Fate Overcharge (Stalled)

As someone who likes the fate series, this is a enjoyable read so far. Definetly would recomend reading if you enjoy Fate.

Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

A well thought out and amazing story

For my personal opinion the author has done a great job with this story. It has a nice balance of plot, character development and pacing. The grammar is pretty good, a few mistakes here and there but nothing major. Plus the author reads comments posted by people usually reply to then and answers any questions asked.


In short the story is amazing and you should definitely read it.


Please continue writing!!!!!

I really enjoyed reading this and so I pray that you continue writing this story. This story had me hooked on the first chapter and left me wanting MORE!!!!! 


Even if you are not going to continue writing, thanks for the enjoyable story. 

Kairos & the Snowdrifts

Good story lacking background infomation

I found that the only problem with this story is the lack of background information of the main characters, maybe add a small backstory about then with their family's. Some people might complain about how the main characters understands a powerful and unique technique but i personally found no problem with that.  Other than that i found no issues. The story itself is good, the grammar and pace of the story is done well.


I am very interested to see how this turns out. please keep up the good work.

The Summoned Esper

Pretty good, wish there was more

I hope that you decide to write more of this because i was enjoying it. As it stands this short story feels like a introduction. This is because you have set up the characters background, the setting and the direction that the plot could take. 


Overall it was a nice little story to read but it did leave me wanting more.


keep up the good work

Lucifer Dark the summoned fallen angel

Needs a little polish but a decent start.

I know you said English was not your main language, so maybe ask someone to proof read it because there are a grammatical errors that will turn some readers off. 


Other than that, keep up the good work. I am very interested to see how this turns out. 


+1 follower



The author does a great job drawing you into the story and characters. I saw no grammar errors and the change of view points is done very well. I advise people to read this story and see where it leads.


Just keep doing what you are doing author, its amazing.

We Never Use Our Powers for Anything Important

Since reading up to chapter 4, I have found this story to be a joy to read. While not a lot has happened so far, this story has amazing potential and I can't wait for the next chapters.


Definitely give this story a go.