1. Re: Recommend me your story!

      The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE is the premier classic superhero tale on Royal Road! Join Blue Eagle, the superhero champion of Herald City, as he and his kid sidekick, Switch the Blue Eaglet, wage a never-ending (...)

    2. Re: Dealing with Loss of motivation?

      If the issue is that you feel your work is trash, then just put out trash. Okay, don't actually knowingly publish bad work. But understand that, no matter what, you're going to think your work is terrible. (...)

    3. Re: (Open) Hear yee, hear yee, any of yee wants to swap advance reviews for 15k-40k words?

      I'll happily do a swap with you. Your Lord Protector for my The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE. A reader-style advanced review for both will be great.  It'll be a couple days before I have a chance to check (...)

    4. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      I'll my first chapter in. It's a classic superhero tale pulled straight from the days of old. Are these also reviews/comments directly on the fiction, or only on the thread? 

    5. Re: The L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future!

      Since Scientologists are gullible enough to hand over all their money to a cult, maybe whoever wins it can get them to hand over all that money to their story's Patreon instead.

    6. Re: What is your main characters kryptonite?

      For my WIP? The love interest. My MC in that series is a teenager who is awkward around the girl he likes. Usually pretty competent, he becomes a stuttering mess when talking to her.

    7. Re: Why do people read chapters out of order?

      maybe you have some nice comment threads hapening on the high view count chapters? Not really (if you're talking to me and not OP). Episode 1 is the only one where lots of comments came in, and (...)

    8. Re: Why do people read chapters out of order?

      Somehow, I didn't notice that my view counts zig zag up and down. Quite literally. They're like the Star Trek films in reverse; the odd numbered ones do way better than the even numbered ones. https://i.imgur.com/yZNWAE3.png (...)

    9. Re: ✂️Sunday Snippet 23/01 | WEEK 26 ✍🏽

      This is from Episode 7 of The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE. The villain Technomancer has captured Switch and placed him in a machine made up of household appliances. Blue Eagle seems to be outmatched, but (...)

    10. Re: Free reviews and recommendations.

      I hope you did good on that exam. I'll submit my fiction, The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE, for review and recommendation if you're still doing that.

    11. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head?

      I personally imagine it as an animated suoerhero show , sort of like Invincible, with slight anime undertones. Your series in an anime, complete with the awesome Japanese-language pop song even (...)

    12. Re: Should political undertones be allowed on RR?

      Political undertones are allowed on RR. You sure? Try posting a homophobe, anti-left, w... pale shaded supremacist novel here (yeah, those are political undertones) and see how far it goes. (...)

    13. Re: ✂️Sunday Snippet 16/01 | WEEK 25 ✍🏽

      From the very first exciting episode of The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE! The sinister Queen Venus has captured Switch, the kid sidekick to our hero, Blue Eagle! She is demanding that Blue Eagle turn over (...)

    14. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head?

      Like This: :DrakanPopcorn: Video of LitRPG! This was a great show. I was too young to understand the concept of shows being cancelled when I watched it and kept waiting for them to make it (...)

    15. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head?

      My completed fiction and my work-in-progress are both in my mind as animated shows. The current one I finished, The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE, looks like the old Super Friends cartoon, as the artwork makes (...)

    16. Re: Volumes vs New Fiction

      I have no real insight on the data metrics on Volumes vs New Fictions, so I'm just going to make an intuitive argument and others with more knowledge can fact check me and tell me all the reasons I'm wrong. (...)

    17. Re: Electrifying Fight Sequences!

      There is a channel on Youtube called Hello Future Me that goes in depths into different parts of writing, all the while using various books, films, and TV series as examples. Writing fight scenes was one (...)

    18. Re: Light hearted stories, any recommendations?

      I'll recommend my story, The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE. It's a classic superhero story from the olden days. If you've ever seen Super Friends or any of those old cartoons, that's what I'm aiming for here. (...)

    19. No litrpgs, isekais, or reincarnations as a dungeon blob here! Just good old fashioned superheroics

      That's right. It's time for something a little different, at least as far as Royal Road goes. The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE is a classic superhero tale plucked straight out of the Filmation/Hannah-Barbera (...)

    20. Re: Killing Off Characters

      I don't mind it! I think some of the best stuff comes from a death.  For the ones I am definitely killing/have killed, I had their deaths in mind when I first created them. I do have the potential (...)