1. Re: 🎵 sell your story, but make it rhyme 🎵

      There once was a man named John,  who'd been told the outside world had gone. He went out for a look, got attacked by some crooks, and was saved by a man in a truck. That's the first four chapters (...)

    2. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 17/10 | TWELFTH WEEK

      He used the red outlines the screen inside his eyes showed him to aim then bob up. Firing off the rest of the rifle mag with enough accuracy to give the raiders pause, holding them in the rubble. Then (...)

    3. Re: benj's schizophrenic toilet stall wall scribbles redux (Remix) [ft. Wu Tang Clan & Phil Collins]

      I like these drawing, your characters have a surreal look yet don't feel outlandish

    4. Re: Just hit the six figures club!

      The first rule of the six figure club is you do talk about it

    5. Re: Who here has the strongest MC

      within five minutes of letting it run under the tap first Peirce the lid with a sharp knife Work smarter, not harder stronger  

    6. Re: How do You Get Yourself into the Mood for Writing?

      I write to help my mental health, so usually it's not really a case of being in the 'mood' it's more that I have to give my mind something else to focus on before it spirals I lived with it for 20 years, (...)

    7. Re: Blades, Bullets or Bolts?

      But what I want to know is what would you consider to be the most invigorating to read? I would find two drunks fighting in an alley more interesting than armies battling, if I cared more about (...)

    8. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 10/10 | WEEK 11 OF 11

      “Why were you in The City? You raiding our supply lines?” With a surprisingly aggressive response for someone naked, soaking wet and strapped to a chair, the man answered. “Do I look like a f&$£ing (...)

    9. Re: The Art of Rocket Cat

      Yowwe ow! This made me laugh! When it comes to art, and animation, I either like it or I don't, and right away I liked this, simple, clean, with bags of charm and style 

    10. Re: Chapter Length

      I've started splitting my chapters as the norm now for 2 reasons. First it makes them easier to work with for me. And seconds it gives readers a choice, they can read it in parts or wait for the whole (...)

    11. Re: 1000 Pages, 30,000 Views!

      Congrats mate. Truly remarkable feat :) Thanks, couldn't have done it without the community 

    12. Re: Story length

      When I started I thought 50,000 would be enough. Currently at 400,000 so I'm probably not the best to ask (plus all my favourite books have maps at the beginning) but it should be as long as it needs to (...)

    13. Re: 1000 Pages, 30,000 Views!

      Great job!! Thanks Had another 700 hits in the last 24hrs. I'd have been happy with 7 hits in total at one point!

    14. Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

      A freed slave who becomes a a post apocalyptic atompunk wasteland 

    15. Re: 1000 Pages, 30,000 Views!

      Something about expanding the world beyond the limited scope of canon appeals to me greatly. For me it's almost the opposite, it's drilling down into that world and asking, how would that work, (...)

    16. Re: 1000 Pages, 30,000 Views!

      I know how hard it can be to gain any traction with OC fics. Thanks It is literally the all the cons and none of the pros, ff crowd isn't interested in original stuff, and at the same time it (...)

    17. 1000 Pages, 30,000 Views!

      Both of those (still) seem utterly ridiculous for something called unreadable more than once. And I'm only just getting half way through posting vol ll!

    18. Re: People pointing out typos and grammar mistakes appreciation thread

      I'm extremely grateful when people point out mistakess because lots of times I just can't see them. Don't know if others experience this but it's like because I know what I want it to say that's how it (...)

    19. Re: Does anyone else get impatient when scheduling chapters for release?

      I currently have 30 chapters queued and ready. Part of me is frustrated at the lack of feedback, despite hundreds of hits a day, and really wants to just dump the lot, but releasing 1 a day worked out (...)

    20. Re: I Have YouTube Channel That Does Web Novel Reviews, Is Any Interested

      I'll throw mine in for this, its not the usual ff stuff, vol 1 is finished, vol 2 is being posted daily for the next few weeks