Keeper Of Demonic Forces

Keeper Of Demonic Forces (...)
by BellaArtz
466 pages

The spirit world is at constant war with itself and the humans are about to be dragged into it.

Fortunately, one human is given the ability to mediate between both worlds, but in order to do so they must leave behind all human attachments.

Kira Vermillion just moved to Tokyo with her step family and a series of unfortunate events have led her to taking up the position of the mysterious Vigilante the people of Tokyo have dubbed Demona.

Although, she does not want to give up her normal life for anything.

Armed with new, dangerous abilities and powerful allies, Kira must train to become stronger so she can stand up to the evil forces that threaten the city, her family and the sense normality she's worked hard to maintain.

An exciting, action packed story with sprinkles of comedy that you definitely don't want to miss out on.

Cover art by Laylagriffin_ on Wattpad.

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Call of The Dragons

Call of The Dragons
by Gryphon10
103 pages

In a continent called Hiphon, it sits separated from the rest of the world, reality slowly surrendering to fictional forces, be it creatures not found on the other continents or people coming down with a case of magical powers, fiction meshes with reality almost fruitlessly. However, even in this world there are creatures that are an unknown. One of those creatures, being the almighty dragon, told only through children's books and fairy tails.

Oculus has found a dragon. In a cave outside his village, in a mystical part of Hiphon known as the Exxen Rings, he finds a crimson dragon resting in the deepest part of the cave. Oculus asks for the dragons power, but it swiftly denies that wish. It isn't until years later when a mysterious carriage popped out of nowhere with an interesting guest that he finds an opportunity to gain that power.

The dragon will grant his power for one last request. Oculus will have to prove that there is more dragons living in the world. Will Oculus be able to find a dragon with the help of his new friend, or will he come up with nothing, leaving the dragon to die a lonely death?

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HUD (Sci-Fi GameLit)

HUD (Sci-Fi GameLit)
by Raz Scrivens
44 pages

*IMPORTANT UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 2022*: HUD: Wargame and HUD: Contact War have migrated. Stay tuned for future updates on the series!

UNFRIGGENBELIEVABLE!!!!!! "HUD: Wargame is a sci-fi GameLit worth reading." -TienSwitch

Rock-solid FPS GameLit. "Nic - the main character - is an ambitious, hyper-competitive perfectionist, and the story fortunately handles him correctly in that it does not push these traits too far." -Akaso

★This is a good one! "This is one of those stories where you read the first few paragraphs and can just tell that the author has the chops to tell a story. It's engaging and the rules are well thought out and clearly explained. The action is punchy and exciting. Anyway, read it." -HonourRae

In the future, everything is a game. Even war. 18-year-old Nic Siegfried wants the high score.

Virtually piloting a real-life robot, he'll face off against his peers with the help of his AI guidance system, RTIFIS. The prize? New worlds across the galaxy that are ripe for human conquest and terraforming. It sounds glamorous on paper, but this job might be more dangerous than he thought...

HUD: Wargame is the first of a five-part sci-fi series featuring GameLit elements. HUD: Wargame contains some (simulated) violence and very sparing PG-13 profanity.

HUD: Contact War is the second book in the series and will feature more realistic violence as well as some profanity, still mostly in the PG-13 range.

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