1. Re: Looking for short stories

      Valor and Violence by JEPayne is a collection of fantasy short stories that are set in the same universe. I highly recommend it. The writing style is very clever.

    2. Re: Hey Guys

      Hey! What's up? Welcome to Royal Road! The community here is great, so, no doubt you will make some friends along the way! :DrakanWine:

    3. Re: Chain writing game (round 2)

      I'm totally game for another round. I'm up for another round. Would we continue the current story or start a new one? Not gonna lie, I really dig these characters, and feel like there is so much more (...)

    4. Re: Chain writing game (round 2)

      I'm up for another round. Would we continue the current story or start a new one? Not gonna lie, I really dig these characters, and feel like there is so much more we could explore with them.

    5. Re: Hello everyone!

      Welcome, Stella! RR has a great and supportive community! I hope you enjoy your time here, and that your fictions find the audience you are hoping for! As for fictions I like, there are quite a few, (...)

    6. Re: Royal Road Times: Episode 1. 07/27/2022

      I forgot to ask, what will be the release schedule for this? Will it update only if there is significant changes to any of the front page lists? Or will this be a once a week thing? Anyway, whatever the (...)

    7. Re: Hello!

      Welcome to RR! If you're a writer of fantasy you're definitely in the right place!

    8. Re: Royal Road Times: Episode 1. 07/27/2022

      I would love too! If you have any stories you would recommend I would love to check them out.  I have a couple stories I would love to recommend! The first is Path of the Stonebreaker by RD Renworth. (...)

    9. Re: Royal Road Times: Episode 1. 07/27/2022

      This is a pretty neat idea! Maybe in the future have a segment for shoutouts? There's some really great stories that for one reason or another never make it to the front page of any of those lists, and (...)

    10. Re: Story with morally questionable characters (somewhat evil)

      I highly recommend Jackal Among Snakes by Nemorosus. It's a fantasy Isekai/Gamelit with a protagonist that leans more on the villainous/anti-hero side and has questionable motives (though he's not needlessly (...)

    11. Re: Should I focus on the numbers or care more about telling a story?

      I read a couple LitRPGS on this site, and as a reader I am more concerned with the overall story as oppose to the numbers. I would focus on telling an engaging story and not stress too much about the numbers. (...)

    12. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Y'all need to help me out here, it's getting lonely. I want to second Path of the Stonebreaker. It's a high fantasy with gorgeous prose (...)

    13. Re: Five Days a Week vs. Two Days a Week Fiction Release?

      The question is in the title. Thoughts? There are stories on Popular This Week that don't post 5 chapters a week, and I don't think there's anyone in Top Rated that post 5 times a week. There are people (...)

    14. Re: Royal Road

      I saw a thread where someone said they were making decent money publishing on Royal Road. I'm intrigued by web novels as a potential means of publishing, so I'd be interested in hearing other's experiences. (...)

    15. Re: Hello world

      Welcome to Royal Road! Hope you have a fun time here! It's a great community of people!

    16. Re: New to site - writing paranormal fantasy novel

      Welcome to Royal Road! Your story sounds interesting! It's always nice to see a concept that strays away from some of the more common tropes on this site.

    17. Re: Anyone else seeing the guy with 27 followers on Page 2 of Best Rated: Crushing it, Amirite?

      G'day everyone, just figured I'd stop in to say hello! Reading through the comments, I can understand people's concerns about whether I deserve to have a good ranking or not, and whether I've 'earned' (...)

    18. Re: What stories in YOUR Follow List are the ones you wait for to pop up to read? The ones YOU are on the look(...)

      The stories I eagerly wait for an update for are as follows: Path of the Stonebreaker (really wish this story had more visibility on the site. It's truly a hidden gem.) Paranoid Mage Forge of (...)

    19. Re: Question about chapter length

      All the popular ones do 2.5k words besides paranoid mage, which is 5k words but releases once a week, not five times a week like the 2.5k word ones. If the plan is to follow a MWF schedule should the (...)