1. Re: What program do you write in?

      I just recently started using living writer...I'm loving the dark mode and the storyboards to help lay out chapters.

    2. Re: Block of Doom

      The solution is to just let it come out. The best trick I've found (though it only works for maybe 60-70% of writers) is to just summarize it. Write down what you want to have happen. Frame it as writing (...)

    3. Re: Block of Doom

      Maybe this is bad advice, but write what you currently have ideas and motivation for. If you are constantly writing a lot on things you have the spark of inspiration for then you are more likely to be (...)

    4. Re: Block of Doom

      I need an editor or something maybe but I just can't seem to get these chapters out of my head.  I have plenty of stuff written but I either hate it in general or hate the order I have it in and can't (...)

    5. Re: Is it possible to predict the success of a book?

      I thought success was getting a finished product but the further I go the more I believe with others that success is having an audience.  If you can have someone wanting to read and waiting for the next (...)

    6. Re: Soundtracks!

      oh oh oh!  Here's mine!!! This music definitely gets me in the mood to write for certain chars.

    7. Re: Change in Story Page Book Cover Image Links

      Thanks so much for the heads up!  Had to fix mine too.  x.x

    8. Re: I'm curious about something with web novels...

      Yes, my RR novels are a rough draft. I change things when people point out errors or when I realize that something I want to happen needs more build-up. I've also deleted entire chapters, rewritten (...)

    9. Re: I'm curious about something with web novels...

      Does anyone go back and revise chapters of their web novels?   And if you do for whatever reason (ended up changing something for a perfect twist but it ends up creating a plot hole earlier in the novel (...)

    10. Re: asking cause i'm kinda paranoid

      I'm a google only rebel... Google actually bans people?  I mean I guess that can happen with any service.  I really am naive lol.  I have most of my work on google docs knowing that they back it up (...)

    11. Re: Why do all the Authors use silly names?

      I will start with saying that I've clicked on a few names to read stories from these answers!  But I agree with most of the others that its nice to have privacy.  I also love my user name.  It has been (...)

    12. Re: How do you make a book cover forum signature?

      the scroll bar in my sig annoys me x.x but not sure what I did to the code to make that happen.

    13. Re: Recharging Your Writing Soul

      Music definitely inspires me!  I even start 'soundtracks' for my writing and themes for characters that helps me connect with them more.

    14. Re: Power couples !

      I just started up!  But I think Valen and Sil are the power couple you're looking for!  If you like the post apocalyptic genre.  I've got a link to it in my signature!  

    15. Re: Introduction

      Welcome!  I hope your hiatus as treated you well!  Love those genres too, I hope you find some good ones to stalk. ^.^

    16. Re: What Goes Around...

      Welcome! a new author myself omg...congrats on all the badges!  I will have to peek at your writing for sure!  As for the raisin cookies?  More for me!  Love oatmeal raisin and applesauce drop (...)

    17. Re: Hey everyone! I'm new

      Welcome!  I always found reading Wattpad confusing and annoying so I rarely read it and definitely figured posting on it would be a headache too.  I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one that felt (...)

    18. Re: Hiya ^.^()

      Thank you all so much for the welcome!  I've got the first chapter up and the rest is coming out soon!  I think I did the signature thing right...lets see lol.

    19. Re: Narrating Various Web Novels from RR (List and current Releases)

      I commend you on this great endeavor!  ^.^

    20. Re: What game are you playing?

      Let's see....I'm taking a break from Cyberpunk....sorry its not that bad of a game people >.> lol  I'm still plundering through Assassins Creed Valhalla and I'm also working on the episodes of Song of (...)