Legends of Balarel - A Leisurely LitRPG

Fun, interesting story! Surprisingly underrated for the quality of writing. I don't have any major nitpicks other than it's not too long yet, and that'll obviously be rectified with time. I'd give this one a shot if you're looking for a lighthearted, entertaning read! So far, nothing that bothered me at all beyond a few small tweaks that could be done to grammar or sentence flow. 

Eldest: Awakening After the End

A fascinating addition to monster evolution litRPG

This is an interesting addition to the genre. It doesn't read like most webserials I'm used to, especially at the start. Grae's awakening is melancholic and bordering on beautiful as he explores the world over the first few chapters, coming to terms with his new awareness and power. 

He's an interesting character because, at least as of the current chatper, he's still very much a monster. Grae has gained intelligence, but he's not a human. This is a pitfall a lot of monster evolution books fall into. I'll admit that I honestly don't *mind* when that happens, but this is a very nice change of pace. 

I'm honestly not sure where the author plans to take this novel, as I could see a lot of ways where it could go. Either way, if you like monster evolution stories with real monsters as the MC, you should give this novel a try. It's a change of pace, and a welcome one. 

Breaker of Horizons

Breaker of Horizons took me by more than surprize. I'll be honest, I picked it up because someone told me to, as I wouldn't have read this normally. Monster evolution stories are cool, but they turn into slaughter-fests with evil MCs so often. There's nothing wrong with that at all - that's a genre and people enjoy it. I just personally don't. 

BoH isn't that. The main character turns into a monster, sure. But he's still himself at heart, and his morals remain largely the same (after adapting to fit this new world he's been reincarnated into). 

Another thing that really surprised me was the incredibly quality of writing. This novel is a bound and a leap above 95% of the novels on RoyalRoad in terms of polish and quality. I genuinely felt like I was reading a published novel, not a free one. 

The litRPG system is fun, the character buliding and evolution is cool, and I actually care about the characters that have been introduced, which is amazing. 

There aren't any gramattical or stylistic issues that I spotted, and it's very apparent that the author has a direction he's bringing the story. I can feel him building up to major events and steadily laying out the foundations of a very fleshed out world. I ended up binging nearly 24 chapters before I realized that I wasn't even logged in when I tried to leave a review. I was a bit hesitant about having an axotol as the main character, but that was completely misplaced and I love every second of it. Honestly, do yourself a favor and read this novel. 

It's better than what you're expecting. 

The 3rd Law of Cultivation: Qi = MC^2

Others have already said a lot of what I want to say. This is a funny, Beware of Chicken styled satire novel about cultivation. It's witty, well written, and fun to read. You won't regret it, so go check the novel out! Kudos to the author, this is one of those books that has the special spark of creativity mixed with high quality writing that rarely shows itself. Well done!

Prism - Seekers of Solace (A LitRPG Saga)

Honestly, most of what I'd like to say has already been written by other reviewers. 

If you're looking for a clean, straight to the point litRPG - Prism is what you want. There is a heavy focus on worldbuilding and realism that many litRPGs lack, and the characters are getting more and more fleshed out with every chapter. 

The sheer number of game screens is, in my opinion, great. If you like seeing stats and a whole lot of numbers, then you'll love this. 

Overall, this is a very enjoyable read and if you're a fan of litRPG novels with realistic takes, I think you should give it a try!

Truth Seeker [OLD VERSION]

Binged the whole thing in a day or two. This story is quite solid! It's a good take on the time loop genre, and it was comforting. It isn't super dark, and the writing is quite solid - better than most of the stuff on RR. 

Style: The author's voice is straightforward, which is my preference. They get to the point and don't mess around with words. The book flows very smoothly and the time skips fit well without feeling forced.

Grammar: There were a few grammar errors and misplaced apostrophes, but nothing that impeded my enjoyment of the story. I only noticed them because I was intentionally watching for them. 

Story: The story feels comforting. I enjoy strong characters as much as anyone, and watching someone get a chance to do it all again with new abilities and strengths is a lot of fun. There's tension and pretty solid fight scenes, despite the author saying that fight scenes aren't their strength. 

Character score: I'll be honest - I was more here for the magic and fighting than the characters. That's not to say the characters were flat - most characters felt realistic to some degree. I wouldn't say I was incredibly attached to anyone, but it was well written and still very enjoyable. 

In summary, this book is 100% worth a read. It's a comforting novel that makes me forget what I was doing and enjoy the flow until it's finished. Well done!

An Old Man's Journey

I honestly didn't expect to care much about this story. I didn't see myself relating to an older fellow, but I was taken by surprise. The story is incredibly fun and essentially follows an old man who just wants to make a vacation home for his grandkids in a videogame.

Style: Well written and clean text. Nothing fancy, and it works great.

Grammar: I spotted no grammar errors that were noticable. 

Story: I loved the story. It was cute, funny, and entertaining. The only thing I can't say I loved about the novel was the ending, which I won't speak on to avoid spoilers. Regardless, the ending wasn't *bad*, it just wasn't my personal style. 

Character score: Fantastic. I loved the characters, although I feel that they got a little bit shafted at the end of the novel. They were mostly fleshed out, although more time was spent on the MC than the other characters. Nobody felt flat, but there could have been just a bit more charactarization for the side chars imo.

Overall: Read this story. It's very fun and an entertaining read. You won't regret it. There really isn't much more to say other than that the story is actually finished, which is something rare for RR novels. 

The Primal Hunter

Primal Hamster does not try to hide what it is. It's a litRPG with a powerful main character that's by no means a good person. He's dangerous, rude, and upfront about it. While I would have 0 desire to ever meet such a person in real life, I'm actually enjoying reading about him and his escapades. He acts how I would expect a man that's trying to survive to act, and it's realistic. 

Style: Solid story. The word choice is plain and to the point, which is my preference. The author doesn't shuffle around with overcomplicated sentences to show how smart he is. 

Grammar: English isn't the author's first language. There are a few sentences that aren't written perfectly, but it's still easily readable and the small mistakes aren't that noticable. Not a big deal at all. However, the the work is unfortunately plagued by a legion of typographical errors. 

Story: You're going to love this or hate it. If you want a MC that helps others out of the kindness of their own heart, don't waste your time here. Jake is an asshole and I like it. There's a time and a place for kind MCs, but this story isn't it. 

Character: Most characters are pretty solid. Not a ton to say here - there's nothing groundbreaking about the charactarization, nor have I felt any super emotional moments (so far), but they're well written and generally realistic. 


TL;DR: Legion of typographical errors, worth reading if you like a badass getting stronger while being a dick. I reccomend it. 

Apocalypse Cultivation (Jake's Story)

Criminally underrated and amazing cultivation stor

For those of you who don't know, this story was written by the author of Delvers LLC, which is a FANTASTIC litRPG story that I highly reccomend you read. 

Apocalypse Cultivation is honestly brilliant, which is unsurprising considering the author. It's dark and gritty, but I don't feel depressed reading it, which is a first for apocalypse stories. 

Style: The writing style is blunt and to the point, with just enough 'fancy' words to enhance the book without bogging it down with overcomplicated flexing of the author's lexicon. It reads MUCH better than 95% of the work on RR.

Grammar: Polished and borderline ready for publication. I found 0 issues here.

Story: This story doesn't break the mold with any shockingly new cultivation techniques - it follows the 'demonic cultivator' style, where the MC eats the cores of the monsters he defeats to get stronger. The world suffered a big calamity, and through some (very fun) fuckery, the MC got sent back in time. I don't want to say much more as that'll spoil the story, and the small twists so far have been solid.

Characters: So far, the only 'real' character we've been introduced to for a long period of time is Jake. Everyone else is, well, realistic, but Jake is on the move. I won't say more to avoid spoilers. However, Jake's character is great. I love his interactions with people / monsters, and his dealings with the gods are AMAZING. He's clever and tricky, which is fun to watch in a protagonist. His choices are geniunely smart, not just the author telling us he's smart. 


Stop reading my review, go read the book. You won't regret it. Then go read Delvers LLC after. 

Life is but a Dream

This is quite a unique novel. 

The author does a few somewhat interesting things that differentiate this novel from the general books you can find on RoyalRoad. The first is that we appear to have an unreliable narrator. He inserts comments and clearly has his own opinions of the main character, who he nicknames 'Cause'. I don't know if the author plants to lean harder into this, feeding the reader misinformation through the narrator, or if he just plans to use him as comic relief. 

The second is that the main character is...honestly, kind of a prick. Not by being rude or disrespectful to people, but he speaks (and even thinks) in what is essentially modern shakesperian english, which I will refer to as douchebaggerian. Yuclaus is said to be a scientist of some sort. Specifically, the narrator calls him a 'mad scientist'. However, it's almost as if Yuclaus is desperately trying to convince people he's smart through his word choice, rather than demonstrating it through his actions. 

I feel like this is intentional. The other characters speak normally (with what little time they've had to speak, it's quite early in the book), and at one point Yuclaus forgets to speak douchebaggerian within his own thoughts, and the narrator points this out. 

Some part of me hopes that Yuclaus grows out of speaking douchebaggerian and takes on a more normal voice so everything he thinks and says isn't pseudointellectual. The other part hopes he never changes, because it's kinda growing on me. I haven't had enough exposure to this novel to really say much more, so onto the required categories.

Style: Pretty solid. As mentioned, the douchebaggerian is slightly annoying as the main character comes off as pretentious, but it grows on you and does succeed at giving the MC a lot of personality. And hey, people can't all be perfect. 

Grammar: No errors that I saw, or nothing significant enough to be of worth. This novel appears to be edited before publicaiton, and the english is solid. There are no misused words or terribly written sentences, this reads quite smoothly. 

Story: Frankly, I've got borderline no idea what the hell is going on. I've got a misty understanding of the premise (although I won't go into it to avoid spoiling anything), and it's interesting. There's a lot the author can do with it, so I'm interested to see where this goes. No apparent plot holes or any of the like. 

Character: The characters (of which there are really just 2 so far, the narrator and Yuclaus) both have distinct personalities. Not much more to say there. They feel realistic, though. 

The only minor tidbit I'd even nitpick on is the narrator's internal thoughts. Author, to help the novel read more smoothly, you might want to consider putting the narrator's thoughts in italics or bold. Just something to indicate that the narrator is actully speaking or thinking. 

All in all, quite the interesting start. I'll be following along!