Blue Hour

Blue Hour

    1. Re: My brother just got drafted into the League of Legends Twitch Rivals!!

      I have no idea what any of this means.  Is this a book? League of Legends is a computer videogame that is highly competitive/has a very big professional scene.  There is a website called (...)

    2. Re: My brother just got drafted into the League of Legends Twitch Rivals!!

      Hey guys! For those of you who follow League of Legends and Twitch Rivals,  My brother, who has been playing league of legends for a long time now, was just drafted onto Tyler1's team as a sub! I'm (...)

    3. Re: What do you like to read?

      I'm a huge sucker for original Adventure, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi's with great world-building, character development, and twists.  I love the feeling of being and feeling immersed in a totally different (...)

    4. Re: Is Truck-kun of Isekai fame an Autobot or a Decepticon? Discuss.

      You have raised a very interesting question.  If we were basing it just off the pure action of him taking lives, then he would for sure be evil... BUT. Like you have kind of brought up - what if Truck-Kun's (...)

    5. Re: Greetings all

      Welcome! Enjoy your stay :) 

    6. Re: Hi fellow readers and writers!

      Welcome! I'm new here as well and can say the community has been more than receptive. I look forward to reading your work, and visiting Norway in the upcoming years for photography! I've heard nothing (...)

    7. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      Personally? I obsess over negative feedback. I explore it and try to determine whether it's meant to constructive, whether it's honest, or if there are some kind of ulterior motives. While it's unhealthy (...)

    8. Re: Writing 80 Thousand Words in 2.5 Weeks and its Significance to Me

      Absolutely incredible. I'm so happy that you were able to find something that allowed you to create at a higher capacity! Keep crushing it :)

    9. Re: Do we need to learn how to write books?

      What about people who want to write books, but hesitate, because of doubt that they have any talent? Well, when you look at it - what is doubt? Doubt, in itself, is uncertainty - which causes us to (...)

    10. Re: Positive Feedback Feels Awesome

      Thank you! And I shall :) 

    11. Re: How much words do you put in a chapter everyday

      I am curious for writers of LitRPG if you feel that the calculations and looking up the stats and all of the numbers decrease the number of words that you write in a day. I try to write 500, but it (...)

    12. Re: What are you writing tips to speed up the writing process?

      For me, it is a must that you have a fleshed-out draft/storyboard, and character chart. You must know who your characters are in and out, how they would react to situations, what their weaknesses are, (...)

    13. Re: How much words do you put in a chapter everyday

      When I have a day to write free of work/errands, I can usually bang out a solid 2000-3000 words. Is it more than most people write? Nah, but I don't stress it. As long as you are happy with the work (...)

    14. Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

      I'm very new to the site, but I've worked in marketing for a long time so I might be able to offer some help, though TheDude3445, Sj Reaver, and Jk-sama pretty much nailed it on the head.  When joining (...)

    15. Re: Positive Feedback Feels Awesome

      I know that there is plenty of criticism to follow from positive feedback, but I'm genuinely happy that someone took the time out of their day to read something I've been working very hard on, and thanked (...)

    16. Re: Just got my first 1 star rating

      Hater's gonna hate!  Unfortunately, you can't appeal to everyone, but as long as you enjoy what you are writing I feel that's what matters.  Also, I like your attitude about it. Keep on rolling! (...)

    17. Re: Why did you choose your username?

      I love photography, and my favorite time to go out and shoot is during the 'Blue Hour' which is sunset through dusk, and dawn to sunrise!

    18. Re: Writer Seeking Writers

      Welcome! I'm new to the sight as well and have had a pleasant experience so far.  Hope your experience has been a good one :)

    19. Re: Greetings!

      Greetings and salutations. May your readers be kind and your ratings flow like wine. Greetings, and thank you for the warm wishes :)  I wish the same for you as well!