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Quentin R

    1. Re: I'm insecure about my blurb

      This should be your story intro, aka the first page (I did the same thing, check The Future That Never Was). In my opinion, for the blurb, you really need to set up the frame of your universe, story (...)

    2. Re: Got my first o.5 star rating!

      Just take my 5/5! Fuck those people! https://c.tenor.com/WjrKXG3pv1wAAAAC/genki-dama-dragon-ball.gif

    3. Re: Greetings!

      Welcome aboard!

    4. Re: Amateur writing, gathering courage to finally publish my story.


    5. Re: Character art from my various projects

      That's a great collection of art! :0  Once I get out of being a broke student, I am so looking forward to buying more commission art. But for now, here's some of my favorite art with my characters (my (...)

    6. Re: Thoughts on LITRPG?

      Good litrpg can be great. But bad litrpg is extra terrible.  Whether the genre is attracting authors that see it as an easy payday or if anyone thinks they can write it even if they have no experience? (...)

    7. Re: Thoughts on LITRPG?

      I just don't understand the whole concept.

    8. Re: Review swap KITTY KITY season 2

      Added: Tales of an Unlikely Wizard (Isekai LitRPG) by CookieCrumble A Woeful Melody by Diqan

    9. Re: Review Swap

      I'm in. Tell me if you're interested for The Future That Never Was (KITTY KITTY).

    10. Re: TikTok and BookTube Marketing

      The only way web fiction get popular on social media if there is an organized push I think. This. The only fair social media I have found so far is reddit. You can target your audience depending (...)

    11. Re: Chapter Length

      How far do you spread them? Did you try different spacing? I thought of doing the same thing. 

    12. Re: Chapter Length

      I hit rising by posting ~1k chapters for about ten days, then swapping to a 3-day per week schedule.  It should be noted that my opening chapter is roughly 3k.  If you're posting rather frequently, (...)

    13. Re: People pointing out typos and grammar mistakes appreciation thread

      I have a reader on spacebattles who always points out spelling errors that my spellchecker doesn't pick up because its terminology I had to invent for my serial, and I have to say I appreciate them (...)

    14. Re: Is it a low-traffic week for views or what?

      People are busy in September. Things should be back to normal mid-Octobre/November. November has always been my best month in terms of sells/page read.

    15. Re: Review swap KITTY KITY season 2

      Done! Thanks Quentin! I have 2 reviews to do, so I'll try have yours before the end of the week! I heard very good things about your stories (Did you remove some?) so I can't wait! :) No (...)

    16. Re: Google docs dark mode

      Where have you been all my life? :peoloveu:

    17. Re: People pointing out typos and grammar mistakes appreciation thread

      Proof-readers and grammar-nazis are the real MVP! Fixing typos and mistakes in the first chapters is crucial once you publish your book on amazon or any platform (or even keep it on RR). 

    18. Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

      He's a cat. He can talk and fly a starship. He smokes. He's better than you and knows it very well. Meet Lee, the bounty hunter of the space 80s https://i.ibb.co/MC9tQ7q/KITTYKITTY-STICKER-LEE-1.png (...)