1. Re: Best dungeon core stories

      In your opinion which is the best dungeon core story.

    2. Re: Serious story that makes sense

      I'm looking for a serious story that makes sense, basically: - Sentient characters have to act sentient(have a brain). Smart characters have to be smart. You get the idea, if its an old man shouldn't (...)

    3. Re: Review swap

      Happy to give it a try and leave a review. I'll do it today.  My story is up to a couple dozen chapters, please read as far as you'd like, as yours is only a few chapters. My story revolves around (...)

    4. Re: Review swap

      My high fantasy book has a non human mc and is a mix of anti hero lead , psychology, mystery and psychology. I have only 4 chapters and I would like the person who is willing to post a review to read (...)

    5. Re: How I feel sometimes reading comments

      Over here i dont even have any reviews so count yourself lucky

    6. Re: Got 100 views on my first fictionnn

      Great start, particularly since you only have 3 chapters up. Congratulations. Damn and i thought my fic wasnt doing well. thanks for heads up

    7. Re: Got 100 views on my first fictionnn

      My first fiction that i am working on just hit 100 views recently


      Hello!  If your still doing covers, I would like you to make a cover for my story since right now I’m using limbo right now. If your willing to do it pls respond and I will send u the details. Ps- I think (...)

    9. Re: Looking for review swaps for epic progressions fantasy (with no LitRPG/Cultivation elements)

      Hello! I would also like a to do a review swap. I have three chapters and its of a decent pacing. I would like an honest opinion.

    10. Re: How much time do you take to write a chapter

      Damn I’m surprised how many people are like me in this case. I thought I was the only one who take hours to write up a chapter 

    11. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Could you pls do mine too pls. I feel like mine is not good enough. Story is there in signature 

    12. Re: A novel for people who want a non-human mc, anti hero lead , mystery, high fantasy and psychology

      My story The Wanderer is a growing novel and at present there are only a few chapters but try reading all the chapters and you might like it if you are a fan of the tags mentioned above. Synopsis- A (...)

    13. Re: How much time do you take to write a chapter

      i take about 4hrs or sometimes even more to just write a chapter, mainly because im a gardner (an author who thinks up the plot as he goes)

    14. Re: What Do You Listen To While Writing?

      i listen to spotify albums for reading while writing, Yea ik its wierd but it does the trick i hate spotify ads tho

    15. Re: I got exactly 69 total views on my first book and it even coincides with my pen name

      Nice. Now shoot for 690, 6900 ... thanks! ill update if that happens