Experiment Zero

Experiment Zero

Peculiar Soul

Peculiar Soul
by TMarkos
542 pages

Not everyone gets a soul.  The rise of industry and mechanization has sent the world's population booming upward, striving relentlessly for the fixed handful of souls that level armies and steer the fate of nations.  The remnants of a crumbled empire fight in a grinding, bloody war against their ancient enemy.

Not everyone gets a soul, but Michael must - for he is the scion of a lord, and the soulless cannot hold such a title.  For five years he has tried to tempt one of the souls freed by its vessel's death.  Five years of pain and failure, earning only his father's contempt.  At last, one more opportunity to earn his soul has come.

But not everyone gets a soul quite like his.

Updates weekly on Wednesdays.

Cover art by Harry Rowland.

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Apocalypse Unleashed - A LitRPG Story

Apocalypse Unleashed (...)
by Origin, The Creator
431 pages

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]!

Summer approaches and, with it, so do final exams. On the day of Aiden and Olivia's math final, things take a surprise turn - the end of the world.

But not everything is hopeless. There's a small light in the dark - a way for them to survive.

A game-like system that changes everything.


This story starts off very slow. It was a Writathon project that I really enjoy(ed) writing, but that also caused the beginning's pace to be a bit slower than what comes after.

What this story will include: An interesting system that doesn't have levels or defined boundaries (experience and learn it as the characters do), complex characters with their own motives, Town-Building, Questing, and interesting dynamics between natives of the new world and the Immaterial Realm.


Follow the twins on their journey every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!


Cover art created by Asviloka!

She writes Trickster's Luck and Trickster's Chance!

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Absolution's Road

Absolution's Road
by DoomAlsoDoom
239 pages

Dash is a cursed man, forced to move from place to place. Unable to find a way to break the curse, Dash travels the world in search of power, magic, and myths to break the magic of the deep gods that compels him. From mysterious forests, ancient runes and peoples, to the everpresent Labyrinth beneath the earth, if Dash catches the scent of a cure, he'll do whatever it takes. Hopefully he can do some good along the way, fingers crossed.

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Wizard's Tower

Wizard's Tower
by Allanther
1.1k pages

The humans call me Nemon Fargus.  They call me wizard, and [Elementalist] and [Enchanter].  They call me teacher.  They call me adventurer.  

But I don't care.  Not anymore.  For more than a hundred and fifty years I've served the Kingdom of Sena.  Through four Kings and a Queen.  Two wars and a rebellion.  I've founded and taught at a magic school.  I've fought against beast waves and dungeon breaks.

But now?  Now, the one close friend I had left has passed.  So, I'm done with their politics and their economics.  The short and busy lives of humans are more burden than benefit on the weary soul of this half-elf.  Now, I'm looking for a refuge, a place that can well and truly be my own.  Away from the growing cities and the bustling markets, away from the pointless wars, away from the eager students and the arrogant adventurers.  It's too much.  

I'm seeking the peaceful life of a wizard in his tower, studying magic to advance my spellcraft.  We'll see if that happens.

*synopsis covers book 1 / ac 1

Author's housekeeping:

This story is a rough draft.  Feel free to point out errors, grammatical, spelling, plot, etc.  

This is a slow burn novel, but will only ever be told from one POV.  (Exception: rare interlude chapters will be told from a different pov, but won't impact storyline).

How well this story is received by readers here will determine if I continue writing.

Cover commissions


Other stories by this author: An Old Man's Journey 

I hope you enjoy!

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Truth Seeker: A LitRPG Timeloop

Truth Seeker: A LitRPG (...)
by KrazeKode
494 pages

What was supposed to be a simple delivery ended up taking Jennifer through the depths of the dungeon. A trial of life and death left her with a mark seared on not just her body, but her very soul. If that wasn’t enough, when she escaped the dungeon, she found her city in flames, burning as monstrous invaders slaughtered everyone they came across. Including her.

When Jennifer closed her eyes, she was certain her life had taken an unfair and tragic turn. But then she opened them only to find none of it had ever happened.

The only proof she hadn’t gone mad, the mark on her hand, burning with an inner fire.


Note: This story is a first draft and a work in progress.

A random short prompt I wrote on the topic of time abilities which, now I'm writing more of. The story will be updated once every week.

A big thank you to Asviloka for making the cover. 

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The Steward of the Howling Tempest

The Steward of the Howling (...)
by DerpyBunny2020
168 pages

This is the story of Garran Darkfrost, a wolfkin who lives up in high mountain peaks with his tribemates. One day his friend goes missing and Garran must search for clues to find out what happened to him. Embarking on this arduous journey to find Sius, Garran meets a Bastion of Aegis who tells him he has been chosen by their deity and has a role to play in a prophecy foretold when he was a pup. He must now uncover the clues to decipher the prophecy while still searching for his friend, Sius.

Artwork for the cover done by Betofall: https://betofall.newgrounds.com 

Ever seen a book with its own theme song? Navigate to the link below to hear Garran's Theme by TheGrizzleMusician: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yi9nk2dmm8

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Isekai Dungeoncrawl - Am Ende mit meinem Latein

Isekai Dungeoncrawl - (...)
by Publius Decius Mus
435 pages

I have always thought I would live out my life without any major surprises. You know, work on the estates of my parents, serve my time as a soldier, become a senator, a praetor, maybe a consul in time. I thought I will live the life that a Roman noble of my standing can count on.

But this was not to be. My previously simple life got suddenly very complicated. I was taken from my home, and now I have to live in a world where no one speaks Latin, no one prays to my gods, and no one knows what the heck garum is. Before, I thought I had all the answers, but now only questions remain.

Will I survive? Will I find my way back home? Will I ever be able to get the savage bastards living here to adopt the great accomplishments of Roman civilisation?

Not even the gods know the answers. One thing is for sure: should I ever get home again; I will never set a foot outside of my estate without a healthy stockpile of garum.

The cover is from Peter Paul Rubens' "The Death of Publius Decius Mus"

This webnovel is partially based on a DnD campaign where a party of three players played the adventures The Sunless Citadel, The Forge of Fury and The Witches of Westwater.

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Designation: FIRST

Designation: FIRST
by Experiment Zero
92 pages

'Designation: FIRST' is predominantly a slow burn, slice-of-life Isekai adventure story, with elements of LitRPG. 

FIRST, also known as Experiment One, wakes up in an unfamiliar room. Initially he believes himself to be the unwilling participant in yet another experiment. However, it doesn't take long to realise it's like no experiment he's ever been part of. 

What to expect:
Elements of LITRPG, including some tables etc. Aspects of character and city building. A focus  on exploring the world, its people and creatures. A protagonist, who has a somewhat unique background which influences his decision making and interactions. 

What not to expect:
Taking over the world, saving the universe, revenge or building harems. 

A big thank you to Jack0fheart for the cover! 

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The Devil's Dark Remnant [An Urban Progression Fantasy Saga]

The Devil's Dark Remnant (...)
by authorwriterbard
543 pages

Hell is real, and that means a lot of bad things for Seth Blackwell.

It means powers he never asked for. It means showdowns with deadly monsters. It means the only way to survive is to get a whole lot stronger.

Will the dark void growing inside him be that source of strength, or will it consume everything he is?

He’ll face down liches, shamans, wendigos, necromancers, armies of the undead, a bloodthirsty vampire queen, an eldritch deity, and if all of that doesn’t kill him… Hell itself.

His power will grow, but will it be enough?


Note to readers: this is a long series. Set up takes place through chapter 20. The magic and fantasy elements of the story come to bear in chapter 20 and stay from then onwards. Up to that point, there is plenty of action. Just putting this disclaimer here.

Discord here: Bardland

See Author Page for status of series and planned release schedule.

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by Cinn
375 pages

When a threat to the galaxy is about to resurface - and with only tenuous proof that it's coming - Ali Turner must convince people to act. As a disgraced former captain, will it be enough? And even if it is, what lengths will she need to go to - or be willing to go to - to stop it?

Endeavour is a science fiction series with action & adventure elements and numerous classic sci-fi influences. Feedback is appreciated. Book 2 complete. Book 3 being written.

Gore rating is to be on the safe side where a particular scene strays a bit too close to the borderline.

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To Play With Magic

To Play With Magic
by Draith
1.2k pages

This is currently a completed story arc, though it's not the end. I'm working on the rest of the story, but due to wanting to not make the same mistakes I've made with the story so far, I'll be finishing it, then posting it once it's complete. There will also be edits to the currently posted story based on feedback from readers. This will be uploaded shortly before the rest of the story.


"Hi, my name is Alexis," I say into the camera, as I attempt to calm my nerves. 

"And I'm Sab," I hear my best friend add from beside me. It's good to have her there, it's been far too long. 

"I'm trying to focus," I tell Sab as I look into the camera. Will anyone even watch this? 

"What, just cause I didn't get sent to another world, where magic and dragons are real, I don't get to be a part of this?" she questions me. I can hear the hurt in her voice. I wish she'd been there. Things might have been... different. I can't believe I thought it was a game. If it had been, she'd have been the better choice. 

"I said I was sorry. It's not like I knew I was going to be kidnapped by the system," I lamely apologize. She deserves more, but this is important. 

"Coming soon, to an earth near you," she might be making light, but I can hear the fear in her voice. 

"It's not funny Sab. It really is coming," I can't help but reply to her words, even though I know she didn't mean it. 

"Come on Lexi, it's a little funny." she tries while chuckling nervously. 

"Sigh. Look, can we just get back to telling them?" I ask, pointing at the laptop. 

"Sure, but first you should show them some magic," Sab declares while waving her arms around. 

"I told you. It's not that simple. I only showed you because you could tell it wasn't fake. They'd just think it was special effects," or come after me to try to lock me in a basement. 

"Yeah, well they're not going to believe you anyway. It sounds pretty crazy, even to me. And I've seen what you can do," she proclaims. I didn't think it was that special, but she was super impressed by my magical abilities. 

"Maybe, but I have to try. We don't have much time," I state as I stop the recording, before starting a new one. 

"Hello, my name is Alexis," I pronounce, projecting as much confidence as I can at the little camera. 

"Remember, the world ends on a Tuesday."

*This is a LitRPG, with attempts at humour, a bit of psychology and a lot of magic. This is a "System apocalypse" novel where the protagonist is sent to another world prior to the apocalypse. It will almost exclusively follow the perspective of Alexis as she makes her way through her journeys. 

While I endeavour to deliver a readable story, this is what I would tentatively label the first draft. Feedback is appreciated and while I'll attempt to make clarifications, major revisions will wait until the story has finished.

Guaranteed updates on Monday and Thursday.

This story is only available on RoyalRoad and my Patreon. If you find it anywhere else, please reach out to me. Thank you.

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by SenescentSoul
3.3k pages

Summary – Level 1:

Delve is an isekai litrpg that follows an average guy who just happened to wake up in a forest one day. He wasn’t summoned to defeat the demon lord or to save the world or anything like that, at least as far as he can tell. The only creature there to greet him was a regular old squirrel.

Soon enough, he meets other people, only to discover that he can’t speak the language, and that not everybody immediately trusts random pajama-wearing strangers they met in the middle of the wilderness. Things generally go downhill from there, at least until the blue boxes start appearing.

Delve is a story about finding your way in a new, strange, and dangerous world. It’s about avoiding death, figuring out what the heck is going on, and trying to make some friends along the way. It’s not about getting home, so much as finding a new one.

Did I mention that there will be math?


 Summary – Level 2:

 Okay, but what are you in for, really?

Well, this story is supposed to be realistic, or at least, as realistic as a fantasy litrpg can be. The main character doesn’t instantly become an all-powerful god and murder-hobo his way across the universe. Delve is, at its heart, a progression fantasy, but that progression is meant to feel earned. The numbers in this story actually mean something. Everything is calculated, and if you find a rounding error, I expect you to tell me about it. That said, if math isn’t your cup of tea, there is plenty more that the story has to offer. Characters are meant to feel real, and progression isn’t only about personal power; it’s also about allies, connections, and above all, knowledge. Figuring out how the system works is a significant theme.




What, you want more details? Okay, fine, but this is going to get a bit spoiler-y. Are you sure?




Really sure? I mean, this summary is practically half as long as the first chap–




Okay, okay!

The main character becomes a magic user, but he takes a route that is not very popular in adventurer culture, namely that of a support. There is a full magic system with various spells, skills, and abilities, but our MC decides that aura magic is the way to go, and that the only stat worth investing in is mana regeneration. Most people at the Adventurer’s Guild think that this makes him a bit of a dumbass, but he’s playing the long game. We’ll see how that works out for him, won’t we?

Because of his build, the MC levels up fast, at least compared to normal people. There are no cheats, though, and he is limited in other ways. There are some clear and pretty obvious downsides to his build. That’s what makes it fun, no?

Morals? Our MC has them. Again, we’ll see how that works out for him. Realism, remember? Would you be okay with killing someone and looting their body? I sure hope not.

POV? The focus is on the main character, but there will be occasional varying perspectives from people around him, or involved in the events related to the main plot. It isn’t going to jump all over the place.

Tech is standard medieval stasis. No smartphones, but the MC does have a technical background. Computers and their programming might be involved. There might even be a bit of uplifting down the road, who knows? Anyway, it isn’t the focus. He isn’t going to invent the gun in chapter 1 and change the face of warfare.

Romance is not a major focus. Friendships are more the name of the game, though there will be some characters in romantic relationships.

There is exploration, though not as much of the geographical nature as you might expect. It is more about exploration of the system and the culture.

The pace is slow and detailed, sometimes verging on slice-of-life. The action is meant to be realistic and grounded in the numbers, and it is intended to have meaning beyond simply punching things until they stop moving.

The general tone of the story is grey, and some parts can get quite dark. People die. Sometimes, people with names, but not anywhere near GoT level. There is plenty of light, too, though, to balance the darkness. The world is dangerous, but overcoming that danger is why we’re all here, isn’t it?

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far through the summary, you clearly like words. I hope you enjoy the story!


Cover by Miha Brumec

Summary Updated: 2020-06-14

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