when I tell people (...)

    12. Re: Missed opportunities

      I think this why it's so important to share stuff, and have a place you can do that. I've been working on my first project for months and by now I'm just too close to it, I can't see the wood for the trees. (...)

    13. Re: Releasing chapters

      Coffee? Overdosed Lightweight I think I have a constant writer's block, but that is probably because I feel like my story is too ambitious I felt the same at one point, ultimately I took my time (...)

    14. Re: A general rambling about writing stories

      That's when I delete Next time put it aside for a month, then come back to it, then edit it. I didn't delete a single draft and when I look back now my current writing is a lot better. When I finished (...)

    15. Re: What's your favorite and most disliked Font.

      My old boss sent emails in comic sans, including ones about hours getting cut/mandatory overtime, he thought he was 'wacky' and fun. He was not.

    16. Re: a question about inspiration

      My favourite ideas came in the process of writing, even coming from things I eventually cut. The best thing you can do to get ideas is write something, anything, even if you don't keep it, you may find (...)

    17. Re: Not writing.

      I've never found arbitrary schedules useful, some days I'd write full 6k chapters, others days I'd struggle to write 500 words. The most helpful thing I found was to stop while I still knew what to write (...)

    18. Re: I Need a Name for my MC!

      I'm really bad with names, often I'd just place holders so I could keep writing then end up not wanting to replace them. Someone told me that only I knew they were place holders and probably didn't need (...)

    19. Re: Debut Story Shortlist- Which Should I Write First?

      I didn't read that because it isn't relevant to my point. No matter how much you've planned out, you'll find interesting avenues as you write, and the more you explore them the greater the differences (...)