Getting Hard

As a tank player myself

 It is my dream to be the tankiest tank with reflective armor and based on HP damage. I'm investing on this story 4 stars for now. Keep the chapters coming.


4/16/18 Im still here. 

Headshot! - A Zombie litRPG novel

Think Resident Evil. Story Style is a First in RRL.

Fuck the guys who said the game mechanics are broken. It should be broken. Pay 2 Play are spending 20K USD per year to play this game as survivors while Free to Play gets to play as Zombies mobs who gets to level up to be stronger Zombies.

MC is F2P beta tester who had some experience with the game. His experience didn't matter much unlike those OP MCs in other novels. He probably tested the basics (walking, running, debugging, exploring in the beta) and that's it.

What we should focus at is his state of mind as he face situations like getting ambushed, ambushing, KS'd, unexpectedly given preferencial treatment by stronger zombies based on his contribution on a kill. He is slowly noticing some stuff irl like how the game affects people and especially how it affects him. The story is new and it's pretty obvious that there are A LOT MORE that's going to happen.

The events feel so real. Like a lucid dream. Words can barely describe it.

Give it a try.

(Review as of Chapter 22)


Too early to comment really but looks promising.

Lonely Light (Complete)

I loved it so much. It's been a long time since I read stories like this.

The story is magical and just absolutely perfect reading while snuggling with a loved one.


Any chance of this turning into a full length novel? Or a movie, perhaps? <3

The Court of Souls?

Here we go again... Take me to Wonderland! <3

Hero In A Monster Academy

You got me at “P-please don’t fire me.”

There seem to be no grammatical errors, weird ass character names, psychopaths (there is one pervert teacher tho XD). I know its waaaaayy too early to make a good opinion but damn that was a nice synopsis and prologue.  The story shows good promise so I decide to invest in this early on. I will revise this after a few chapters.


P.S. The first arc just ended at chapter 6! Note that this is an amateur work of the author. He writes this for fun like Saitama so don’t expect  a heavy imersive story. It’s more of a casual read type. 

The story has a lot  to improve on. And will have plenty chances to improve in the upcoming chapters.

Overall 6/10. For now.


For your first fiction you're doing well. Do your best, Rithus!

Dao of Emperor

Translation: Start at Chapter 24!


For these that want to know.

The mature content starts from chapter 24.


Haha! So far it's smooth sailing.

Those Who Aspired to Become Gods : A darker fairy tale novel ©

That's how good it is.

Lots of hugs, pain, and that dream like feeling.

Transitions are a bit rough and spelling and vocabulary needs improvement, but its not that bad and understandable. 

5 stars. Nuff said