1. Re: Review Swap Times!

      I'd be in for the last slot, if you want. Chapter 2: Attack on Camphrier Town is my 10k mark. Kind regards

    2. Re: A review swap a day

      Hey! I'm down. Up to what chapter of your work would be the 20k words? That'd be Chapter 4: Shalour City. kind regards

    3. Re: On RS, trading shoutouts for reviews!

      Hi, I left you a review, too, and would be thankful for a shoutout. Kind regards

    4. Re: A review swap a day

      I'd love to do a 20k swap! kind regards

    5. Re: 10K Swaparoonies

      Count me in! Not sure if i'll be able to drop it today or tomorrow, though.

    6. Re: 10K Swaps

      I'm interested in an advanced review swap, too! Chapter 2: Attack on Camphrier Town is my 10k mark. Kind regards

    7. Re: 💰 Weekend Snippets 6/1 | WEEK 75 ⭐ Enter & WIN 💵 in The Royal Road Community Magazine Contest #3 🤑

      It was one thing to guess and speculate, but when the truth came out it was bigger than anything she had imagined. She gulped. In front of her sat one of the probably most dangerous people in the whole (...)

    8. Re: Why do you publish your work?

      I've just started publishing my story "A Sense Of Illusion". I've never written a story before, but I'm always imagining some in my head. Publishing is a motivation for me to put my thoughts on paper (...)

    9. Re: Looking to give limited shoutouts for Reviews or do review swaps

      Sure thing I'll set you up for the last shout out on the 13th then. I still remember you asked if I could take a look at your fiction from another thread? I'll just combine the two and give it a look (...)

    10. Re: Going for the Positive! Anyone needing Feedback?

      Hi, I'd like you to give me feedback on the following areas: Tone | Writing Style Characters and Worldbuilding Since I believe (and hope) that I made some improvements in my writing since the start (...)

    11. Re: Looking to give limited shoutouts for Reviews or do review swaps

      I'd be interested in a Shoutout, too. I should be able to write the review today. Kind regards

    12. Re: Rising Stars Main - Shout Out for Reviews?

      Hi, i just dropped you a review :) kind regards

    13. Re: Feedback

      Hi, if you want to, we can also do a review swap as soon as you reach 10k words. If pokemon (with oc; no game/anime knowledge is needed!) or fanfiction isn't your trope, it's okay. No bitter feelings (...)

    14. Re: Going to Review Some Cause I Have The Time

      I'd be very happy about a review, too! Oh, and I'd love you to sketch one of my characters: Raymond if it's not too much to ask of you. I can also give you a more detailed description if needed.. :) (...)

    15. Re: Made it to Sci-Fi Rising Stars

      Congratulations! :-)

    16. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      I like my synopsis, but it could not hurt to have a second opinion.  Thank you in advance. The same goes for me! :) Thank you in advance!

    17. Re: Review Swap!

      I'd be happy to do a swap, too!

    18. Re: Currently on the rising star, anyone want a shoutout for a review?

      Since i already wrote a review i'm unfortunately out. Nonetheless: congrats to be a rising star!!

    19. Re: January 2023 Thread - Promote your Story

      Pokémon: A Sense of Illusion The civil war in Kalos is barely over, but forces are already forming underground with only one goal: to overthrow the new government. Sal, on the other hand, knows nothing (...)

    20. Re: Review Swap (Buy now get one free during TOYOTATHON!!)

      I'm in, too. Chapter 7/8 is about ~20k. It will take me approximately around 2-3 days due to family activites around new year!  Kind regards