Space Pickle

Space Pickle

    1. Re: Pickle's Mega Review Swaps - Fall Edition (4/20 slots left)

      Hi, the review swap is put on hold due to troll ratings regarding my story

    2. Is there a way to not appear on "Latest Update"?

      Simple question. My story is kinda niche, and doesn't appeal to most of the people on this website looking for Isekai or litRPGs. I just want to be found through the ratings/research section or mouth-to-ear. (...)

    3. Re: Calling all owners of the Holiday2020 border

      how about celebrating slavery soccer instead?

    4. Re: Released my story on another website.

      Try scribblehub, it's a great community and they will also enjoy your work.

    5. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      This thread's been around for a while. Think we need an updated version lol Why? It serves its purpose.

    6. Re: Pickle's Mega Review Swaps - Fall Edition (6/20 slots left)

      Running late, guys! Sorry :( Fighting against the odds for the Writhaton!

    7. Re: Advice?

      Cocaine-fuelled stories are fine. If people can't keep up, there's a guy named Tolkien for them.

    8. Re: Character Personalities

      I love borderline psychotic characters full of chaos and violence. On the opposite, I also like strict lawful good or evil ones. The two clashing is always enjoyable. However I highly dislike the annoying (...)

    9. Re: Mastodon (Not the band, or the extinct mammal)

      Has anyone here used Mastodon yet?

    10. Re: Are you a gardener or an architect?

    11. Re: How Difficult is it to Recover from a Low Rating? (with graphs)

      I dislike rating systems and wonder if there's a better way? The other thread about this point mysteriously disappeared.  :DrakanFix:

    12. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for Legends of the Sky Hurricane If you guys are into cyberpunk scifi fantasy Loved it

    13. Re: Pickle's Mega Review Swaps - Fall Edition (5/20 slots left)

      Absolutely guys. I will read your story tommorrororow and post my reviews this wewewekend. Sorry. Still shaking after reading Legends of the Sky Hurricane.

    14. Re: Sexual Content?

      but I wasn't sure what exactly "sexual content" encompassed. It's people fucking, my dude.

    15. Re: Hobby or job.

      I wish I could spend more time writing and marketing my work. The Future That Never Was would be 10 books long by now. But my "main-side-gig" is a full time "main-side-gig". So I gotta waste my short (...)

    16. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      Some self-promotion. My story is about alternate versions of Earth on which other species evolved intelligence. I'll bite some Dinotopia 

    17. Re: Is my novel really worth all the time effort

      but when i look at the time spent there and the things i should have done but didn't do, i feel really bad. Like what? Watch TV or cure cancer?