Experiment Zero

Experiment Zero

The Devil's Dark Remnant [An Urban Progression Fantasy Saga]

I am going to split my review into the different categories - but for those who don't want to read the whole thing, here's a summary: Solid grammar, interesting characters, slow to start on the magic but by no means a slow pace - action and fighting right from the start. Some clever foreshadowing too (if I'm not mistaken). 

It's not necessarily a story in RRs preferred genre, which is a shame as this story is a gem. 

I am not great at writing reviews, but I will give it a go as this definitely deserves one! 

Let me start with grammar, boring topic but oh so important for an enjoyable read. I wasn't actively trying to find mistakes so I won't promise that there aren't any. But I certainly don't remember tripping over any weird sentence structures or shifts in tenses etc. As far as I am concerned, the grammar is spot on. Which is rarely the case with self-published stories on RR. I can tell a lot of time and effort went into productive high quality writing. 

Grammar and style are closely linked, so let's move to that. The narrative is spot on. The prose is not completely over the top, but it does feel closer to trad books - a combination of word choices and the clear grammar I suppose. I'm not really in a position to judge this. The way the chapters are written leave me wanting for more and I will certainly continue to read.

The story itself is solid too. The first chapter was slightly confusing (but I was also really tired when I read it) because it's from a different POV - someone who already has some sort of supernatural powers. I generally dislike prologue like chapter ones however  this one really worked and I can't wait to see how the character will rejoin the story. The pacing has been good, I don't really want to stop when a chapter is over. The supernatural stuff has yet to start, and yet I'm glued to the plot and people.

The characters are probably what makes this story so appealing to me though. They feel like real and memorable people with their own personalities, history and flaws. I don't know how the author does it but I am genuinely invested in the mc.

Overall I would definitely recommend this book. 

Castle Kingside (Rewrite)

I haven't read very far yet, but decided this book deserves an early review. I shall update it over time as I read further, to better reflect the progression of the story.

Let me start by saying that this is a great book and highly recommend! 

The blurb gives a pretty good idea of what the story is about - so far I have not been disappointed.

Character Score
I really like the way this character is portrayed. We learn about his personality and the way he thinks early on, which is great and makes him relatable. 

Story Score
I haven't read enough to give a solid review here - but so far the premise of the story seems spot on. It is interesting, somewhat unique (at least I haven't read this type of story before, where a surgeon gets transported to a new world)and has a good hook. I am very curious to see what happens next and how the mc will act and grow. 

Style Score
Beautiful prose on the whole, decently paced and reads smoothly. There were maybe a handful of instances where a sentence had to be reread, but the author seems quick to fix these if pointed out.

Grammar Score
Grammar is spot on, I found a few minor mistakes...  but I was really looking. Same as before, the author is  quite active in the comments and will correct typos etc.

I very much look forward to reading the rest of this book, and am excited by the fact that so many chapters are already posted within such a short timespan. 

Great Stuff!

Absolution's Road

I am loving the story so far!

It has been on my 'read later' list for a while, and I am glad I finally got round to reading some of it. 

I'll not give too much away, but I will highlight what I like best about the story.

Character Score
I think this is my favourite part about the book so far. The main characters are vivid individuals, with their own backstories, wants and desires. 

I just love the way their personalities shine through in the way they interact and communicate! I am already attached to a couple of them, and I've only read a fraction of what has been posted so far. 

I will definitely continue reading to find out more about the characters.

Style Score
I enjoy the way the story is written. It flows smoothly, at a steady and reasonably fast pace. No sentences that need to be reread multiple times for lack of clarity. 

I am not usually a fan of first person POV, but here I hardly notice. So very well done indeed.

Story Score
Not much I can say that hasn't been covered under character score. I am loving the story for the characters, interactions and intrigue about who they are and the mysteries surrounding them. There is a solid storyline, hook and all that too. Again, I'm only up to ch8 so far - I may update the review later on.

Grammar Score
This is the only category where I'd take some stars off ... there are very very few mistakes, and all of them can be pretty much completely ignored. But there is the occasional typo, missing or repeated word. Again, this is hardly noticeable and only really worth noting because the standard of writing is so high in general. 

Prism - Seekers of Solace (A LitRPG Saga)

Would I recommend you read this story? Absolutely! It's great!

I've only read a few chapters, but I will continue to follow the story. I love the setting and intrigue. 

Character Score
The characters (not just the mc) are well presented individuals, with their own dreams and desires.

They are relatable and have histories I want to know more about.

Whilst I wasn't immediately invested in anyone, I am starting to grow attached to some individuals and am looking forward to following them through the story and getting to know them better! 

Story Score
The story is off to a great start. Both the real world and the virtual world are very well thought out, and the way the author presents them pulls you right in. 

I want to know more about the people, the game itself and most importantly, I want to know what happens next. 

The author is skilful in the way he slowly reels you in, with clever foreshadowing and solid world building. 

Grammar Score
Pretty solid. A few sentences that are maybe a little bit too long, but nothing that spoils the flow. The author is receptive to feedback, which is also always a plus!

Style Score
I enjoy the author's writing style. He uses a couple of tropes, but they are well written and serve a purpose. Why change something that works? 

The pace is steady, not too fast, not too slow. Great effort!

A Dream of Wings and Flame

So far I've enjoyed reading this story, it has a steady pace, an interesting premise and fun world building. 

Overall, I would certainly recommend reading!

I'll definitely be following the story and am interested to see how this develops. 

Character Score
A couple of characters stand out to me and I'm enjoying getting to know them better. Took me a few chapters to properly warm up to them, but now I'm invested.

For the most part the characters are consistently well written. There are a few places where the mc's dialogue feels maybe a bit advanced for who he is, but it doesn't spoil the flow or immersion for me! 

Some of the individuals still feel a little 2D, but I'm sure that will change as we get to see more of them.

Grammar Score
The grammar is pretty much flawless, I've noticed maybe one or two typos. But you have to really look for them to find any.

Style Score
The prose flows well and is enjoyable to read. The pace is steady, maybe a little on the slow side but it works. 

Story Score
Sort of already answered this. It's a solid storyline so far.  So far we've been mainly following the mc as he learns about the world and magic. He's got clear desires and motives and we even got to see some action. The world building is skilfully done, with a lot of kobold interactions etc. I'm interested enough to come back and read on. Very comfortable recommending this story. Give it a go. 

Peculiar Soul

This has quickly become one of my favourite stories, even though it only has six chapters at this point in time. 

Character Score
There are very few stories where I feel emotionally invested right from the start, but here the author has managed to pull it off. 

The characters (and there are quite a few) in this story are vivid individuals. Some I love and some I loathe - for all the right reasons.

I don't want to give spoilers, but I would continue reading the book till the end, based on this aspect alone. 

Grammar Score
Not much I can say here. I'd be hard pressed to find typos or grammar mistakes - I am sure there are a few hidden here and there, no one is perfect ... but none have been so obvious as to jump out at me. 

Style Score
The author has a nice style. The words flow well. Maybe it's a bit on the elaborate side - but it perfectly suits the setting and is part of the charm of the story.

Story Score:
The story has plenty of tension and hooks. It doesn't have a lot of fighting right off the bat, but for me that is a positive. The action supports the story - it isn't the be all and end all. Instead there is relational tension, political intrigue and a very interesting world. 

There we have it. I'm not great at writing reviews, but if there is one thing I want you to take away from this... read the story.

Hope Connect

A different kind of System

A fun read with some interesting twists, written by a fellow German.

Overall Score:
I am enjoying the story, it's intriguing and engaging. I would definitely recommend reading it. I enjoy LitRPG, and this book has elements of the genre, even if in slightly unusual ways. I don't want to give too much away, so read the first few chapters and you'll know what I mean. It's a selling point!

Story Score:
The story has a well thought out, unique system which is always a plus! There is enough happening to draw me in and make me curious about what might happen next.

Style Score:
I would probably call this a slow-burn story. The pace is not rushed, but neither is it slow. It is steady and consistent for the most part, which is nice.

Character Score
The characters are distinct, with their own personalities and backgrounds. Personally this is usually the aspect that makes or breaks a story for me. I wouldn't say I am completely invested in the mc quite yet, but am definitely on the way to getting attached!

Grammar Score:
The author's native language is not English, and very occasionally this comes through in word choice or sentence structure. It does not spoil the reading experience at all, and Birb will correct any mistakes that are highlighted! 


Truth Seeker: A LitRPG Timeloop

Great start to the story!!!

I've not read many loop stories. However, Kratze was driving me crazy on discord, so I decided to give this one a go anyway and got sucked in.

I would definitely recommend giving this book a read! It's fun, quick paced and interesting! I like the magic system and the blue boxes. 

Story Score
Interesting premise. Got enough of a hook to keep me coming back, despite my reluctance to follow more stories. The storyline flows nicely from chapter to chapter :)

Style Score
The writing style is smooth and easy to read. Overall the pace is quite quick, with a ton of action. Definitely errs on the side of too fast than too slow a pace in my opinion, which will be well received by most RR readers.

Character Score
The characters are nicely fleshed out and interesting. This is generally what I am the most interested in when reading and the reason I'm enjoying the book. Very occasionally action takes precedence over character development and I'm left wondering what is going on in the mc's head. 

Grammar Score
Grammar is consistently decent throughout the book, as far as I can tell. There is nothing that would spoil the reading experience and the author will correct any mistakes pointed out.


Apocalypse Unleashed - A LitRPG Story

I've really enjoyed the story so far.

The blurb is spot on and you pretty much get what you expect off the back of it - action, magic and game mechanics! 

Character Score:

I think this is one of the areas the author does very well. By the time I was halfway through ch1, I had a pretty good grasp of the type of people  the protagonist and his twin sister are. Their personalities come through nicely - particularly during conversations with each other. They come across as realistic, fleshed out individuals, which is nice :) 

I've enjoyed following the twins and seeing their reactions to the dangers of the new world. Aiden comes across as caring and protective of his sister. His priorities make sense and are well presented. 

Grammar Score:

I haven't been able to spot any mistakes so far - so that leaves me no option other than giving full stars here.

Story Score: 

The author has clearly put time and effort into creating the world the story takes place in. It is reasonably fast paced (most of the time). There is lots of action, interspersed with game mechanics and magic advancements. Everything so far has made sense, from the interactions between people to the way magic was introduced! 

Style Score:

I really enjoy the authors writing style. It is smooth to read and makes sense. Interactions are vivid and engaging. Enough said. 

Isekai Dungeoncrawl - Am Ende mit meinem Latein

Overall Score:

So far, the story is both entertaining and engaging, it has made me laugh a number of times. There clearly has been quite a lot of thought thats's gone into the planning of this work.

The writing flows smoothly, and is quite fast paced, without feeling rushed in the slightest. 

There are quite a few people and a lot of action happening right at the start (I am terrible at remembering names) and some latin words and history in the mix.

Against all expectations this does not distract from the story (I was initially a bit hesitant to read this book for this reason). But rather, it is written in a way that is quite amusing and easy to understand without being patronising or preachy. It quite successfully draws the reader in.

Style Score:

The writing is smooth, and funny. The author has a distinct, humorous style, that you'll recognise in the story, author's notes and comments. I love the consistency. He uses expressive language, the scenes are set just right, vivid without being too descriptive or giving the impression that he is trying too hard.

Story Score:

It draws you in, I want to know what happens next and will continue reading the story. Some of the actions are a bit random or abrupt, but I believe that is due to the DnD inspiration and absolutely true to the genre. 

Grammar Score:

The grammar is pretty much spot on. A few mistakes here and there, but nothing that would stop me from reading. The author also corrects anything that's pointed out to him, so I expect the few mistakes to be disappearing soon. 

Character Score:

Each character has a clear personality, that's apparent by the way they talk and interact. I think this is one of the main things I like about the writing, even if you only meet a character for a short while, they seem authentic and thought out.